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SFC licensees

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Au Yeung, Packy Mei 歐陽薇      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
2 Au, Amy Yuen Yee 歐婉兒     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
3 Au, Chan Kwong 歐燦光      RepRepresentative    23-Jun-2004
4 Au, Cherie Ching Yee 歐靜宜      RepRepresentative  22-Feb-2006  2-Jul-2009
5 Au, Fung Hing 歐鳳卿      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  8-Jun-2009
6 Au, Jacqueline 區睿珉     F RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  1-Aug-2009
7 Au, Jennifer Shuk Yi 區淑儀     F RepRepresentative  20-Jan-2005  16-Jul-2009
8 Au, Joseph Kin Sang 區建生     M RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Aug-2009
9 Au, Kin On 區健安      RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2005  21-Jan-2011
10 Au, Leung Cheong 區良昌      Resp OffResponsible Officer  30-Apr-2009  30-Jun-2011
11 Au, Pappy Yuk Ying 區玉瑛      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
12 Au, Patricia Tsz Ming 歐子銘     F RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
13 Au, Winnie Wai Lin 區慧蓮     F RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  7-Apr-2006
14 Au-Yeung, Louisa Chui Hung 歐陽翠虹     F RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2005  26-Feb-2010
15 Au-Yeung, Wai Man 歐陽偉文      RepRepresentative  3-May-2005  8-Jun-2009
16 But, George Chok Chi 畢作志     M RepRepresentative    20-Oct-2010
17 But, Margaretta Wan Ching 畢允貞      RepRepresentative    28-Oct-2010
18 Calderon, Jeffrey 吳祖蔭     M RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2005  15-Apr-2011
19 Chak, Carol Mei Ling 翟美玲     F RepRepresentative    16-Apr-2003
RepRepresentative  23-Jul-2004  1-Oct-2008
20 Chan Chan, Mei Kuen 陳陳美娟      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  13-Nov-2008
21 Chan Hung, Yuk Lan 陳洪玉蘭      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
22 Chan Leung, Anita Wing Huen 陳梁穎萱     F RepRepresentative    14-Oct-2010
23 Chan, Aleo Siu Hung 陳少雄      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  5-Jun-2009
24 Chan, Althea Wing Han 陳詠嫻      RepRepresentative  16-Mar-2006  8-Jun-2009
25 Chan, Angel Tsui Tsui 陳翠翠      RepRepresentative  24-Aug-2005  15-Apr-2011
26 Chan, Anita Suk Mei 陳淑媚     F RepRepresentative    15-Nov-2007
27 Chan, Benny Zin Pang 陳展鵬     M RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  13-Dec-2006
28 Chan, But Fung 陳拔鋒      RepRepresentative  21-Sep-2004  8-Jun-2009
29 Chan, Carmen Ka Man (SFC:AMN719) 陳嘉敏     F RepRepresentative  4-Nov-2005  6-Aug-2009
30 Chan, Cheuk Kuen 陳焯權      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
31 Chan, Cheuk Yin (SFC:ANH195) 陳卓然      RepRepresentative  7-Jun-2006  1-Nov-2008
32 Chan, Chi Chung (SFC:AGE925) 陳志忠      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
33 Chan, Chi Ling 陳智玲      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
34 Chan, Chi Ming (SFC:AGO265) 陳志明      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2005  9-Mar-2006
35 Chan, Chi Mun 陳治民      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  5-Aug-2009
36 Chan, Chi Wai (SFC:AGJ693) 陳子偉      RepRepresentative  19-Mar-2005  9-Aug-2005
37 Chan, Chi Yin (SFC:AFV242) 陳志賢      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2005  6-Aug-2009
38 Chan, Ching Han (SFC:AMQ480) 陳靜嫺      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  1-Jan-2009
39 Chan, Ching Kwan (SFC:AGD791) 陳靜君      RepRepresentative    14-Nov-2003
40 Chan, Ching Lan 陳清蘭      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
41 Chan, Ching Sum 陳正心      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  10-Jun-2009
42 Chan, Choi Hung (SFC:AFB072) 陳彩虹      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
43 Chan, Chong Chi 陳創志      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
44 Chan, Chong Ka 陳創家      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
45 Chan, Chong Ki 陳創基      RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2005  5-Jun-2009
46 Chan, Chor Kiu 陳楚翹      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2006  31-Jul-2009
47 Chan, Chui Kwan 陳翠君      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
48 Chan, Chui Yee 陳翠儀      RepRepresentative  7-Jun-2006  5-Jun-2009
49 Chan, Chun Ho (SFC:AGN771) 陳增豪      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
50 Chan, Chun Keung (SFC:AFB938) 陳振強      RepRepresentative    1-May-2009
51 Chan, Chun Yeung 陳振揚      RepRepresentative  24-Apr-2007  24-Apr-2009
52 Chan, Chung Lin 陳頌琳      RepRepresentative  24-Aug-2005  16-Jul-2009
53 Chan, Clara Shuk Fun 陳淑芬     F RepRepresentative  25-Nov-2004  15-Apr-2011
54 Chan, Clement Yiu Pun 陳耀彬   58  M Resp OffResponsible Officer    30-May-2003
55 Chan, Daisy Sau Mei 陳秀薇     F RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
56 Chan, Daisy Yuk Ning 陳玉玲     F RepRepresentative  7-Oct-2004  28-Sep-2010
57 Chan, Danny Wai Leuk 陳偉略      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  24-Jul-2009
58 Chan, Dennis Woon Pun 陳煥斌     M RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
59 Chan, Desmond Kwok Kit (SFC:AAA219) 陳國傑     M RepRepresentative    23-May-2003
Resp OffResponsible Officer  23-May-2003  13-Apr-2004
RepRepresentative  13-Apr-2004  21-May-2007
60 Chan, Doreen Tak Hung 陳德紅      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Sep-2010
61 Chan, Frank Hong Ming 陳康明     M RepRepresentative  24-Dec-2003  1-Dec-2007
62 Chan, Fuk Lun (SFC:AGI131) 陳福麟      RepRepresentative    1-Jan-2011
63 Chan, Fung Han (SFC:AGE890) 陳鳳嫻      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
64 Chan, Fung Ling (SFC:AFT634) 陳鳳玲      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
65 Chan, Fung Ping (SFC:AGE888) 陳鳳平      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
66 Chan, Fung Yee (SFC:AFZ154) 陳鳳儀      RepRepresentative  28-May-2004  8-Jun-2009
67 Chan, Gloria Suk Yee 陳淑儀     F RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
68 Chan, Hak Woon 陳克煥      RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2004  24-Jul-2009
69 Chan, Hau Chun 陳巧津      RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  8-Jun-2009
70 Chan, Henry Cheung Lai 陳昌禮     M RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
71 Chan, Heung Chung 陳享松      RepRepresentative    29-Sep-2003
72 Chan, Ho Wai (SFC:AGJ698) 陳可慧      RepRepresentative    17-Oct-2007
73 Chan, Hung Chim 陳孔沾      RepRepresentative  13-Jan-2006  14-Oct-2010
74 Chan, Hung Yip 陳鴻業      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
75 Chan, Icy Sik Yan 陳淅恩      RepRepresentative  3-Oct-2003  1-May-2009
76 Chan, Iris Mun Kuen 陳敏娟     F RepRepresentative  25-May-2005  23-May-2008
77 Chan, Jacqueline Sui Ching 陳瑞貞     F RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
78 Chan, Jess Tik Yan 陳迪茵      RepRepresentative    6-May-2010
79 Chan, Joyce Yee Lam 陳怡霖     F RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2004  25-Nov-2005
80 Chan, Ka Chun (SFC:AON696) 陳家俊      RepRepresentative  5-Feb-2007  12-Sep-2008
81 Chan, Ka Ho (SFC:APR382) 陳家豪      RepRepresentative  21-Sep-2007  23-Dec-2007
82 Chan, Ka Lee (SFC:ALL335) 陳嘉莉      RepRepresentative  15-Dec-2004  15-May-2008
83 Chan, Ka Li 陳嘉莉      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  1-Aug-2008
84 Chan, Kai (SFC:AFO905) 陳佳      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  5-Aug-2009
85 Chan, Kai Lin (SFC:AGE889) 陳繼蓮      RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  19-Oct-2010
86 Chan, Kai Tai (SFC:ANP988) 陳啟泰      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  24-Jul-2009
87 Chan, Kam Fai (SFC:ANP998) 陳錦輝      RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  1-Aug-2007
88 Chan, Kam Keung 陳錦強      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
89 Chan, Kam Ming (SFC:AGO593) 陳鑑明      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
90 Chan, Kam Por (SFC:AML219) 陳錦波     M RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-May-2007
91 Chan, Kan Yu 陳根予      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2003
RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  21-Mar-2009
92 Chan, Karl Kai Ho 陳啟豪     M RepRepresentative  29-May-2006  29-Jun-2007
93 Chan, Kazier Kit Wah 陳潔華      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  14-May-2007
94 Chan, Kenny Kin Ming 陳建明     M RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2005  15-Jan-2009
95 Chan, Keon Shuk Wah 陳淑華      RepRepresentative  17-Nov-2004  8-Jun-2009
96 Chan, Kim Ming 陳劍鳴      RepRepresentative  10-Feb-2006  2-Jul-2009
97 Chan, Kuen 陳娟      RepRepresentative    18-Nov-2003
RepRepresentative  12-Dec-2005  16-Jul-2009
98 Chan, Kwok Cheong 陳國昌      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
99 Chan, Kwok Keung (SFC:ANQ741) 陳國強      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2006  4-Aug-2009
100 Chan, Kwok Wah 陳國華      RepRepresentative    1-Jan-2007
101 Chan, Kwok Ying 陳國英      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
102 Chan, Lai Ying (SFC:AGC298) 陳麗英      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
103 Chan, Lap Man (SFC:ALQ183) 陳立文      RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2005  9-Jun-2005
104 Chan, Lewis Chun Yin 陳俊彥      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2006  5-Jun-2009
105 Chan, Lily Siu Kwan 陳少群     F RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
106 Chan, Ling Chiu 陳凌潮      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2003  15-Apr-2011
107 Chan, Mabel Pui Sheung 陳佩嫦      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2007  30-Jun-2011
108 Chan, Man Sze (SFC:AMF175) 陳敏詩      RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2005  8-Jul-2007
109 Chan, Man Wah (SFC:AMK148) 陳文華      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  6-Oct-2010
110 Chan, Man Yuen (SFC:AGF027) 陳文遠      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
111 Chan, Margaret Wing Han 陳詠嫺     F RepRepresentative  28-May-2004  6-Aug-2009
112 Chan, Martha So Fong 陳素芳      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
113 Chan, Mary Wai Har 陳惠霞     F RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
114 Chan, Melia Chi Man 陳志敏      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
115 Chan, Mou Keung 陳茂強      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
116 Chan, Ngai Ka 陳毅嘉      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  15-Apr-2011
117 Chan, Ngok 陳鄂      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2008
118 Chan, Oi Por 陳愛波      RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2010
119 Chan, Pamela Pui Chee 陳佩芝      RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  24-Jul-2009
120 Chan, Pecky Lai Shan 陳麗珊      RepRepresentative  18-May-2004  6-Aug-2009
121 Chan, Peon Wai Yee 陳惠儀      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  2-Jul-2009
122 Chan, Phoebe Yuk Bing 陳玉冰      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
123 Chan, Phyllis Yuet Fung 陳月鳳     F RepRepresentative    20-Oct-2010
124 Chan, Ping Fai (SFC:AFV254) 陳炳輝      RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  5-Aug-2009
125 Chan, Pinky Wing Yan 陳詠欣      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  14-Jan-2009
126 Chan, Pipi Pui Pui 陳佩佩      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
127 Chan, Po Chun (SFC:AGC297) 陳寶珍      RepRepresentative    10-Mar-2005
128 Chan, Po Kwan 陳寶君      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2006  24-Jul-2009
129 Chan, Pok Man (SFC:AJE755) 陳博民      RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2003  1-Mar-2004
130 Chan, Priscilla Hui Yung 陳許容     F RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  6-Aug-2009
131 Chan, Pui Fong (SFC:AGI832) 陳佩芳      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
132 Chan, Pui Kai 陳沛佳      RepRepresentative    20-Oct-2010
133 Chan, Pui Ling (SFC:AMM186) 陳珮玲      RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  5-Aug-2009
134 Chan, Pui Pui 陳珮珮      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
135 Chan, Queenie Yuen Pik 陳婉碧     F RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2004  1-Nov-2008
136 Chan, Rachel Man Wah 陳文華     F RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2005  22-Oct-2010
137 Chan, Rebecca Lo Kai 陳潞佳     F RepRepresentative  17-Sep-2007  1-Sep-2008
138 Chan, Roy Chun Kin 陳振堅     M RepRepresentative    8-Mar-2004
139 Chan, Ruby Lai Wah 陳麗華      RepRepresentative  18-Nov-2004  6-Aug-2009
140 Chan, Sandy Chung Luen 陳鍾鸞      RepRepresentative    14-Jul-2010
141 Chan, Sau Wan (SFC:AGC916) 陳秀雲      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
142 Chan, Selina Shuk Kan 陳淑勤     F RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2006  24-Feb-2008
143 Chan, Shirby Sui Ling 陳瑞玲      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
144 Chan, Shuet Ching 陳雪貞      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
145 Chan, Shuk Yin (SFC:AGO370) 陳淑燕      RepRepresentative    8-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2004  5-Aug-2009
146 Chan, Simon Kam Wah 陳錦華     M RepRepresentative  8-Nov-2004  12-Jan-2005
147 Chan, Sin Wah 陳倩華      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  4-Aug-2009
148 Chan, Siu Fong (SFC:AFQ226) 陳少芳      RepRepresentative    1-Mar-2009
149 Chan, Siu Lan (SFC:AEY525) 陳少蘭      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
150 Chan, Siu Ling (SFC:AGQ150) 陳小玲      RepRepresentative  11-Nov-2004  8-Jun-2009
151 Chan, Siu Wai (SFC:AGO372) 陳紹偉      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
152 Chan, So Fong (SFC:ANL825) 陳素芳      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  31-Jul-2009
153 Chan, Sophia Tak Wei 陳德慧     F RepRepresentative  31-May-2004  15-Apr-2011
