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Main board

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Chan, Martin Kai Yu 陳楷宇   75  M MDManaging Director    

SFC licensees

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Chan, Elan 陳綺玲      RepRepresentative    
2 Chan, Lam 陳琳      RepRepresentative    
3 Chan, Lena 陳玲娜     F Resp OffResponsible Officer    
4 Chan, Martin Kai Yu 陳楷宇   75  M Resp OffResponsible Officer    
5 Chan, Samuel Kai Pang 陳楷鵬     M Resp OffResponsible Officer    
6 Chan, Shuk Hang 陳淑嫻     F RepRepresentative    
7 Chan, Valerie 陳慧琳      Resp OffResponsible Officer    
8 Chan, Wai Nin 陳偉年      RepRepresentative  8-Apr-2003  
9 Cheung, Yat Wing 張日榮      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2003  16-Mar-2004
10 Chiang, Chee Hung 蔣志雄      RepRepresentative  22-Nov-2010  
11 Ching, Mi Sim 程美嬋      RepRepresentative    31-Jan-2012
12 Chow, Sik Wah 周錫華      RepRepresentative    
13 Ho, Ernest Gar Fai 何家輝     M RepRepresentative    21-Feb-2007
14 Ho, Yuk Choi 何玉彩     F RepRepresentative    31-Oct-2009
15 Lam, Bing Kwai 林炳逵      RepRepresentative    1-Nov-2006
16 Lam, Siu Mui 林筱梅      RepRepresentative  8-Apr-2003  
17 Lao, Kam Fung 留金鳳      RepRepresentative    
18 Leung, Sai Mui 梁細妹      RepRepresentative    
19 Leung, Siu Wing (SFC:AAD342) 梁紹榮      RepRepresentative    7-May-2003
20 Li, Ching Pik 李精璧      RepRepresentative  8-Apr-2003  30-Jan-2004
21 Lo, Hing Keung 盧興強      RepRepresentative    19-Dec-2009
22 Mak, Sam Chu 麥三珠      RepRepresentative    1-Nov-2014
23 Man, Kwai Ching 文桂清     F RepRepresentative  1-Mar-2007  
24 Pak, Yiu Keung 白耀強      RepRepresentative  8-Apr-2003  
25 Pao, Cecilia Wen Mi 包文美     F Resp OffResponsible Officer    
26 Sung, Miu Miu 宋苗苗      RepRepresentative    8-Mar-2005
27 Wai, Yim Wan 衛艷雲      RepRepresentative    31-Mar-2005
28 Wong, Shui Sang 黃瑞生      RepRepresentative    1-Oct-2005
29 Wong, Tip Yan 王蝶欣      RepRepresentative  24-Dec-2009  20-May-2010
RepRepresentative  8-Sep-2010  7-May-2012
30 Woo, Sammy Chi Leung 胡志良      RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2006  
31 Zheng, Jingxin 鄭靜欣      RepRepresentative  24-Apr-2009  30-Aug-2010
RepRepresentative  18-Jul-2011  1-Nov-2014

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