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Power Assets Holdings Limited 電能實業有限公司

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Main board

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Arculli, Ronald Joseph 夏佳理   75  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  17-Mar-1997  27-Sep-2004
NEDNon-Executive Director  27-Sep-2004  29-Jan-2014
2 Chan, Kenneth Nai Keong (aka Nicky)    83  M Dep ChDeputy Chairman    U
3 Chan, Loi Shun 陳來順   52  M EDExecutive Director  1-Jun-2012  
4 Cheung, Oswald Victor    92  M DirDirector    12-May-1994
5 Chow Woo, Susan Mo Fong 周胡慕芳   61  F NEDNon-Executive Director  9-Jan-1996  11-May-2006
EDExecutive Director  11-May-2006  29-Jan-2014
6 Chow, Albert Nin Mow 周年茂   65  M DirDirector  1985  30-Apr-1997
7 Davies, David John    74  M DirDirector  25-Oct-1983  U
8 Fok, Canning Kin Ning 霍建寧   63  M DirDirector  1-Feb-1985  31-Aug-1993
Dep ChDeputy Chairman  31-Aug-1993  1-Nov-2005
ChChairman  1-Nov-2005  
9 Fong, Alex Chi Wai 方志偉   58  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  5-Dec-2012  29-Jan-2014
10 Hotung, Joseph Edward 何鴻卿   84  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1984  12-May-1997
11 Hunter, Andrew John 甄達安   56  M FDFinance Director  1-Jan-1999  1-Feb-2006
EDExecutive Director  1-Feb-2006  
12 Ip, Albert Yuk Keung 葉毓強   62  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  29-Jan-2014  
13 Kam, Hing Lam 甘慶林   68  M EDExecutive Director  13-May-1993  29-Jan-2014
14 Kluge, Holger 顧浩格   73  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  27-Aug-1999  
15 Ko, Chan Man    74  M EDExecutive Director  1989  1-Aug-1996
16 Langley, Christopher Patrick 林紀利   70  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  9-Jan-1996  31-Jan-2000
17 Lee, Charles Yeh Kwong 李業廣   78  M DirDirector  1985  12-Mar-1997
18 Lee, Francis Lan Yee 李蘭意   73  M EDExecutive Director  5-Sep-1997  13-Aug-2008
NEDNon-Executive Director  13-Aug-2008  4-May-2011
INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  4-May-2011  29-Jan-2014
19 Leong, Sydney Siu Wing 梁紹榮   91  M DirDirector    12-May-1994
20 Leung, Chun Ying 梁振英   60  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1-Jun-1996  12-Mar-1997
21 Li, Richard Tzar Kai 李澤楷   48  M EDExecutive Director  31-Aug-1993  16-Aug-2000
22 Li, Victor Tzar Kuoi 李澤鉅   50  M EDExecutive Director  20-May-1994  29-Jan-2014
NEDNon-Executive Director  29-Jan-2014  
23 Magnus, George Colin 麥理思   79  M Dep ChDeputy Chairman  1985  31-Aug-1993
ChChairman  31-Aug-1993  1-Nov-2005
NEDNon-Executive Director  1-Nov-2005  28-Sep-2012
INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  28-Sep-2012  29-Jan-2014
24 McGee, Neil Douglas 麥堅   63  M EDExecutive Director  12-Dec-2005  1-Feb-2006
FDFinance Director  1-Feb-2006  6-Aug-2012
NEDNon-Executive Director  6-Aug-2012  29-Jan-2014
EDExecutive Director  29-Jan-2014  
25 Murray, Simon 馬世民   74  M ChChairman    31-Aug-1993
26 Rigg, Nigel Anthony    88  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1976  9-May-1996
27 Sandberg, Michael Graham Ruddock 沈弼   87  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1988  11-May-1998
28 Selway-Swift, Paul Edward    70  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1988  31-Dec-1995
29 Shea, Ralph Raymond 佘頌平   81  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  27-May-1985  
30 Shurniak, William    83  M FDFinance Director  1985  31-Dec-1997
31 Sixt, Frank John 陸法蘭   63  M EDExecutive Director  1-Jan-1998  29-Jan-2014
NEDNon-Executive Director  29-Jan-2014  
32 Tsai, Charles Chao Chung    57  M CEOChief Executive Officer  29-Jan-2014  
33 Tso, Kai Sum 曹棨森   83  M DirDirector  1-Feb-1985  1-Jan-1997
MDManaging Director  1-Jan-1997  1-Jan-2013
NED,Dep ChNon-Executive Director,Deputy Chairman  1-Jan-2013  29-Jan-2014
34 Wan, Chi Tin 尹志田   64  M EDExecutive Director  12-Dec-2005  1-Jan-2013
MDManaging Director  1-Jan-2013  29-Jan-2014
EDExecutive Director  29-Jan-2014  
35 Welsh, Eric Howard      M EDExecutive Director    1-Oct-1994
36 Wong, Chung Hin 黃頌顯   81  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  27-May-1985  
37 Woolley, Brian    77  M EDExecutive Director  1989  10-Jul-1996
38 Wrangham, Peter John    80  M DirDirector    U
39 Yee, Ewan Lup Yuen 余立仁   76  M EDExecutive Director  1982  1987
MDManaging Director  1987  1-Jan-1997
NEDNon-Executive Director  1-Jan-1997  2-Jan-2008
40 Yuen, Sui See 阮水師   64  M EDExecutive Director  1-Mar-2008  29-Jan-2014


Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Arculli, Ronald Joseph 夏佳理   75  M Alt NEDAlternative Non-Executive Director  1991  17-Mar-1997
2 Chan, Loi Shun 陳來順   52  M Alt EDAlternative Executive Director  11-Feb-2008  1-Jun-2012
3 Chow Woo, Susan Mo Fong 周胡慕芳   61  F Alt DirAlternative Director  3-Nov-1993  9-Jan-1996
4 de Lacy Staunton, Hugh Maurice Victor    79  M Alt DirAlternative Director    1990
5 Li, Richard Tzar Kai 李澤楷   48  M Alt DirAlternative Director  5-Jul-1993  31-Aug-1993
6 Ng, Alex Wai Cheong 吳偉昌   45  M CoSecCompany Secretary  20-May-2013  
7 Page, Michael John      M Alt INEDAlternative Independent Non-Executive Director  1-May-1994  31-Dec-1995
Alt INEDAlternative Independent Non-Executive Director  16-Jan-1996  31-Jan-2000
8 Townsend, David John      M Alt DirAlternative Director  1991  1994
9 Wong, Lillian Lee Wah    60  F CoSecCompany Secretary    20-May-2013

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