154 Chan, Sui Chun 陳瑞珍      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  15-Apr-2011
155 Chan, Susan Huen Lam 陳萱霖     F RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
156 Chan, Sze Lai 陳詩麗      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Feb-2009
157 Chan, Tack You 陳德如      RepRepresentative  29-Aug-2006  16-Jul-2009
158 Chan, Tai Wai (SFC:AMX983) 陳大衛      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2006  2-Jul-2009
159 Chan, Tak Wai (SFC:AGO724) 陳德慧      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
160 Chan, Tat Leung 陳達良      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
161 Chan, Tin Pui 陳天培      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  8-Jun-2009
162 Chan, Wai Chung (SFC:AGA817) 陳偉聰      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
163 Chan, Wai Hing (SFC:AGO484) 陳惠卿      RepRepresentative    14-Nov-2003
164 Chan, Wai Hong 陳偉康      RepRepresentative  6-Oct-2004  10-Jun-2009
165 Chan, Wai Kwan 陳惠君      RepRepresentative  14-Jun-2006  28-Oct-2010
166 Chan, Wai On 陳維安      RepRepresentative    17-Jan-2004
167 Chan, Wai Wai 陳惠慧      RepRepresentative    9-Oct-2004
RepRepresentative  13-Jan-2006  6-Aug-2009
168 Chan, Wai Yu (SFC:AFN749) 陳蔚茹      RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  15-Nov-2007
169 Chan, Wan Fong 陳韻芳      RepRepresentative  6-Jan-2004  12-Mar-2010
170 Chan, Wing Sze (SFC:AKO780) 陳穎思      RepRepresentative  14-Feb-2006  10-Jan-2011
171 Chan, Winnie Yuk Chi 陳玉芝     F RepRepresentative  29-Aug-2006  28-Sep-2010
172 Chan, Yan Chuen (SFC:AFN733) 陳潤川      RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2003  26-Jun-2009
173 Chan, Yee Yan 陳綺欣      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  28-Sep-2010
174 Chan, Ying Yin 陳英賢      RepRepresentative  11-Jan-2006  1-Jun-2006
175 Chan, Yiu Kwong (SFC:AGF129) 陳耀光      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
176 Chan, Yiu Shui 陳耀樞      RepRepresentative  9-Jun-2005  1-Apr-2008
177 Chan, Yu Yan 陳與殷      RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  4-Aug-2009
178 Chan, Yuen Pan 陳琬璸      RepRepresentative  4-Oct-2005  24-Jul-2009
179 Chan, Yuk Lan 陳玉蘭      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
180 Chan, Yuk Ling (SFC:AGO714) 陳玉玲      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
181 Chan, Yuk Yin (SFC:ALZ512) 陳玉燕      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  24-Jul-2009
182 Chang, Alice Nian Bin 張念彬     F RepRepresentative  19-May-2004  19-Jul-2005
183 Chang, Ellen Yat Yee 鄭逸儀     F RepRepresentative  8-Jul-2004  6-Aug-2009
184 Chang, Henry Ki Yuen 張其元     M RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  28-Apr-2008
185 Chang, Rosanna Kam Yu 張錦如      RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2005  2-Jul-2009
186 Chang, Yu-Chi 張育綺      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  18-Aug-2008
187 Chap, Victina Shuk Yin 翟淑賢      RepRepresentative  9-Feb-2006  1-Sep-2006
188 Chau, Chi Man 周志敏      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  1-Jul-2006
189 Chau, Evangel Yuet Chu 周月珠      RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2004  8-Jun-2009
190 Chau, Kit Mee 周潔媚      RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2005  5-Aug-2009
191 Chau, Lillian Yuk Hing 周玉卿     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
192 Chau, Suet Yee 周雪兒      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
193 Chau, Wai Man 周偉文      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
194 Chau, Yiu Wing 周耀榮      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-May-2008
195 Cheah, Yung Wing 謝勇榮      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
196 Cheang, Chi Lun 鄭志聯      RepRepresentative  2-Dec-2005  26-Jun-2009
197 Cheang, Patrick Chu Meng 鄭鑄明     M RepRepresentative  13-Apr-2004  16-Jul-2009
198 Chee, Yolanda Wai Yee 趙惠儀      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  2-Jul-2009
199 Chen, Emily Ka Yee 陳嘉儀     F RepRepresentative    1-Nov-2007
200 Chen, Lai Bing 陳麗冰      RepRepresentative    22-Sep-2003
RepRepresentative  17-Nov-2005  5-Aug-2009
201 Chen, Ting (SFC:AMY992) 陳鋌      RepRepresentative  24-Feb-2006  1-Jul-2009
202 Cheng, Angela Kin Ping 鄭健冰     F RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  1-May-2007
203 Cheng, Ben Yu Pun 鄭宇彬     M RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
204 Cheng, Chin Fong 鄭展鋒      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  1-Oct-2005
205 Cheng, Chung Man (SFC:AGO266) 鄭仲文      RepRepresentative    22-Nov-2003
RepRepresentative  10-May-2005  1-Jun-2008
206 Cheng, David Shu Yan 鄭樹仁     M RepRepresentative  13-Dec-2005  1-Jan-2007
207 Cheng, Dennis 鄭紀謙     M RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
208 Cheng, Eileen Miranda Wan Lun 鄭韻綸     F RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
209 Cheng, Fung Ying 鄭鳳英      RepRepresentative    1-Dec-2005
210 Cheng, Iris Hoi Man 鄭凱文     F RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2004  21-Apr-2009
211 Cheng, Kam Kwan 鄭錦坤      RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2003  26-Jun-2009
212 Cheng, Lai Wan 鄭麗雲      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
213 Cheng, Leppi Lai Ping 鄭麗萍      RepRepresentative    20-May-2003
RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  28-Dec-2010
214 Cheng, Mei Kuen (SFC:ALK232) 鄭美娟      RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2004  16-Jul-2009
215 Cheng, Mei Po 鄭美寶      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  15-Apr-2011
216 Cheng, Muk Yam 鄭沐欽      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
217 Cheng, Po Fung 鄭寶峰      RepRepresentative  25-Jun-2004  10-Nov-2004
218 Cheng, Po Ling 鄭寶玲      RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2004  26-Jun-2009
219 Cheng, Shiu Fai 鄭瑞輝      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  24-Jul-2009
220 Cheng, Shu Wing 鄭樹榮   65  M RepRepresentative  24-Mar-2004  1-Oct-2005
221 Cheng, Shuk Kuen 鄭淑娟      RepRepresentative    18-Jul-2007
222 Cheng, Sui Kam 鄭瑞金      RepRepresentative  27-Apr-2004  16-Jul-2009
223 Cheng, Suk Ching (SFC:AGN856) 鄭淑貞      RepRepresentative    26-Sep-2005
224 Cheng, Vann Yuk Kam 鄭玉琴      RepRepresentative  30-Nov-2005  1-Feb-2007
225 Cheng, Vivian Wai Ying 鄭慧瑩      RepRepresentative  24-Dec-2007  7-Feb-2008
226 Cheng, Wing Lee (SFC:ALQ671) 鄭永利      RepRepresentative  19-Mar-2005  5-Aug-2009
227 Cheng, Yam Chiu 鄭任朝      RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2005  31-Jul-2009
228 Cheng, Yan Yan 鄭茵茵      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
229 Cheng, Yau Kwan 鄭祐昀      RepRepresentative  6-Mar-2007  14-Sep-2007
230 Cheng, Yuen Man (SFC:AGE898) 鄭婉雯      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
231 Cheng, Yuk Fan (SFC:ALQ873) 鄭玉芬      RepRepresentative  29-Mar-2005  4-Aug-2009
232 Cheng, Yuk Kwan (SFC:AGQ146) 鄭毓群      RepRepresentative    1-Aug-2007
233 Cheong, Chun Yu 張震宇      RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  10-Jan-2011
234 Cheong, Lai Sang 張勵生      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
235 Cheuk, Steve Wang Fung 卓宏峰     M RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2005  8-Jun-2009
236 Cheuk, Yuk Shan 卓玉珊      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  31-Jul-2009
237 Cheung Hsia, Bessie 張夏小寅      RepRepresentative    29-Oct-2010
238 Cheung, Albert Kin Hung 張建雄     M RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  15-Jun-2009
239 Cheung, Benny Hoi Kit 張凱傑     M RepRepresentative  3-Oct-2007  12-Sep-2008
240 Cheung, Chi Hang (SFC:AMJ932) 張智恆      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  4-Aug-2009
241 Cheung, Chi Kwan (SFC:AKT530) 張芝筠      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2004  12-Sep-2008
242 Cheung, Chi Pang (SFC:ALQ987) 張子鵬      RepRepresentative  29-Mar-2005  24-Jul-2009
243 Cheung, Chi Shing (SFC:AMP299) 張志成      RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2005  26-Jun-2009
244 Cheung, Chi Wan 張芝韻      RepRepresentative  23-Jan-2006  23-Jun-2007
245 Cheung, Chik King 張植敬      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
246 Cheung, Ching Yee (SFC:AOA662) 張靜怡      RepRepresentative  9-Oct-2006  23-Jul-2008
247 Cheung, Chiu Man 張昭文      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  31-Jul-2009
248 Cheung, Chui Mei 張翠薇      RepRepresentative  25-Aug-2004  10-Jul-2009
249 Cheung, Clarin Shuk Yi 張淑儀      RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2010
250 Cheung, Daisy Suet Fan 張雪芬     F RepRepresentative  16-Dec-2005  31-Jul-2009
251 Cheung, Dominic Chung Ming 張松明     M RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
252 Cheung, Doris Wai Ling 張慧玲      RepRepresentative    2-Jan-2011
253 Cheung, Eppie Yuk Ping 張玉萍      RepRepresentative  14-Oct-2004  6-Apr-2005
254 Cheung, Fan Lan 張芬蘭      RepRepresentative  17-Jun-2005  5-Apr-2009
255 Cheung, Felix Cheuk Leung 張焯樑     M RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2003
256 Cheung, George Cheong Lum 張倡霖     M RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
257 Cheung, Hades Hei Yi 張希懿      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  19-Oct-2010
258 Cheung, Hau Chung 蔣孝忠      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
259 Cheung, Hiu Yan 張曉茵      RepRepresentative  21-Apr-2006  20-Sep-2007
260 Cheung, Hok Lim 張學廉      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  9-Jun-2009
261 Cheung, Janet Lan Choi 張蘭彩     F RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  2-Nov-2010
262 Cheung, Joann Siu Man 張小敏      RepRepresentative    30-May-2003
263 Cheung, Johnny Lee Wah 張利華      RepRepresentative  23-May-2005  1-Nov-2006
264 Cheung, Kam Hung (SFC:AJE683) 張感鴻      RepRepresentative  28-Oct-2003  13-Apr-2004
265 Cheung, Kam Wing (SFC:AFW646) 張錦榮      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
266 Cheung, Kang Yee 張鏡兒      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  5-Jun-2009
267 Cheung, Kin Wai (SFC:ANJ293) 張健偉      RepRepresentative  14-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
268 Cheung, King Tai 張景泰      RepRepresentative    16-Apr-2004
269 Cheung, Kwok Fu 張國富      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2005  24-Jul-2009
270 Cheung, Lai Ming 張麗明      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
271 Cheung, Lai Wah 張麗華      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
272 Cheung, Lam Kwan 張林軍      RepRepresentative  14-Oct-2004  2-Jul-2009
273 Cheung, Loletta Wood Ling 張活寧     F RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
274 Cheung, May Ying 張美英     F RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
275 Cheung, Mei Han (SFC:AFZ727) 張美嫻      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
276 Cheung, Mei Ting 張美婷      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
277 Cheung, Nan Chau 張南秋      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
278 Cheung, Oi Yan 張靄欣      RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  26-Jun-2009
279 Cheung, On Cheung 張安祥      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2006  14-Jan-2009
280 Cheung, Raymond Ka Ki 張嘉旗     M RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
281 Cheung, Sang 張旌      RepRepresentative  2-Dec-2005  1-Sep-2007
282 Cheung, Sau Fun 張秀芬      RepRepresentative  19-Jun-2006  27-Oct-2010
283 Cheung, Sau Kam 張秀琴      RepRepresentative  23-Jul-2004  6-Aug-2009
284 Cheung, Shera Mei Chun 張美珍      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
285 Cheung, Shirley Ka Yan 張嘉殷     F RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  25-Dec-2008
286 Cheung, Shirley Ying Ki 張英琪     F RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  31-Jul-2009
287 Cheung, Shu On 張樹安      RepRepresentative  18-Mar-2006  31-Jul-2009
288 Cheung, Shuk Fan 張淑芬      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
289 Cheung, Shuk Yee (SFC:AGI799) 張淑儀      RepRepresentative    1-Jan-2006
290 Cheung, Shuk Yin 張淑賢      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
291 Cheung, Sin Hang 張善行      RepRepresentative  4-Mar-2006  24-Jan-2011
292 Cheung, Siu Lam (SFC:ALZ374) 張小藍      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  14-Apr-2010
293 Cheung, Siu Yuk (SFC:ANH197) 張小玉      RepRepresentative  7-Jun-2006  2-Jul-2009
294 Cheung, Spartan Ho Fai 張浩暉      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2005  4-Aug-2009
295 Cheung, Stella Ka Wai 張嘉慧     F RepRepresentative  21-Oct-2004  15-Sep-2005
296 Cheung, Stephen Yuk Nam 張玉南     M RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
297 Cheung, Tat Hung 張達鴻      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
298 Cheung, Tat Sing 張達聲      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
299 Cheung, Ting Keung 張定強      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
300 Cheung, Victor Wai Tak 張維德     M RepRepresentative    23-Dec-2010
301 Cheung, Wai Ling (SFC:AFZ153) 張惠玲      RepRepresentative    21-Nov-2008
302 Cheung, Wing Yee (SFC:AFQ269) 張詠誼      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2004  15-Apr-2011
303 Cheung, Winston Siu Wan 張銚允     M RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2008
304 Cheung, Yee Wah 張綺華      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
305 Cheung, Yi Ting 張怡婷      RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  5-Aug-2009
306 Cheung, Yiu Tung 張耀東      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
307 Cheung, Yuen Hung 張遠雄      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  6-Aug-2009
308 Cheung, Yuen Nam 張淵藍      RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  6-Aug-2009
309 Cheung, Yuk Ying 張育英      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2004  1-Jan-2009
