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Kingston Financial Group Limited 金利豐金融集團有限公司

SFC suspends Tai Nga Chun, ex Kingston Corporate Finance, for operating secret account
SFC, 13-Jul-2015
The suspension is for 8 months. She went on to work for Pan Asia Corporate Finance Ltd and then Ping An of China Capital (HK) Co Ltd where she ceased to be registered on 12-Jun-2015.
SFC fines Kingston HK$500k
SFC, 5-May-2015
This story is a leftover from a vote-rigging scheme in the attempted privatisation of PCCW in 2009. The 22 clients in Macau were among 175 Kingston clients who bought 1-3 board lots of PCCW shares, withdrew them from the clearing system, registered them in their own names and then voted in favour of the privatisation to boost the headcount.
Ngan In Leng & others v Pollyanna Chu Li Yuet Wah & others
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Dec-2012
In this hearing on discovery, the judge refers to the Company Secretary Mr Lai Yick Fung (para 50) and says "Lai's version is simply not capable of belief". She also refers to Mrs Chu and says (para 52) "Chu has previously been held by the court to be an incredible witness who had contrived a plot..." in relation to the PCCW vote-rigging scandal.
SEC v Moore Stephens Wurth Frazer & Torbet LLP & another
US SEC, 20-Dec-2010
Webb-site warned investors about potential problems at CESV on 8-May-2005.
China Railway Games
In part 2 of a series, we look at how HK$16bn of market cap evaporated when bubbles around China Railway Logistics, PME and Forefront burst. Each dealt with the same purported arm of the Ministry of Railways for joint ventures in wagon-leasing, media and online ticketing, each of which failed to get started. A miriad of BVI shells with shadowy owners are involved, but at least one has exposed himself in a court case. (11-Jun-2009)
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
Click on "Orgs" or "People" below to get a list of signatories, scroll down, then click on their names to go to the signatory you are interested in. (29-Dec-2008)

Golden Resorts and CESV
M-chip Golden Resorts (1031) is seeking shareholders' approval on 17-May-05 to sell a stake in an associate to a BVI company for HK$52m, or a P/E of 0.63. Meanwhile across the ocean, Nasdaq-traded China Energy Savings Technology (CESV) says that on 1-Feb-05 it completed the purchase of the same stake, in exchange for shares worth HK$731m, from the same BVI company. Who's telling the truth, and why is Golden Resorts selling for so little? (8-May-2005)
Criticism of Company
SEHK, 9-Feb-2004
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 2-Oct-2002

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