310 Chew, Yi Tung 趙苡彤      RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  1-May-2006
311 Chi, Kit Yee 池潔儀      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  15-Apr-2011
312 Chiang, Meng Sam 鄭銘心      RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  6-Aug-2009
313 Chiang, Ronny Chung Sheon 姜中旋      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2005  29-May-2008
314 Chien, Man Chit 錢敏婕      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  1-Nov-2006
315 Chim, Mandy Bich Anh 詹碧英     F RepRepresentative  29-May-2006  31-Jul-2009
316 Chim, Yau Man 詹幼文      RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2004  15-Dec-2004
317 Chin, Chia Chi 秦家騏      RepRepresentative  9-Oct-2006  12-Sep-2008
318 Chin, Moon Wan 錢滿雲      RepRepresentative    1-Dec-2008
319 Chin, Oi Kan 錢愛勤      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
320 Chin, Raymond Yun Wo 錢潤和     M RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
321 Chin, Rita Wai Fong 錢偉芳      RepRepresentative  18-Nov-2004  8-Jul-2007
322 Chin, Yin Yi 錢燕兒      RepRepresentative  20-Apr-2006  2-Jul-2009
323 Ching, Che Man 程子雯      RepRepresentative    9-Nov-2010
324 Ching, Chung Leung 程仲良      RepRepresentative  2-Jun-2004  10-Jun-2009
325 Ching, Siu Ying 程笑英      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Nov-2008
326 Chio, Sin Fu 趙善富      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  1-Sep-2007
327 Chiu, Henry Chak Leung 趙質良     M RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  26-Aug-2008
328 Chiu, Humphrey Sin Wa 趙善華      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
329 Chiu, Kenny King Kwong 趙景光     M RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2004  1-Dec-2005
330 Chiu, Kwong Lin 趙廣蓮      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
331 Chiu, Lai Suen 趙麗萱      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
332 Chiu, Man Yin (SFC:AMX097) 趙曼燕      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2006  1-Dec-2006
333 Chiu, Sandy Wai Ling 焦慧玲      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
334 Chiu, Sau King 趙秀瓊      RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2010
335 Chiu, Shuk Yin 趙淑賢      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
336 Chiu, Suk On 趙淑安      RepRepresentative    11-Apr-2005
337 Chiu, Suk Yee (SFC:AGC258) 趙淑儀      RepRepresentative    9-Aug-2005
338 Chiu, Susanna Oi Wah 趙愛華     F RepRepresentative  29-Nov-2004  28-Dec-2005
339 Chiu, Tat Lau 招達鎏      RepRepresentative    1-Apr-2007
340 Chiu, Wilson Luke Wai Tze 趙偉智     M RepRepresentative  10-Feb-2006  11-Jan-2008
341 Chiu, Yu Bun 趙雨彬      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
342 Cho, Cathy Mei Kwan 曹美群     F RepRepresentative  7-Jul-2005  26-Jun-2009
343 Cho, Chin Hung 曹展鴻      RepRepresentative  23-Jun-2006  14-Jan-2009
344 Choi, Arena Ching Chi 蔡靜芝      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  6-Aug-2009
345 Choi, Cheung Kong 蔡長江      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  15-Jun-2009
346 Choi, Cynthia Vai Heng 蔡惠卿     F RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  6-Aug-2009
347 Choi, Hau Chun 蔡孝鎮      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2009
348 Choi, Hing Man 蔡慶文      RepRepresentative    17-Aug-2006
349 Choi, Petty Lai Yee 蔡麗儀      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
350 Choi, Philip Man Kay 蔡文基     M RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2005  5-Aug-2009
351 Choi, Pui Wah 蔡培華      RepRepresentative  25-Aug-2004  10-Jul-2009
352 Choi, Shing Yan (SFC:AFY282) 蔡成仁      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
353 Choi, Shui Man (SFC:APD246) 蔡瑞文      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  15-Apr-2011
354 Choi, Wai Nan 蔡偉南      RepRepresentative    4-Dec-2003
355 Choi, Wing Ki 蔡穎琪      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  1-Sep-2007
356 Chong, Bonnie Shun Ning 莊舜齡     F RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  24-Jul-2009
357 Chong, Joseph Ka Lun 莊家麟     M RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  18-Mar-2009
358 Chong, Tam Keung 莊潭強      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  18-Nov-2008
359 Chou, Ho Wah 周浩華      RepRepresentative  6-Jan-2004  1-Dec-2007
360 Chow, Angela Oi Mei 周愛美     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
361 Chow, Chi Hong 周志康      RepRepresentative  24-Aug-2005  26-Jun-2009
362 Chow, Chin Wai 周展慧      RepRepresentative    15-Dec-2003
RepRepresentative  23-Jul-2004  15-Jun-2009
363 Chow, Derek Fu Shun 周富信     M RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  1-Nov-2007
364 Chow, Edmond Lai Sang 周禮生     M RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
365 Chow, Grace Wai Man (SFC:AHV295) 周偉敏     F RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2005  27-Jul-2005
366 Chow, Him Ming 周衍明      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
367 Chow, Hing Ling 鄒慶玲      RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2004  24-Jul-2009
368 Chow, Hon Sang 周漢生      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
369 Chow, Jennifer King Wah 周琼華     F RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
370 Chow, Kin Wing 周健榮      RepRepresentative  6-Jun-2007  9-Dec-2008
371 Chow, King Yung 周競蓉      RepRepresentative  5-Nov-2007  3-Nov-2008
372 Chow, Kit Ching 周潔貞      RepRepresentative  25-Jan-2006  10-Dec-2006
373 Chow, Kwai Ching 周桂清      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
374 Chow, Man Yee 周敏儀      RepRepresentative  19-Jan-2006  5-May-2006
375 Chow, Marina Wai Yee 周慧兒     F RepRepresentative  20-Jan-2006  15-Jun-2009
376 Chow, Ming Kit 周銘杰      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  1-Dec-2006
377 Chow, Nelson Ching Yeung 周靜勇     M RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  27-Oct-2010
378 Chow, Patrick Kwok Wah Alexander 周國華     M RepRepresentative  25-Jan-2006  1-Jun-2006
379 Chow, Peter Chung Fai 周松輝     M RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  16-Jul-2009
380 Chow, Sik Ying 周惜英      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
381 Chow, Susanna Kit Har 周潔霞     F RepRepresentative  25-Aug-2004  26-May-2005
382 Chow, Wing Kai 周榮佳      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
383 Chow, Yau Woon 周幼媛      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
384 Chow, Yin Chai 周燕齊      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
385 Chow, Yiu Tung 周耀東      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  1-Aug-2007
386 Chow, Yu Yat 周裕億      RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2005  8-Jun-2009
387 Choy, Chung Ming 蔡宗銘      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  10-Jan-2011
388 Choy, Danson Tak Sum 蔡德心      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  13-Aug-2007
389 Choy, Ming Hing 蔡明興      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
390 Choy, Sandy Fung Chun 蔡鳳珍      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
391 Choy, Wai Cheung 蔡惠祥      RepRepresentative  10-Feb-2006  2-Jul-2009
392 Choy, Wai Sing 蔡偉成      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2008
393 Choy, Yuet Wah 蔡月華      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
394 Chu, Ching (SFC:AGO224) 朱清      RepRepresentative  19-Mar-2005  21-Mar-2009
395 Chu, Chun Kit (SFC:AGO429) 朱俊傑      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
396 Chu, Eliza Pui Man 朱佩雯     F RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  24-Jul-2009
397 Chu, Gary Yau Lun 朱有倫     M RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
398 Chu, Hok Ying 朱學英      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  10-Jun-2009
399 Chu, Janet Man So 朱雯素     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
400 Chu, Ka Ming 朱嘉明      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
401 Chu, Ka Po 朱家寶      RepRepresentative  21-Jul-2005  24-Jul-2009
402 Chu, Kit Lai 朱潔麗   39  F RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  31-Jul-2009
403 Chu, Maio Hung 朱妙紅      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
404 Chu, Mariana Wai Yee 朱慧儀      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
405 Chu, Pui Shan (SFC:AGC271) 朱佩珊      RepRepresentative  26-Nov-2003  20-Feb-2008
406 Chu, Sai Ming 朱世名      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
407 Chu, Sau Wah 朱秀華      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
RepRepresentative  12-Oct-2004  26-Jun-2009
408 Chu, Tak Kwan 朱德鈞      RepRepresentative    9-Aug-2005
409 Chu, Wai Ling (SFC:ALS371) 朱慧玲      RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2005  31-Aug-2010
410 Chu, Wee Chuen 朱慧娟      RepRepresentative    29-Oct-2010
411 Chu, Weng Nin 朱永年      RepRepresentative  23-Jun-2004  10-Nov-2004
412 Chu, Wing Yan 朱詠茵      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-Aug-2007
413 Chu, Winnie Yat Ka 朱逸嘉     F RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  1-Jul-2007
414 Chu, Yau Shun 朱有信      RepRepresentative    25-Apr-2010
415 Chu, Yik Tung 朱亦彤      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  10-Jul-2009
416 Chu, Yin Hung 朱燕紅      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
417 Chu, Yuet Ha 朱月霞      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
418 Chu, Yuet Heung 朱月香      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  28-Sep-2010
419 Chu, Yuk Fun 朱毓芬      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
420 Chuang, Pak Lam 莊柏林      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  16-Jul-2009
421 Chui, Eva Sau Kuen 崔秀娟     F RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  31-Jul-2009
422 Chui, Heung Chin 徐响前      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  6-Aug-2009
423 Chui, Kam Hung (SFC:AGO379) 徐錦雄      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
424 Chui, Kwun Hung 徐冠雄      RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  1-Jul-2006
425 Chui, Man Ping 崔文冰      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
426 Chun, Kin Wah 秦建樺      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2004  5-Aug-2009
427 Chun, Yee Ha 秦綺霞      RepRepresentative    8-Mar-2004
428 Chung, Aubery Shing Fat 鍾成發      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2004  1-Aug-2007
429 Chung, Ellis Kwok Cheung 鍾國祥      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
430 Chung, Elton Wan Sang 鍾穩生      RepRepresentative  17-Jun-2005  16-Nov-2006
431 Chung, Eric Shek Wah 鍾錫華     M RepRepresentative    29-Sep-2003
432 Chung, Flora Ming Shan 鍾明珊     F RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  8-Jul-2007
433 Chung, Hau Ling 鍾巧玲      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
434 Chung, Hoi Shan 鍾凱珊      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  14-Jun-2007
435 Chung, Hon Keung 鍾漢強      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  26-Jun-2009
436 Chung, Jack King Wai 鍾敬偉     M RepRepresentative  15-Jun-2006  24-May-2007
437 Chung, Joshua Alfred Chi Kong 鍾志江     M RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
438 Chung, Ka Leung 鍾家樑      RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2003
RepRepresentative  10-Aug-2004  5-Aug-2009
439 Chung, Kin Keung 鍾建強      RepRepresentative    23-Jan-2006
440 Chung, Mui Sang 鍾梅生      RepRepresentative    29-Nov-2010
441 Chung, Po Wai 鍾步偉      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
442 Chung, Shuk Yee 鍾淑儀      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  2-Jul-2009
443 Chung, Tao Ching 鍾道正      RepRepresentative  7-Dec-2006  26-Feb-2010
444 Chung, Wai Leung (SFC:ANE315) 鍾偉良      RepRepresentative  6-May-2006  6-Aug-2009
445 Chung, Wing Hau 鍾永校      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
446 Chung, Yan Wing 鍾仁永      RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2004  10-Jul-2009
447 Chung, Yuen Sheung 鍾婉嫦      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2004  6-Feb-2006
448 Chung, Yuk Ming 鍾沃明      RepRepresentative    1-Jan-2006
449 Crewe, Peter James      M RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  26-Feb-2010
450 Daswaney, Haresh Gordon      M RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
451 Ding, Crystal Hiu Ying 丁曉英     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
452 Evangelista, Juliano 李承浩      RepRepresentative  14-Mar-2006  13-Aug-2007
453 Fan, Joshua Tat Kuen 范達權     M RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2008
454 Fok, Ka Mui 霍嘉玫      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
455 Fok, Ka Yin 霍嘉現      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  6-Aug-2009
456 Fok, Kin Hong 霍建航      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  1-May-2008
457 Fok, Siu Kee 霍少祺      RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2005  27-Jun-2008
458 Fok, Wai Ming (SFC:ANN035) 霍偉明      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  31-Jul-2009
459 Fok, Yiu Hong 霍耀康      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
460 Fong, Kelvin Chong Keung 方壯強     M RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
461 Fong, Kun Ming 方冠銘      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  26-Jun-2009
462 Fong, Kwok Kai 方國佳      RepRepresentative  14-Jan-2005  24-Jul-2009
463 Fong, Lok Wai 方洛偉      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  5-Aug-2009
464 Fong, Sophia (SFC:ANG623) 方淑範     F RepRepresentative  2-Jun-2006  2-Jul-2009
465 Fong, Wing Kin 方榮健      RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  9-Jun-2009
466 French, Gary Jay      M RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2005  28-Sep-2010
467 Fu, Anny Yuen Ling 傅婉玲      RepRepresentative  11-Oct-2004  9-Jun-2009
468 Fu, Benjamin 扶貝占     M RepRepresentative    9-Jul-2008
469 Fu, Francis Chi Lai 符志勵     M RepRepresentative  13-Dec-2005  10-Jan-2007
470 Fu, Hoi 符凱      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  31-Jul-2009
471 Fu, Michael Yun Sun 傅潤新     M RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2005  27-Oct-2010
472 Fung, Angelo Chau Lam 馮秋臨      RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
473 Fung, Can Ka Ki 馮家淇      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
474 Fung, Danny Wing Hong 馮永康      RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
475 Fung, Francis King Hong 馮境康     M RepRepresentative  27-Apr-2004  10-Jul-2009
476 Fung, Ka Lok 馮家樂      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
477 Fung, Ka Mei 馮嘉美      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  6-Aug-2009
478 Fung, Kammy Kam Wong 馮錦旺      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
479 Fung, Kwok Lam 馮國林      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  6-Aug-2009
480 Fung, Maria Juana Fung Yee 馮鳳儀     F RepRepresentative  16-Dec-2005  31-Jul-2009
481 Fung, Mildred Lai Lin 馮麗蓮      RepRepresentative  7-Jul-2005  1-Sep-2007
482 Fung, Ping Yee 馮冰儀      RepRepresentative    22-May-2007
483 Fung, Sanma Chuen Wong 馮全旺      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
484 Fung, Shu Kwan 馮瑞筠      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2003
485 Fung, So Ling 馮素玲      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  22-Jul-2005  31-Jul-2009
486 Fung, Tony Tung Fai 馮懂輝     M RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
487 Fung, Winson How Sin 馮巧仙      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
488 Fung, Yat Sin 馮逸仙      RepRepresentative  19-Mar-2005  1-Jan-2006
489 Ha, Chin Pang 夏展鵬      RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2003
490 Hau, Tim Kau 侯添球     M RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
491 Ho Leung, Yat Suk 何梁日淑      RepRepresentative    1-Feb-2005
492 Ho, Alex Kwok Hung 何國雄      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  31-Jul-2009
493 Ho, Bernard Nai Ho 何乃豪     M RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
494 Ho, Candy Mei Ho 何美好     F RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2004  6-Aug-2009
495 Ho, Chak Cheung 何澤祥      RepRepresentative  10-Nov-2003  26-Jun-2009
496 Ho, Cheuk Kwun 何祝君      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  27-Oct-2010
497 Ho, Cheuk Yin (SFC:ANK860) 何焯賢      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  1-Sep-2006
498 Ho, Chi Fai (SFC:AMJ052) 何志輝      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  10-Jul-2009
499 Ho, Chi Hung (SFC:AFZ725) 何志雄      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
500 Ho, Chi Kin 何子健      RepRepresentative  25-May-2006  1-Aug-2008
501 Ho, Chi Kong 何志剛      RepRepresentative    15-Dec-2009
502 Ho, Florence Man May 何文美     F RepRepresentative  24-Jan-2007  1-Mar-2008
503 Ho, Florence Yat Tai 何日娣     F RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2005  14-Oct-2010
504 Ho, Hiwin Hoi Wan 何海雲      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
505 Ho, Hon Hoi 何瀚海      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  1-Apr-2007
506 Ho, Jacky Tak Wah 何德華      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
507 Ho, Jenny Lai Ming 何麗明     F RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2007  10-Jul-2009
508 Ho, Joanny Hin Fan 何顯芬      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
509 Ho, Josephine Gok Tung 何玨曈      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
510 Ho, Ka Hon 何家漢      RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  14-Sep-2004
511 Ho, Ka Shun (SFC:AMK149) 何嘉順      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-Sep-2006
512 Ho, Katherine Cheuk Tung 何卓潼     F RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  8-Jun-2009
513 Ho, Ken Kai Yan 何啟欣     M RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  31-Jul-2009
514 Ho, Kwan Ming 何堃鳴      RepRepresentative    10-Jun-2009
515 Ho, Lai Chun 何麗珍      RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  31-Jul-2009
516 Ho, Mei Mei 何美美      RepRepresentative    23-Jan-2004
517 Ho, Patrick Chi Tat 何志達     M RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2003  26-Jun-2009
518 Ho, Paulmon Chi Ming 何志明      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
519 Ho, Roger Cheuk Wing 何卓榮     M RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  6-Aug-2009
520 Ho, Sik Fai 何錫輝      RepRepresentative    10-Jun-2009
521 Ho, Siu Kong 何小剛      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2003  15-Apr-2011
522 Ho, Siu Lan 何少蘭      RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
523 Ho, Siu Yuk 何小玉      RepRepresentative    30-Jul-2003
524 Ho, Vendy Wong Yee 何旺意      RepRepresentative  10-Apr-2006  10-Jul-2009
525 Ho, Wai Man (SFC:ANH198) 何慧敏      RepRepresentative  30-May-2006  1-Aug-2008
526 Ho, Wing Sze (SFC:ALY427) 何詠詩      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  25-Dec-2008
527 Ho, Winnie Pui Kwan 何配坤     F RepRepresentative  11-Jan-2006  31-Jul-2009
528 Ho, Yak Fong 何玉芳      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Sep-2010
529 Ho, Yim Ching 何艷青      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  24-Jul-2009
530 Hon, Amy Yuk Wa 韓玉華     F RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
531 Hon, Miu Lin 韓妙蓮      RepRepresentative    22-Apr-2009
532 Hong, Caroline Sau Kay 湯秀琦     F RepRepresentative  28-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
533 Hong, Kee Ping 康紀萍      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
534 Hong, Lin Fat 匡連發      RepRepresentative  27-Oct-2005  1-Nov-2006
535 Hong, Stella Kit Yin 康潔賢     F RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  1-Jun-2007
536 Hsu, Wai Ling 許慧玲      RepRepresentative    30-Sep-2010
537 Huen, Tat Wah 褟達華      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
538 Hui, Alan Wing Lo 許榮勞     M RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
539 Hui, Bernard Yue Hon 許宇漢     M RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
540 Hui, Dominic Savio Chun Kong 許振剛     M RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  10-Jan-2011
541 Hui, Hei Ha 許晞霞      RepRepresentative    1-Apr-2007
542 Hui, Ka Lai (SFC:AGE915) 許嘉麗      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
543 Hui, Man Yee (SFC:ANP989) 許敏兒      RepRepresentative  10-Aug-2006  27-Oct-2010
544 Hui, Matthew Ming Fai 許明輝     M RepRepresentative    29-Sep-2003
545 Hui, Pui Shuen 許培旋      RepRepresentative    13-Jul-2005
546 Hui, Ricky Wai Kau 許衛球     M RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  10-Feb-2004
547 Hui, Shuk Kwan 許淑君      RepRepresentative  4-Mar-2006  14-Nov-2007
548 Hui, Stella Sui Yin 許小燕     F RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2004  19-Jan-2006
549 Hui, Wai Ha 許偉霞      RepRepresentative    1-Mar-2006
550 Hui, Wing Hang 許永恆      RepRepresentative    6-Oct-2003
551 Huibonhoa, Clement      M RepRepresentative  14-Sep-2007  13-Dec-2007
552 Hung, Carie Lan Ying 洪蘭英      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
553 Hung, Catherine Wai Nin 孔惠年     F RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
554 Hung, Hau Ting 孔巧婷      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2004  6-Jul-2007
555 Hung, Sau Tuen 洪秀端      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  26-Jun-2009
556 Hung, Wing Ho 孔榮浩      RepRepresentative    29-Jul-2004
RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  18-Sep-2007
557 Hung, Yick Yan 洪奕欣      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-May-2006
558 Ip, Hong Man 葉康民      RepRepresentative  14-Aug-2003  5-Sep-2005
559 Ip, Kwai Keung 葉桂強      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2005  1-May-2008
560 Ip, Lai Lai 葉麗麗      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
561 Ip, Lai Sum 葉黎森      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
562 Ip, Wai Hing 葉慧興      RepRepresentative    1-Mar-2007
563 Ip, Yuk Lin 葉玉蓮      RepRepresentative    14-Jun-2007
564 Jim, Michael Kwok Ming 詹國明     M RepRepresentative  17-Jun-2005  8-Sep-2005
565 Kam, Chiu Hung 金朝虹      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  5-Jun-2009
566 Kam, Kit Yan 甘潔恩      RepRepresentative  25-May-2005  31-Jul-2009
567 Kam, Wing Yue 甘詠如      RepRepresentative  6-Apr-2005  5-Sep-2010
568 Kan, Man Ha 簡敏霞      RepRepresentative  7-May-2007  9-Jun-2009
569 Kan, Wai Keung (SFC:AGO481) 簡偉強      RepRepresentative    13-Jul-2004
570 Kao, Siu Ping 高小萍      RepRepresentative  30-Dec-2005  10-Jul-2009
571 Kay, Chi Wing 祁志榮      RepRepresentative    1-Nov-2010
572 Kei, Janet Lan Chan 祁蘭珍     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
573 Keung, Cheuk Lung 姜卓龍      RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2005  1-Jan-2007
574 Keung, Oi Ling 姜愛玲      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
575 Ko, Chuen Yun 高泉潤      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
576 Ko, Jasmine Sui Fong 高瑞芳     F RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
577 Ko, Koon Hang 高灌衡      RepRepresentative  13-May-2005  25-Jan-2009
578 Ko, Kwok Kai 高國佳      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  19-Apr-2007
579 Ko, Kwok Wai (SFC:ALS702) 高國偉      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Aug-2009
580 Ko, Mei Sze (SFC:ANB382) 高美詩      RepRepresentative  17-Mar-2006  1-Nov-2007
581 Ko, Mei Yan 高美恩      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2006  1-Nov-2008
582 Ko, Nicole Yat Suet 高溢雪     F RepRepresentative  19-May-2004  6-Aug-2009
583 Ko, Nin Ching 高年青      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
584 Ko, Patrick William Yik Chi 高憶慈     M RepRepresentative  7-Sep-2006  24-Jul-2009
585 Ko, Yat Sze 高逸詩      RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  2-Dec-2005
586 Kok, Che Hang 郭紫衡      RepRepresentative  25-May-2005  1-Oct-2005
587 Kok, Ka Man 郝嘉敏      RepRepresentative  8-Jan-2004  7-May-2008
588 Kok, Kin Lin 郭建連      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  26-Jun-2009
589 Kong, Derrick Anthony 江德力     M RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Sep-2010
590 Kong, Gloria Yin Ming 江燕明      RepRepresentative  25-Nov-2004  6-Aug-2009
591 Kong, Koan Suk Fung 江淑鳳      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  8-Jun-2009
592 Kong, Pui Shan 江佩珊      RepRepresentative    5-Mar-2010
593 Kong, Tak Chuen 江德全      RepRepresentative  3-May-2004  1-Jul-2006
594 Kong, Wai Fun 江慧芬      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
595 Koo, Ada Lai Fong 古麗芳     F RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
596 Koo, Edmend Tak Chung 顧得聰      RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
597 Koo, Joan Shuk Ching 古淑貞     F RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  1-Jul-2009
598 Koo, Yeung Pong 古揚邦     M RepRepresentative    16-Apr-2009
599 Ku, Doris On Wah 谷安華      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
600 Ku, Francis Wan Ming 古允明     M RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
601 Ku, Kung Min 顧公勉      RepRepresentative    1-Jun-2004
602 Ku, Kwok Mei 顧國美      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
603 Kuan, Kit Mui 關結梅      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  10-Jul-2009
604 Kui, Lai Kwan 居黎君      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2004  31-Jul-2009
605 Kung, Anne Sin Man 孔倩雯     F RepRepresentative    13-Oct-2010
606 Kung, Dan Hung 龔丹紅      RepRepresentative  19-Mar-2005  5-Jun-2009
607 Kung, Fung Chun 龔鳳珍      RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2004  30-Nov-2005
608 Kung, Jackson Ming Foo (SFC:AGM986) 龔鳴夫      RepRepresentative  22-Aug-2005  18-Nov-2008
609 Kung, Yiu Lam 龔耀林      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  2-Jul-2009
610 Kwan, Carrie Mei Lee 關美莉      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
611 Kwan, Dable Lim Suet 關念雪      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  24-Jul-2009
612 Kwan, Jennifer Oi Wah 關愛華     F RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
613 Kwan, Kit Yee (SFC:AFN935) 關潔儀      RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2007  15-Apr-2011
614 Kwan, Maria Magdalena Yuen Ching 關婉清     F RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  16-Jul-2009
615 Kwan, Sai Cheung 關世璋      RepRepresentative  5-Sep-2003  22-Dec-2003
616 Kwan, Sin Yee 關倩兒   52  F RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2004  1-Feb-2009
617 Kwan, Tammy Yuen Fun 關婉芬     F RepRepresentative  30-Nov-2005  24-Jul-2009
618 Kwan, Wing Chau 關詠秋      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  5-Aug-2009
619 Kwan, Yiu Cheung 關耀祥      RepRepresentative    29-Sep-2003
620 Kwok, Carrie Kar Lai 郭嘉勵      RepRepresentative    8-Dec-2004
621 Kwok, Chi Yiu 郭智嬈      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
622 Kwok, Iris Wai Yu 郭慧榆     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
623 Kwok, Kam Wah (SFC:AFK840) 郭錦華      RepRepresentative  13-Feb-2007  6-Aug-2009
624 Kwok, Kam Wing 郭錦榮      RepRepresentative  20-Jan-2006  1-Jun-2008
625 Kwok, Katie So Chun 郭素真      RepRepresentative  3-Jan-2006  24-Jan-2011
626 Kwok, Lilian Fung Lin 郭鳳蓮      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
627 Kwok, Mei Fung (SFC:AJG189) 郭美鳳      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2004  1-Mar-2009
628 Kwok, Nga Chun 郭雅珍      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  26-Jun-2009
629 Kwok, Sau Ling 郭秀玲      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
630 Kwok, Stephen Cheuk Wah 郭卓華     M RepRepresentative    15-Oct-2010
631 Kwok, Sze Yu 郭詩瑀      RepRepresentative  18-Jan-2005  10-Jan-2011
632 Kwok, Tai Shing 郭帶勝      RepRepresentative  27-Apr-2004  2-Jul-2009
633 Kwok, Vincent Siu Kau 郭紹球     M RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2004  9-Aug-2005
634 Kwok, Wai Ngar 郭慧雅      RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2007  12-Sep-2008
635 Kwok, Wai Yin 郭慧妍      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
636 Kwok, William Wing Man 郭榮民     M RepRepresentative  14-Jan-2005  14-Oct-2010
637 Kwok, Wing Kai 郭永楷      RepRepresentative    19-Feb-2004
RepRepresentative  23-Mar-2006  24-Jul-2009
638 Kwok, Wing Kin 郭榮堅      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2004  8-Feb-2005
639 Kwok, Wing Leung 郭榮亮      RepRepresentative    23-Oct-2003
RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  15-Jun-2009
640 Kwok, Yiu Fai 郭耀輝      RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  5-Aug-2009
641 Kwong Chao, Yun Yu 鄺趙蘊玉      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  5-Aug-2009
642 Kwong, Frances Man Yee 鄺敏儀     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
643 Kwong, Joseph Kam Lung 鄺錦龍     M RepRepresentative    17-Dec-2008
644 Kwong, Ka Wai 鄺家慧      RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  10-Jul-2009
645 Kwong, Pui Chung 鄺沛充      RepRepresentative  11-Nov-2004  31-Jul-2009
646 Kwong, Wing Kin 鄺永健      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
647 Lai, Cherie Yin Ping 賴燕萍      RepRepresentative  5-May-2005  5-Oct-2010
648 Lai, Helen Yuk 黎玉     F RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  15-Apr-2011
649 Lai, Joseph 黎建麟     M RepRepresentative  23-Sep-2004  16-Jul-2009
650 Lai, Kam Wah (SFC:AEY574) 黎錦華      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
651 Lai, Kenny Shiu Lun 黎兆麟     M RepRepresentative    23-Feb-2004
652 Lai, Kevin Siu Wai 黎小衛     M RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2003
RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  21-Mar-2009
653 Lai, Kin Ming (SFC:ALZ707) 賴建明      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  16-Jul-2009
654 Lai, Kwok Fai 黎國輝      RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  14-Jan-2009
655 Lai, Kwok Keung (SFC:AGQ429) 黎國強      RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  10-Jul-2009
656 Lai, Man Cheung 黎敏昌      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
657 Lai, Man Sing (SFC:AJA111) 黎文醒      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2003  7-Aug-2008
658 Lai, Pik Yee 黎璧儀      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  8-Jun-2009
659 Lai, Ping Wa 黎炳華      RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  1-Feb-2010
660 Lai, Po Chu 黎寶珠      RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2004  8-Jun-2009
661 Lai, Pui Shan (SFC:AFW394) 黎佩珊      RepRepresentative  30-Jul-2004  30-Dec-2004
662 Lai, Tin Yam 黎天任      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
663 Lai, Tommy Hung Kin 黎鴻健      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2005  8-Jul-2007
664 Lai, Wai Man (SFC:ANQ233) 賴偉民      RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  1-Feb-2008
665 Lai, Wan Ling 黎薀玲      RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  1-Jun-2006
666 Lai, William Koon Wing 黎貫榮     M RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2004
667 Lai, Wing Hong 黎永康      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  12-Jun-2009
668 Lai, Wing Kei 黎穎琪      RepRepresentative  10-Feb-2006  25-Jan-2009
669 Lai, Wing Yee (SFC:ANQ726) 賴穎儀      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2006  1-Sep-2008
670 Lai, Yim Ha 黎艷霞      RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
671 Lam, Agnes Yin Fan 林燕芬     F RepRepresentative    14-Nov-2003
672 Lam, Angie Mei Chai 林美齊     F RepRepresentative  15-May-2006  10-Jun-2009
673 Lam, Cecilia Susan 林詩靜     F RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  1-Apr-2009
674 Lam, Chai Wo 林齊和      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
675 Lam, Che Chuen 林志全      RepRepresentative    10-Jun-2006
676 Lam, Che Wah 林志華      RepRepresentative  12-Mar-2004  2-Jul-2009
677 Lam, Chi Man (SFC:AMH717) 林子敏      RepRepresentative  24-Aug-2005  3-Apr-2009
678 Lam, Chin Yuen 林展源      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2006  15-Jun-2009
679 Lam, Choi Har 林彩霞      RepRepresentative  30-May-2006  16-Jul-2009
680 Lam, Chor Chung 林楚中      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
681 Lam, Chor Ha 林楚霞      RepRepresentative    21-May-2009
682 Lam, Chuen Tung 林存東      RepRepresentative  27-Feb-2006  9-Jun-2009
683 Lam, Chung Sing 林忠成      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  18-Feb-2010
684 Lam, Dabbie Mei Lan 林美蘭      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
685 Lam, Edith Ngan Ming 林雁明     F RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2004  15-Aug-2005
686 Lam, Falco Wai Bong 林偉邦      RepRepresentative  14-Aug-2003  1-Aug-2007
687 Lam, Francis Kei Por 林淇波     M RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
688 Lam, Gary Kwok Wai 林國威     M RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  8-Feb-2011
689 Lam, Gary Wai Chun 林偉俊     M RepRepresentative  17-Mar-2006  1-May-2006
690 Lam, Georgina Rosaline Oi Ming 林愛明     F RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2005  8-Jun-2009
691 Lam, Grace Mei Yee 林美儀     F RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2004  31-Jul-2009
692 Lam, Henry Kam Shing 林鑑成     M RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
693 Lam, Hop Sang 林俠生      RepRepresentative  10-Nov-2003  13-Jul-2004
694 Lam, Jenna Yuen Ling 林婉玲      RepRepresentative    1-Dec-2003
695 Lam, Ka Hang (SFC:AGA815) 林嘉恆      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
696 Lam, Ka Wai (SFC:AFN046) 林家慧      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  1-Oct-2007
697 Lam, Kanki 林鉦瀚      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  15-Apr-2011
698 Lam, Kenneth Kin Hing (SFC:ALC956) 林建興     M RepRepresentative  15-Oct-2004  10-Nov-2004
699 Lam, Kit Ling (SFC:AMJ757) 林潔玲      RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  1-Aug-2006
700 Lam, Lai Chun (SFC:AGL990) 林麗珍      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
RepRepresentative  15-Jun-2004  22-Mar-2006
701 Lam, Lai Sheung 林麗嫦      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
702 Lam, Maggie 林燕鈴     F RepRepresentative  16-Oct-2007  12-Sep-2008
703 Lam, May Lai Mei 林麗薇     F RepRepresentative  14-Feb-2006  1-May-2008
704 Lam, Mei Lin 林美蓮      RepRepresentative    12-Jan-2004
RepRepresentative  8-Aug-2006  24-Jul-2009
705 Lam, Michael Sau Shan 林秀山     M RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  6-Aug-2009
706 Lam, Ming Fai (SFC:AHK326) 林明輝      RepRepresentative  17-Sep-2007  1-Jul-2010
707 Lam, Nicole Shuk Yee 林淑儀     F RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  1-Jan-2007
708 Lam, Po Ming 林保明      RepRepresentative  18-Mar-2006  5-Aug-2009
709 Lam, Pui Yeun 林佩淵      RepRepresentative  20-Jan-2006  1-Feb-2007
710 Lam, Sau Yi (SFC:AGP830) 林秀儀      RepRepresentative  14-Oct-2004  1-Nov-2010
711 Lam, Shadow Chun Ngor 林俊娥      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
712 Lam, Shelen Lai Ying 林麗英      RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  24-Jul-2009
713 Lam, Shirley Yu Mui 林如妹     F RepRepresentative    1-Aug-2003
RepRepresentative  15-Jun-2004  2-Jul-2009
714 Lam, Shirley Yuet Ying 林月英     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
715 Lam, Shu Mang 林樹猛      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  31-Jul-2009
716 Lam, Simon Kam Ming (SFC:AMF552) 林錦明     M RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  5-Aug-2009
717 Lam, Sindy Yee Mei 林綺薇      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
718 Lam, Siu Chun (SFC:AGP749) 林少俊      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  1-Jun-2008
719 Lam, Siu Fong (SFC:AGL945) 林小芳      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2008
720 Lam, Siu Fong (SFC:APA572) 林少芳      RepRepresentative  30-May-2007  12-Sep-2008
721 Lam, Siu Ki 林小麒      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
722 Lam, Siu May 林少薇      RepRepresentative    2-Aug-2006
723 Lam, Sophia Kit Ching 林潔貞     F RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
724 Lam, Suk Ping (SFC:AGA723) 林淑萍      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
725 Lam, Tai Mo 藍祧武      RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  1-Jul-2007
726 Lam, Teresa Kit Shan 林潔珊     F RepRepresentative    4-Jan-2008
727 Lam, Timothy Chi Yan (SFC:ABV344) 林志仁     M RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  1-Oct-2007
728 Lam, Ting Chong 林廷璋      RepRepresentative    30-Jul-2003
729 Lam, Tommy Lap Chung 林立宗      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
730 Lam, Vic Yee Yeung 林義揚      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
731 Lam, Virginia Wai Man (SFC:AMM433) 林慧敏      RepRepresentative  11-Nov-2005  5-Aug-2009
732 Lam, Wendy Sau Wai 林秀慧     F RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
733 Lam, Yan Yan (SFC:AFW564) 林恩恩      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
734 Lam, Yau Chung 林有忠      RepRepresentative    18-Feb-2009
735 Lam, Yeuk Wah 林若華      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  8-Jun-2009
736 Lam, Yik Fun 林憶芬      Resp OffResponsible Officer  30-Apr-2009  30-Nov-2010
737 Lam, Yik Shan 林奕珊      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2004  10-Jul-2009
738 Lam, Yin Ching 林燕菁      RepRepresentative  11-Jan-2006  16-Jul-2009
739 Lam, Yuk Ching 林玉貞      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
740 Lam, Yuk Fan 林玉芬      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
741 Lam, Yuk Lin 林玉蓮      RepRepresentative  4-Mar-2006  31-Jul-2009
742 Lam, Yuk Sheung 林玉嫦      RepRepresentative  12-Oct-2004  6-Aug-2009
743 Lam, Yun Tong 林潤棠      RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  24-Jul-2009
744 Lang, Chan Yu 郎正宇      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
745 Lao, K. Susan 劉蘇珊     F RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  9-Jun-2009
746 Lau, Alice Hang Ling 劉杏玲     F RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
747 Lau, Anna Siu Fun 劉筱芬     F RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
748 Lau, Chak Wing 劉澤榮      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  15-Jan-2009
749 Lau, Cherry Suk Han 劉淑嫻     F RepRepresentative    10-Nov-2003
750 Lau, Chi Kan (SFC:AGO231) 劉志勤      RepRepresentative    22-Sep-2003
751 Lau, Chi Kwan 劉志坤      RepRepresentative  30-Nov-2005  10-Jul-2009
752 Lau, Chi Wa 劉志華      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
753 Lau, Chin Wah 劉展華      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  5-Aug-2009
754 Lau, Chuen Yu 劉全裕      RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  25-Oct-2010
755 Lau, Chung Ki 劉頌基      RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2005  16-Jul-2009
756 Lau, Chung Ming (SFC:AGO227) 劉宗明      RepRepresentative    3-Nov-2010
757 Lau, Chung Wing 劉忠榮      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
758 Lau, Chung Yin (SFC:AML452) 劉重賢      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  24-Jul-2009
759 Lau, Connie Wai Han 劉慧嫻     F RepRepresentative  12-Aug-2004  12-Aug-2008
760 Lau, Elaine Kar Yee 劉家怡     F RepRepresentative    26-Feb-2010
761 Lau, Eric Fu Wing 劉富榮     M RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  6-Aug-2009
762 Lau, Eva Chun 劉珍     F RepRepresentative  23-Sep-2004  16-Jul-2009
763 Lau, Gloria Wai Yu 劉偉如      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
764 Lau, Henry Yan Sang 劉仁生     M RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  24-Jul-2009
765 Lau, Hinderson Sau Kan 劉守勤      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
766 Lau, Ho Yin 劉浩然      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2004  3-Aug-2005
767 Lau, Hung Kong 劉紅崗      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2003  10-Jul-2009
768 Lau, Ida Lai Yi 劉麗儀      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
769 Lau, Ivy Lai Ngor 劉麗娥      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
770 Lau, James Ying 劉營     M RepRepresentative  16-Jan-2004  26-Sep-2005
771 Lau, Kai Chung 劉啟聰      RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  21-Nov-2008
772 Lau, Kam Lun 劉錦麟      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
773 Lau, Katherine Lo Mui 劉露梅     F RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  1-Nov-2005
774 Lau, King Wan 劉景雲      RepRepresentative  21-Oct-2004  10-Jul-2009
775 Lau, Lai Kuen 劉麗娟      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
776 Lau, Lai Ming (SFC:AMJ018) 劉麗明      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  8-Feb-2008
777 Lau, Lavina Siu Fung 劉筱鳳      RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2007  8-Feb-2010
778 Lau, Man Yee 劉萬儀      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
779 Lau, Maria Yuen Yee 劉婉儀     F RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  1-Aug-2009
780 Lau, Michael Cheung Hing 劉長興     M RepRepresentative    20-Oct-2010
781 Lau, Michael Ka Yee 劉嘉兒     M RepRepresentative    26-Sep-2004
782 Lau, Ming Fai (SFC:AEH948) 劉明暉      RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2006  16-May-2008
783 Lau, Miranda 劉恩瑜     F RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  24-Jul-2009
784 Lau, Norman Ka Wai 劉嘉偉     M RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2004  25-Jun-2007
785 Lau, Patrick Chin Fai 劉展輝     M RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  11-Jun-2009
786 Lau, Pui Fun (SFC:AGN774) 劉佩芬      RepRepresentative  10-Jun-2004  6-Aug-2009
787 Lau, Ringo Ka Chun 劉家俊     M RepRepresentative    23-Sep-2003
Resp OffResponsible Officer  23-Sep-2003  15-May-2009
788 Lau, Robert Kwok Chi 劉國智     M RepRepresentative  21-Feb-2008  12-Sep-2008
789 Lau, Sally Suk Yi 劉淑儀     F RepRepresentative    5-Jan-2004
RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Oct-2007
790 Lau, Shing (SFC:AIC994) 劉成      RepRepresentative    3-Aug-2005
791 Lau, Shiu Lon 劉兆麟      RepRepresentative    28-Oct-2010
792 Lau, Shuk Yee 劉淑儀      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  26-Jun-2009
793 Lau, Siu Fung (SFC:AMI424) 劉少峰      RepRepresentative  23-Jan-2006  1-Jun-2007
794 Lau, So Wah 柳素華      RepRepresentative    1-Oct-2006
795 Lau, Suet Ling 劉雪玲      RepRepresentative    29-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  24-Jul-2009
796 Lau, Sui Ping 劉瑞冰      RepRepresentative    14-Oct-2003
797 Lau, Tinny Kin Kong 劉見光      RepRepresentative    1-Nov-2008
798 Lau, Wai Chun (SFC:AMP306) 劉惠珍      RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2005  6-Aug-2009
799 Lau, Wai Hong 劉偉康      RepRepresentative    29-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  6-Aug-2009
800 Lau, Wai Lai 劉慧麗      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
801 Lau, Wai On (SFC:AGD728) 劉慧安      RepRepresentative    11-Mar-2004
802 Lau, Wai Ping 劉慧萍      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  8-Jun-2009
803 Lau, Wai Yin (SFC:ANN036) 劉慧燕      RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2006  26-Jun-2009
804 Lau, Walter Chung Man 劉仲文     M RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
805 Lau, Wing Cheong 劉永昌      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  8-Jun-2009
806 Lau, Winnie Mei Kiu 劉美嬌     F RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
807 Lau, Yat Nga 劉逸雅      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
808 Lau, Yeuk Sze 劉若詩      RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2005  1-Jan-2009
809 Lau, Yu Wah 劉裕華      RepRepresentative    10-Mar-2005
810 Law, Anita Pui Ling 羅佩玲     F RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2006  24-Jan-2011
811 Law, Charles Chi Cheuk 羅子卓     M RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  8-Jun-2009
812 Law, Chung 羅忠      RepRepresentative    1-Mar-2008
813 Law, Kit Ha 羅潔霞      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
814 Law, Kit Ting 羅潔婷      RepRepresentative  7-Jun-2006  12-Aug-2008
815 Law, Kwok Keung 羅國強      RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  15-Jun-2009
816 Law, Ngah Lan 羅雅蘭      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
817 Law, Shuk Hing 羅淑卿      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
818 Law, Sin Man 羅善文      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
819 Law, Tze Wan 羅紫雲      RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2003
RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2004  5-Aug-2009
820 Law, Wai Hung (SFC:AFO878) 羅偉雄      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
821 Law, Yuen Yee 羅苑儀      RepRepresentative    13-Sep-2007
822 Lee, Alfred Augustine Ying Wah 李英華   58  M RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  16-Jul-2009
823 Lee, Andrew Chi Wai 李志威     M RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
824 Lee, Caric Shi Tat 利仕達     M RepRepresentative  6-Jan-2006  19-Feb-2009
825 Lee, Cheuk Wah (SFC:ALY444) 李焯華      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  26-Jun-2009
826 Lee, Chiu Fung 李朝鋒      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2006  1-Dec-2006
827 Lee, Chiu Wai 李超偉      RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2007  15-Apr-2011
828 Lee, Chun Wai 李振威      RepRepresentative  10-Oct-2005  27-Oct-2010
829 Lee, Chun Yee 李珍儀      RepRepresentative    25-Oct-2010
830 Lee, Doreen 李穎妍      RepRepresentative  13-Dec-2005  1-Jan-2008
831 Lee, Elaine Yin Ling 李燕玲     F RepRepresentative  10-Aug-2005  14-Mar-2011
832 Lee, Emily Wai Han 李慧嫻     F RepRepresentative  31-May-2007  9-Jun-2009
833 Lee, Felix Kam Lam 李錦霖     M RepRepresentative  30-Sep-2005  18-Oct-2007
834 Lee, Frankie Fu Chuen 李富存      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
835 Lee, Fung Sim 李鳳嬋      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
836 Lee, Hang Chong 李行莊      RepRepresentative  11-Nov-2004  10-Jul-2009
837 Lee, Ho Kwan 李可君      RepRepresentative  6-Jan-2005  5-Aug-2009
838 Lee, Hoi Leung 李海良      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
839 Lee, Hoi Wah 李凱華      RepRepresentative  16-Oct-2007  16-Nov-2007
840 Lee, Jenny Wai Yim 李慧艷     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
841 Lee, Ka Shu 李家樹      RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  1-Apr-2007
842 Lee, Ka Wai (SFC:ACM361) 李家偉      RepRepresentative  23-Jun-2004  30-Jun-2011
843 Lee, Ka Wai (SFC:AGP914) 李家慧      RepRepresentative    25-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
844 Lee, Kai Hung (SFC:AGI147) 李繼雄      RepRepresentative    11-Feb-2009
845 Lee, Kar Wai (SFC:AGN988) 李家偉      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
846 Lee, Kit Man (SFC:APG902) 李潔雯      RepRepresentative  17-Jul-2007  26-Sep-2007
847 Lee, Koon Kau 李貫球      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  12-Sep-2005
848 Lee, Kwan Kit (SFC:AGQ356) 李昆結      RepRepresentative  26-Oct-2004  31-Jul-2009
849 Lee, Kwok Wah (SFC:AGC295) 李國華      RepRepresentative    11-Nov-2010
850 Lee, Lai Chuen (SFC:AGQ089) 李麗春      RepRepresentative  6-Jan-2004  18-Oct-2008
851 Lee, Man Kam 李文錦      RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  28-Oct-2010
852 Lee, Mei Fun 李美芬      RepRepresentative  4-Apr-2005  15-Jun-2009
853 Lee, Miu Yin 李妙賢      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
854 Lee, Peter Chun Wai 李振威     M RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2009
855 Lee, Pui Man (SFC:AMN743) 李佩文      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  15-Apr-2011
856 Lee, Pui Wah (SFC:ANE254) 李佩華      RepRepresentative  3-May-2006  3-Oct-2010
857 Lee, Sau Lin 李秀蓮      RepRepresentative  17-Aug-2004  27-Aug-2008
858 Lee, Sau Yung 李秀榕      RepRepresentative  13-Dec-2005  12-Mar-2008
859 Lee, Sik Lun 李錫麟      RepRepresentative    11-Apr-2005
860 Lee, Siu Wai (SFC:AGD734) 李小偉      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
861 Lee, Suk Kuen 李淑娟      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
862 Lee, Sze Man (SFC:ANN037) 李詩敏      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  5-Aug-2009
863 Lee, Sze Man (SFC:AOD440) 李詩敏      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2007  27-Aug-2009
864 Lee, Tak Choi 李德財      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  1-Feb-2007
865 Lee, Vivien Siu Kwan 李筱筠      RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2006  6-Aug-2009
866 Lee, Wah Chu 利華珠      RepRepresentative  29-Jul-2005  1-Feb-2009
867 Lee, Wai Ching 李慧貞      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  27-Jan-2011
868 Lee, Wai Shing (SFC:AGH139) 李尉誠      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  1-Nov-2008
869 Lee, Wendy Fung Ping 李鳳平     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
870 Lee, Wendy Suk Ling 李淑玲     F RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-Sep-2008
871 Lee, Yan Fat 李仁筏      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  1-Jul-2008
872 Lee, Yee Kwan (SFC:AGC296) 李綺群      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
873 Lee, Yee Tung 李苡彤      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
874 Lee, Ying Mei 李英媚      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
875 Lee, Yiu Cho 李耀祖      RepRepresentative  24-May-2006  24-Jul-2009
876 Lee, Yongseok 李容奭      RepRepresentative  24-Jan-2007  3-Aug-2007
877 Lee, Yuk Mei (SFC:AML453) 李玉媚      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  31-Jul-2009
878 Lee, Yun Sin 李潤倩      RepRepresentative  25-May-2006  4-Aug-2009
879 Leung Chan, Linda Wai Yee 梁陳慧怡     F RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2003  10-Sep-2005
880 Leung, Angel Shui Yee 梁瑞意      RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
881 Leung, Calbert Man Yiu 梁文耀      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
882 Leung, Chi Hung (SFC:AGJ423) 梁志洪      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  4-Aug-2009
883 Leung, Chun Kong 梁振剛      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
884 Leung, Chun Sau (SFC:AJE970) 梁振修      RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  10-Dec-2008
885 Leung, Chung Sang Derek 梁重生      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Jun-2006
886 Leung, David Ka Tai 梁家泰     M RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  4-Aug-2009
887 Leung, Dennis Tak Chi 梁德智     M RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  1-Jun-2009
888 Leung, Donna Hoi Yee 梁海誼      RepRepresentative    26-Oct-2010
889 Leung, Doris Shuk Ha 梁淑霞      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2003  7-Aug-2008
890 Leung, Eva Yuen Ling 梁苑苓     F RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
891 Leung, Fion Suk Fan 梁淑芬      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
892 Leung, Fung Kuen 梁鳳娟      RepRepresentative  21-Aug-2007  15-Apr-2011
893 Leung, Grace Yee Sik 梁懿式     F RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2010
894 Leung, Hiu Hung 梁曉虹      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
895 Leung, Jack Wai Hung 梁偉雄     M RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  24-Jul-2009
896 Leung, Jacky Kam Fai 梁錦輝      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
897 Leung, Jocelyn Hoi Tung 梁凱彤      RepRepresentative  25-Aug-2004  18-Aug-2008
898 Leung, Ka Ho (SFC:AMX122) 梁家豪      RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  1-Mar-2006
899 Leung, Kam Fung 梁金鳳      RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2006  8-Jun-2009
900 Leung, Kim Ying 梁劍英      RepRepresentative  6-Sep-2005  31-Jul-2009
901 Leung, Kit Yuk 梁潔玉      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2003
902 Leung, Kum Lum 梁甘霖      RepRepresentative  24-Jun-2005  1-Feb-2006
903 Leung, Kwai Yung 梁桂容      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
904 Leung, Kwok Kei 梁國基      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
905 Leung, Man Yee (SFC:AGP891) 梁敏儀      RepRepresentative    28-Oct-2010
906 Leung, May Lan 梁美蘭     F RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
907 Leung, Mee Chee 梁美慈      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  24-Jul-2009
908 Leung, Mei Fung 梁桂姿      RepRepresentative    22-May-2009
909 Leung, Mei Yuk 梁美玉      RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2005  8-Jun-2009
910 Leung, Miranda Chun Mui 梁春梅     F RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2005  24-Jul-2009
911 Leung, Olivia Ka Yi 梁嘉儀     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
912 Leung, Patrick Pak Wai 梁伯威     M RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
913 Leung, Po Shing 梁寶成      RepRepresentative  14-Jan-2005  6-Aug-2009
914 Leung, Po Yan 梁寶茵      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
915 Leung, San Fat 梁申發      RepRepresentative    27-Jul-2005
916 Leung, Sau Wai 梁秀慧      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  30-Nov-2006
917 Leung, Serena Wing Kam 梁詠琴     F RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
918 Leung, Shirley Yuen Hing 梁婉卿     F RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2005  29-Aug-2008
919 Leung, Shiu Yip 梁兆業      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
920 Leung, Shu Kwan 梁樹坤      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
921 Leung, Shuk Han 梁淑嫻      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
922 Leung, Siu Fan 梁少芬      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
923 Leung, Siu Ling (SFC:ALQ421) 梁笑玲      RepRepresentative  14-Feb-2005  31-Jul-2009
924 Leung, Siu Wai 梁小慧      RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
925 Leung, Suk Yuen 梁淑婉      RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
926 Leung, Theresa Mun Yee 梁敏儀     F RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
927 Leung, Vivian Sau Han 梁秀嫻      RepRepresentative  30-May-2006  1-May-2008
928 Leung, Wai Sum 梁慧芯      RepRepresentative    26-Feb-2010
929 Leung, Wai Yee (SFC:ALY441) 梁慧儀      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  26-Jun-2009
930 Leung, Wing Keung 梁永強      RepRepresentative  17-Jul-2006  27-Oct-2010
931 Leung, Wing Tai (SFC:AFY290) 梁永泰      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
932 Leung, Yat Mun 梁逸文      RepRepresentative  22-Jun-2007  12-Sep-2008
933 Leung, Yuet Ho 梁月豪      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
934 Leung, Yuk Kwan 梁玉群      RepRepresentative    28-Oct-2003
RepRepresentative  25-Apr-2006  9-Jun-2009
935 Li, Alice Wai Fan 李慧芬     F RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  24-Jul-2009
936 Li, Andromeda Wai Kwan 李惠君      RepRepresentative    17-Oct-2003
RepRepresentative  6-Aug-2004  2-Jul-2009
937 Li, Angela Siu Fun 李少芬     F RepRepresentative  14-Mar-2006  5-Mar-2010
938 Li, Avon Yuk King 李玉琼      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  24-Jul-2009
939 Li, Chi Wah 李志華      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
940 Li, Chor Ying 李楚英      RepRepresentative    29-Nov-2010
941 Li, Chun Kam 李鎮錦      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  31-Jul-2009
942 Li, Chung Po 李松波      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  4-Aug-2009
943 Li, Dora Tsz Wai 李子慧     F RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
944 Li, Ella Wai Yi 李惠儀     F RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
945 Li, Francis Wai Hung 李偉鴻     M RepRepresentative    14-Oct-2003
RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  16-Jul-2009
946 Li, Fung King 李鳳琼      RepRepresentative  7-Jun-2006  8-Jun-2009
947 Li, Heidi Yuk Sim 李玉嬋     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
948 Li, Hung Fai 李雄輝      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
949 Li, Judienna Yuk Sheung 李玉嫦      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
950 Li, Ka Wing 李家榮      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2004  25-Nov-2005
951 Li, Kevin Chung Man 李仲文     M RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
952 Li, Kim Man (SFC:AEU947) 李劍文      RepRepresentative  18-Sep-2006  29-Feb-2008
953 Li, King Wah 李景華      RepRepresentative  23-Jul-2004  16-Jul-2009
954 Li, Kwok Kuen (SFC:AGL709) 李國權      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  16-Apr-2009
955 Li, Neilson Kwan Ting 李昆庭      RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  16-Jul-2009
956 Li, Sera Lai Shan 李麗珊      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  14-Jan-2009
957 Li, Shadow Sai Ho 李世豪      RepRepresentative  20-Feb-2006  1-Nov-2007
958 Li, Shu Wah 李樹華      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2005  15-Jun-2009
959 Li, Siu Wai 李小慧      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-Jul-2009
960 Li, Susan Sau Ying 李秀英     F RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
961 Li, Wai Yuen 李偉源      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  26-Jun-2009
962 Li, Wing Kwong 李榮光      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
963 Li, Wing Yee (SFC:AGO490) 李泳頤      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
964 Li, Yin Lan 李燕蘭      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
965 Li, Yin Mei 李燕薇      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
966 Li, Yiu Hung 李曉紅      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
967 Li, Yuen Kwan 李婉君      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  28-Feb-2008
968 Li, Yuk Yi 李玉兒      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
969 Liang, Man Lai 梁文麗      RepRepresentative  21-Jan-2005  31-Jul-2009
970 Lim, Hiu Fai 林曉輝      RepRepresentative  18-Apr-2007  15-Jan-2009
971 Lin De Cheng, Cristin Xue Ping 林君彌      RepRepresentative    14-Apr-2010
972 Lin, Kuan Ta 林廣達      RepRepresentative  24-May-2006  14-Jun-2007
973 Lin, Shui Yang 林水陽      RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2006
974 Lin, Wallace Heung Shing 連香成     M RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
975 Lin, Yiu Keung 連耀強      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
976 Ling Choi, Yvonne Po Chun 凌蔡寶珍     F RepRepresentative  18-Jan-2005  1-May-2006
977 Ling, Colin Celan 凌思綸     M RepRepresentative    20-May-2003
978 Ling, Florence 凌韻詩     F RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2006  10-Jan-2011
979 Ling, Sun Oi 凌新愛      RepRepresentative  1-Sep-2005  1-Jan-2007
980 Liu, Alex Tai Yau 廖泰右      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2004  5-Jun-2009
981 Liu, Che Hung 廖志雄      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  9-Aug-2007
982 Liu, Cheung Ying 廖章影      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
983 Liu, Chloe Cheuk Kei 廖卓琪     F RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2006  1-Jul-2007
984 Liu, Edmund Yick Wah 廖翼華     M RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
985 Liu, Man Tao 廖文滔      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  6-Aug-2009
986 Liu, Olivia Ching Yee 廖靜怡     F RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  6-Aug-2009
987 Liu, Sai Yat 廖世逸      RepRepresentative    20-Mar-2009
988 Liu, Suk Ping 廖淑萍      RepRepresentative    26-Sep-2005
989 Liu, Yuet Wa 廖月華      RepRepresentative  2-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
990 Lo, Alfred Wai Lam 盧偉林     M RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2005  21-Nov-2006
991 Lo, Amy Chun Sim 勞春嬋     F RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
992 Lo, Camy Yuk Lin 盧玉蓮      RepRepresentative  26-Nov-2003  26-Jun-2009
993 Lo, Christine Wai Mi 盧惠美     F RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  2-Jul-2009
994 Lo, Chun Sing 盧振聲      RepRepresentative  3-May-2006  1-Feb-2007
995 Lo, Dragon Kam Lung 盧錦龍      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
996 Lo, Eric Tai Hung 盧大雄     M RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2007
997 Lo, Fung Chun 盧鳳珍      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  24-Jul-2009
998 Lo, In Man 盧現文      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  5-Aug-2009
999 Lo, James Chak Min 羅澤銘     M RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1000 Lo, Kim Wing 盧劍榮      RepRepresentative    17-Oct-2003
1001 Lo, Kit Ching 盧潔貞      RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
1002 Lo, Kwok Sum 羅國森      RepRepresentative  16-Mar-2006  10-Jan-2011
1003 Lo, Mei Ling (SFC:AFZ623) 盧美玲      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1004 Lo, Merissa Pik Wan 羅碧雲      RepRepresentative  27-Apr-2004  10-Jul-2009
1005 Lo, Nang Sing 盧能成      RepRepresentative  31-Aug-2006  24-Jul-2009
1006 Lo, Philip Chi Chiu 盧志超     M RepRepresentative  25-Nov-2004  5-Feb-2009
1007 Lo, Philippa Lai Hing 盧麗卿     F RepRepresentative    6-Oct-2003
1008 Lo, Ping Fai (SFC:AMY728) 盧炳輝      RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2006  1-May-2006
1009 Lo, Pui Shan 勞佩珊      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Aug-2009
1010 Lo, Sandra Sui Ching 勞瑞偵     F RepRepresentative  3-May-2006  24-Jul-2009
1011 Lo, Wai Sun 盧偉新      RepRepresentative    23-Feb-2004
1012 Lo, Wing Kiu 勞永橋      RepRepresentative  13-May-2005  14-Jun-2007
1013 Lo, Yan Sing 羅潤成      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1014 Loh, Joe Hong Shing 羅匡成      RepRepresentative    4-Nov-2010
1015 Lok, George Chi Keung 駱志強     M RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  1-Jan-2008
1016 Lu, Wing Yi 雷詠儀      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  24-Jul-2009
1017 Lui, Adam Tak Fong 雷德晃     M RepRepresentative    29-Sep-2003
1018 Lui, Bonnie Mei Chu 雷美珠     F RepRepresentative  3-May-2005  24-Jul-2009
1019 Lui, Chi Yeung 雷子揚      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  1-Feb-2006
1020 Lui, Chung Kwai 呂忠貴      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1021 Lui, Chung Yin 呂仲賢      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1022 Lui, Fanny Sze Mei 呂思薇     F RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2005  2-Jul-2009
1023 Lui, Hok Ming 呂學明      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  20-Aug-2004  2-Jul-2009
1024 Lui, Mat Sau Lan 呂秀蘭      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1025 Lui, Mei Fong 呂美芳      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1026 Lui, Ming Tak 雷明德      RepRepresentative  11-Jan-2006  1-Sep-2007
1027 Lui, Sau King 呂秀琼      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1028 Luk Chow, Sarah Mei Kuen 陸周美娟     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1029 Luk, Anna 陸安娜     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
1030 Luk, Carollina Yuen San 陸婉珊      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1031 Luk, Kai Ming 陸佳鳴      RepRepresentative  9-Oct-2006  13-Mar-2007
1032 Luk, Kwai Ling 陸季玲      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1033 Luk, Mei Wah 陸美華      RepRepresentative    5-Sep-2003
1034 Luk, Monica Ka Yan 陸家欣     F RepRepresentative    16-Oct-2003
1035 Luk, Yi 陸怡      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1036 Luk, Ying Choi 陸英材      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
1037 Lum, Henry Ka Leung 林家樑     M RepRepresentative  18-Jan-2005  5-Jun-2009
1038 Lun, Karen Yuen Kwan 倫沅鈞     F RepRepresentative  14-Jun-2006  16-Jul-2009
1039 Ly, Linda Man Fong 賴敏芳     F RepRepresentative  29-Jul-2004  31-Jul-2009
1040 Lye, Kim Leng       RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1041 Ma, Benjamin Po Chi 馬寶慈     M RepRepresentative  13-Jul-2004  19-Oct-2010
1042 Ma, Chi Yin 馬志賢      RepRepresentative  6-Apr-2006  1-Sep-2007
1043 Ma, Cho Ming 馬楚明      RepRepresentative  2-Apr-2004  1-Sep-2010
1044 Ma, Chun Ling 馬春玲      RepRepresentative    30-Nov-2006
1045 Ma, Chung Sang 馬仲生      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1046 Ma, Daniel Hing Wai 馬興偉     M RepRepresentative    28-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  29-Apr-2004  28-Sep-2008
1047 Ma, Hok Ming (SFC:ALS717) 馬學明      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Feb-2007
1048 Ma, Ka Lok 馬家樂      RepRepresentative  8-Sep-2006  26-Jun-2009
1049 Ma, Kam Wah (SFC:AEM885) 馬錦華      RepRepresentative    1-Mar-2009
1050 Ma, Lai Wah (SFC:AFZ603) 馬麗華      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
1051 Ma, Lap Hing 馬立興      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1052 Ma, Pui Ha 馬佩霞      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1053 Ma, Pui Tung 馬沛彤      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1054 Ma, Siu Hung (SFC:AGO713) 馬紹雄      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
1055 Ma, Wing Hung (SFC:AJO374) 馬詠雄      RepRepresentative  13-Apr-2004  2-Jul-2009
1056 Ma, Winston Ting Fai 馬廷輝     M RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  2-Nov-2005
1057 Ma, Yin Kwan 馬燕君      RepRepresentative  22-May-2006  9-Aug-2008
1058 Ma, Yuk Chu 馬玉珠      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1059 Ma, Yuk Yun 馬鈺媛      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1060 Mak, Alfred Chi Ming 麥智明     M RepRepresentative    22-May-2003
Resp OffResponsible Officer  22-May-2003  15-May-2009
1061 Mak, Candy Wing Lam 麥泳琳     F RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2005
1062 Mak, Ching Por 麥澄波      RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2005  5-Aug-2009
1063 Mak, Elmond Yan Man 麥恩文      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1064 Mak, Fung Shan 麥鳳珊      RepRepresentative    13-Jul-2005
1065 Mak, Janet Pui Ling 麥佩玲     F RepRepresentative    2-Apr-2004
RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2005  1-Feb-2006
1066 Mak, Kam Cheung 麥錦祥      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1067 Mak, Lai Kuen 麥麗娟      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2005  14-Jan-2009
1068 Mak, Mee Fung 麥美鳳      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1069 Mak, Mei Ha 麥美霞      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  10-Jul-2009
1070 Mak, Miu Ling 麥妙玲      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2005  13-Oct-2006
1071 Mak, Po Man 麥寶敏      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  6-May-2005
1072 Mak, Tony Wing Kwong 麥永光     M RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
1073 Mak, Tze Yuk 麥子鋈      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  1-Nov-2006
1074 Mak, Wai Kei 麥偉基      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1075 Mak, Wai Kwong (SFC:AGM904) 麥偉光      RepRepresentative    8-Jul-2007
1076 Mak, Wai Ling 麥惠玲      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1077 Mak, Wing Keung 麥永強      RepRepresentative    29-Dec-2003
1078 Man, Chun Leung 文振良      RepRepresentative  3-May-2005  4-Sep-2006
1079 Man, Hung Kei 文鴻基      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  18-Sep-2010
1080 Man, Sau Mei 文秀美      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1081 Min, Rong 閔榮      RepRepresentative  31-Jul-2006  15-Apr-2011
1082 Mo, Tai On 毛泰安      RepRepresentative  31-Aug-2006  28-Sep-2010
1083 Mok, Candy Lai Yung 莫麗蓉     F RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
1084 Mok, Franco Yiu Fai 莫耀輝      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2003
RepRepresentative  31-Mar-2004  31-Jul-2009
1085 Mok, Ka Sing 莫家聲      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1086 Mok, Rodger Siou Min 莫小民      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  5-Aug-2009
1087 Mok, Terry Pui Yin 莫沛然      RepRepresentative  20-Jan-2006  20-Oct-2010
1088 Mok, Yee Man 莫綺雯      RepRepresentative  24-Apr-2006  31-Jul-2009
1089 Mok, Yin Fei 莫燕飛      RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  9-Nov-2010
1090 Mui, Clarence Wai Keung 梅偉強      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1091 Mun, Kwai Fong 文桂芳      RepRepresentative    25-Oct-2003
1092 Ng, Agnes Yun Wah 吳潤華     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1093 Ng, Andrey So Wo 吳素和      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2004  5-Aug-2009
1094 Ng, Anthony Wai Chung 吳偉聰     M RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2007  28-May-2011
1095 Ng, Bondy Kwok Pong 吳國邦      RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  1-Mar-2004
1096 Ng, Chi Kin 吳志堅      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1097 Ng, Chi Kuen 吳志權      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  24-Jul-2009
1098 Ng, Chi Shing (SFC:AGL992) 伍志成      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1099 Ng, Chi Shing (SFC:ANF149) 吳志勝      RepRepresentative  15-May-2006  15-Jun-2009
1100 Ng, Christina Sau Ha 吳秀霞     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1101 Ng, Christine Pui Yan 吳佩恩     F RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  8-Jun-2009
1102 Ng, Chung Yin (SFC:ANS040) 吳忠賢      RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  24-Jun-2009
1103 Ng, Eda Yee Tak 吳以德      RepRepresentative  26-May-2006  1-Oct-2006
1104 Ng, Francis Yiu Chung 伍耀忠     M RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
RepRepresentative  23-Jul-2004  31-Jul-2009
1105 Ng, Ivan Yun Tong 吳潤鏜     M RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
1106 Ng, Jeanny Hang Ching 吳杏楨      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  31-Jul-2009
1107 Ng, John Yiu Chung 吳耀宗     M RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1108 Ng, Ka Lai (SFC:AGI121) 吳家麗      RepRepresentative    4-Feb-2008
1109 Ng, Ka Lun 吳家倫      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
1110 Ng, Kan Ching 吳鑑清      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
1111 Ng, Kin Man (SFC:AGF131) 吳健雯      RepRepresentative    1-May-2008
1112 Ng, Kwan Shing 吳君勝      RepRepresentative  27-Nov-2006  31-Jul-2009
1113 Ng, Kwok Kwan (SFC:ANT555) 吳國焜      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  6-Aug-2009
1114 Ng, Lai Fong (SFC:ALZ550) 吳麗芳      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  6-Aug-2009
1115 Ng, Lily Li Li 吳莉莉     F RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1116 Ng, May Lun 伍美麟     F RepRepresentative    8-Jan-2006
1117 Ng, Mei Ying 吳美英      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1118 Ng, Pat Ka Yan 吳嘉欣      RepRepresentative  2-Dec-2005  1-Jun-2008
1119 Ng, Ping Chi 吳冰芝      RepRepresentative    19-Oct-2010
1120 Ng, Pui Yi 吳貝怡      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1121 Ng, Qun Wink Oona 吳君咏      RepRepresentative  14-Jun-2006  8-Jun-2009
1122 Ng, Sau Lin (SFC:AFZ204) 吳秀蓮      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1123 Ng, Shan Hung 吳珊紅      RepRepresentative  17-Jul-2006  31-Jul-2009
1124 Ng, Shirley Yin Yee 吳燕儀     F RepRepresentative  19-Sep-2003  17-Aug-2005
1125 Ng, Shiu Ki (SFC:AGO482) 吳兆基      RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  5-Aug-2009
1126 Ng, Shui Kiu 吳瑞嬌      RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  16-Jul-2009
1127 Ng, Siu Chun (SFC:AGQ538) 吳少珍      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  31-Jul-2009
1128 Ng, Siu Wai (SFC:AGJ696) 吳小慧      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1129 Ng, Siu Wai (SFC:AGO261) 吳少偉      RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  12-Sep-2007
1130 Ng, Siu Ying 伍笑英      RepRepresentative    14-Jan-2005
1131 Ng, Susanna Mee Yu 吳美如     F RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1132 Ng, Susanna Yeuk Shan 吳若珊     F RepRepresentative    19-Dec-2006
1133 Ng, Wai Man (SFC:AFQ268) 吳慧敏      RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  16-Jul-2009
1134 Ng, Wan Fung 伍雲鋒      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  18-Nov-2008
1135 Ng, Wendy Wai Ting 吳蔚婷     F RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2005  27-Oct-2010
1136 Ng, Wing Hung (SFC:AGA821) 伍詠紅      RepRepresentative    1-Feb-2006
1137 Ng, Yee Kin 吳義眷      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  31-Jul-2009
1138 Ng, Yi Ching 伍綺清      RepRepresentative  29-Mar-2005  1-May-2009
1139 Ng, Yin King 吳燕瓊      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
1140 Ng, Yin Ping 吳燕萍      RepRepresentative  27-Aug-2004  31-Jul-2009
1141 Ng, Yiu Fai (SFC:AME916) 吳耀輝      RepRepresentative  8-Sep-2005  2-Jul-2009
1142 Ng, Yu Sing 伍宇承      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  24-Jul-2009
1143 Ng, Yue Wo 吳裕和      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2004  31-Jul-2009
1144 Ng, Yuet Fong 吳月芳      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  1-Jan-2008
1145 Ng, Yun Wa 伍潤華      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1146 Ngai, Keily Kei Heung 倪奇香      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1147 Ngan, Chun Wah 顏振華      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  20-Nov-2007
1148 Ngan, Yuk Chun 顏玉珍      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  6-Aug-2009
1149 Ngo Chui, Teresa Shun Ying 敖徐珊瑛     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1150 Nguyen, Patrick Gia Vinh 阮家榮     M RepRepresentative  25-Oct-2004  8-May-2007
1151 Nip, Ardiles Tak Cheung 聶德祥      RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
1152 Or, Chi Wah 柯志華      RepRepresentative    21-Apr-2004
1153 Or, Stella Ming Wah 柯明華     F RepRepresentative  13-May-2005  8-Sep-2005
1154 Pak, Philip Po Wan 白寶雲     M RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1155 Pang, Ching Ho 彭正河      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1156 Pang, Chong Yip 彭創業      RepRepresentative  8-Sep-2006  26-Jun-2009
1157 Pang, Ho Leung 彭浩樑      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1158 Pang, Hoi Yan 彭凱茵      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  15-Apr-2011
1159 Pang, Hoson Ho Shing 彭可勝      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1160 Pang, Hua 龐華      RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2007  15-May-2009
1161 Pang, Pui Kwong 彭沛光      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Dec-2005
1162 Pang, Tak Chuen 彭德泉      RepRepresentative    16-Dec-2003
1163 Pang, Ting Kwok 彭定國      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  31-Jul-2009
1164 Pei, Shing Keung 畢承強      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  15-Apr-2011
1165 Po, Sai King 布細琼      RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2005  24-Jul-2009
1166 Pong, Sau Kwok 逄守國      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  1-Jul-2006
1167 Poon, Cheung On 潘祥安      RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  31-Jul-2009
1168 Poon, Choi Fung 潘彩鳳      RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  6-Aug-2009
1169 Poon, Cindy Ching Yee 潘清儀     F RepRepresentative    22-Oct-2003
1170 Poon, Eric Wai Ming 潘偉明     M RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1171 Poon, Kin Hang 潘健恆      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1172 Poon, Mei Shan 潘美珊      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1173 Poon, Paul Kin Sang 潘建生     M RepRepresentative  1-Nov-2005  10-Jan-2011
1174 Poon, Rebecca Chit 潘喆     F RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  9-May-2008
1175 Poon, Shing Cheung 潘盛祥      RepRepresentative  19-Jul-2006  4-Aug-2009
1176 Poon, Stephen Chi Hang 潘志恆     M RepRepresentative  13-Dec-2005  13-Jan-2011
1177 Poon, Ting Wo 潘定和      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2003  20-Sep-2005
1178 Poon, Wai Lan 潘惠蘭      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1179 Poon, Wai Sze 潘慧思      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  2-Aug-2007
1180 Poon, Wing Sze 潘穎詩      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  8-Jun-2009
1181 Poon, Yau Leung 潘友良      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1182 Pun, Elaine Yi Ling 潘苡玲     F RepRepresentative    29-Nov-2010
1183 Pun, Sze Wa 潘思樺      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1184 Sea, Wai Ming 史惠明      RepRepresentative  31-Jul-2006  15-Apr-2011
1185 Sew, Kim Ching 邵劍青      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2006  26-Jun-2009
1186 Shea, Chung Wai 佘琮偉      RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2005  1-Jan-2007
1187 Shek, Andrew Hin Tak 石顯德     M RepRepresentative  21-Oct-2003  1-Dec-2006
1188 Shin, Ka Man 單嘉敏      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Feb-2008
1189 Shiu, Dilys Yeuk Kwai 邵若逵      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  18-Nov-2008
1190 Shiu, Simon Hing Kuen 蕭慶權     M RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  20-Oct-2010
1191 Shum, Alex Kei Hoi 岑旗開      RepRepresentative  21-Oct-2004  15-Apr-2011
1192 Shum, Chi Chung 岑嗣宗   40  M RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  8-Feb-2007
1193 Shum, Dick Siu Kai 岑紹佳      RepRepresentative  26-May-2006  16-May-2008
1194 Shum, Eric Chun Wah 沈振華     M RepRepresentative  31-Aug-2006  5-Aug-2009
1195 Shum, Janet Wing Sze 沈詠詩     F RepRepresentative  30-Dec-2005  1-Feb-2007
1196 Shum, Lai 沈勵      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  15-Jun-2009
1197 Shum, Maggie Wai Har 沈惠霞     F RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2005  4-Aug-2009
1198 Shum, Tim Chung 岑添松     M RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  1-Feb-2007
1199 Shum, Winnie Ngo Sheung 岑傲霜     F RepRepresentative  6-Jan-2004  27-Mar-2010
1200 Sim, Wing Keung 沈永強      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2005  10-Apr-2007
1201 Sin, Ching Fai 冼正輝      RepRepresentative    1-Aug-2003
RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  25-Apr-2007
1202 Sin, Chiu Ming 冼超明      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
1203 Siu, Bernard Shing Chi 蕭承智     M RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2003
1204 Siu, Chi Ming (SFC:AGO114) 蕭子明      RepRepresentative    24-Jan-2011
1205 Siu, Hazel Lai Ming 蕭麗明      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
1206 Siu, K K Yiu Sing 蕭堯升      RepRepresentative    20-Jul-2003
1207 Siu, Ka Ying 蕭嘉盈      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1208 Siu, Kit Wah 蕭傑華      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1209 Siu, Koon Ming 蕭貫鳴      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2004  1-Jan-2009
1210 Siu, Kwok Wai 蕭國偉      RepRepresentative  15-May-2006  31-Jul-2009
1211 Siu, Lok Hing 蕭樂興      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  24-Jul-2009
1212 Siu, Man Fai 蕭文輝      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  8-Jun-2009
1213 Siu, Shirley Wai Ching 蕭慧晶     F RepRepresentative  17-Sep-2007  16-Jul-2009
1214 Siu, Wing Chui 蕭永趣      RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  6-Aug-2009
1215 So, Amy Siu Yin 蘇小燕     F RepRepresentative    19-Dec-2008
1216 So, Bik Chu 蘇碧珠      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
1217 So, Caroline Pik Shoon 蘇碧璇     F RepRepresentative    19-Oct-2010
1218 So, Cheung Tak 蘇章德      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  28-Sep-2010
1219 So, Cheung 蘇翔      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2003
1220 So, Chi Ming (SFC:AHM762) 蘇志明      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1221 So, Chu Wang 蘇柱宏      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1222 So, Hon Fat 蘇漢發      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
1223 So, Janet Tze Chun 蘇子珍     F RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1224 So, Kam Piu 蘇鑑標      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  31-Jul-2009
1225 So, Kwan Hung 蘇焜鴻      RepRepresentative  21-Jan-2005  22-Nov-2008
1226 So, Lai Fong (SFC:AGN946) 蘇麗芳      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1227 So, Lai Yu 蘇麗如      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
1228 So, Mei Ching 蘇美貞      RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  28-Oct-2010
1229 So, Pui Yiu 蘇佩瑤      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2004  10-Jul-2009
1230 So, Renee Wan Yee 蘇韻怡     F RepRepresentative    26-Feb-2010
1231 So, Shirley Yee Man 蘇綺雯     F RepRepresentative  18-Mar-2006  10-Jul-2009
1232 So, Siu Wai (SFC:ANR005) 蘇小惠      RepRepresentative  29-Aug-2006  1-Nov-2008
1233 So, Teresa Yuen May 蘇婉薇     F RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1234 So, Wai Ki 蘇偉琪      RepRepresentative  1-Dec-2005  8-Jun-2009
1235 So, Yuen Wa 蘇婉華      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1236 Sue, Sau Kam 蕭秀琴      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2005  10-Jul-2009
1237 Suen, Chiu Shing 孫釗勝      RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2006  1-Mar-2007
1238 Suen, Kwok Hung 孫國雄      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1239 Suen, Mary Woon Ling 孫煥玲     F RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
1240 Sultana, Feroz       RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1241 Sultana, Mazhar 張瑪莎      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
1242 Sum, Kin Tung 沈建東      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  29-Oct-2010
1243 Sum, Pui Wah 沈培華      RepRepresentative  20-Sep-2004  18-Nov-2004
1244 Sun, Gloria 孫詩薇      RepRepresentative  31-Oct-2005  30-Apr-2007
1245 Sun, Kwing Sum (SFC:AHI798) 孫烱森      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2003
1246 Sun, Thomas Kwun Tak (SFC:AIP202) 孫烱德     M RepRepresentative  21-May-2003  5-Jun-2009
1247 Sun, Wai Man 孫慧敏      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  26-Jun-2009
1248 Sung, Man Yee 宋敏儀      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1249 Sung, Ming Shui 宋明瑞      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1250 Sy, Yung Kin 施勇健      RepRepresentative  24-Dec-2003  8-Jul-2004
1251 Sze, Eddy Man Lee 施文利     M RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2005  14-Feb-2009
1252 Szeto, Danny Tung 司徒東      RepRepresentative  10-Jan-2005  1-Oct-2007
1253 Szeto, Terence Kwok Wah 司徒國華     M RepRepresentative    22-May-2003
RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  6-Aug-2009
1254 Szeto, Yim Li 司徒艷離      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
1255 Tai, Connie Kam Har 戴金霞     F RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1256 Tai, Duncan Hung Yu 戴鴻瑜     M RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  12-Apr-2007
1257 Tai, Julie Kwai Chun 戴桂珍     F RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  9-Jul-2008
1258 Tai, Loretta Lai Nor 戴麗娜     F RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  28-Jun-2007
1259 Tai, Miu Ah 戴妙雅      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1260 Tam, Agatha King Tung 譚景僮      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1261 Tam, Chung Yin (SFC:AGO539) 譚仲賢      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
1262 Tam, Climentina Chui May 譚翠薇      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1263 Tam, Dickson Chun Wai 譚振威     M RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
1264 Tam, Eunice Yuen Ling 譚婉玲      RepRepresentative    21-Oct-2003
1265 Tam, Hau Ming 譚校明      RepRepresentative  6-May-2006  25-Jun-2007
1266 Tam, Kerrie Shun Kit 譚順潔      RepRepresentative    2-Jan-2011
1267 Tam, Kin Shun 譚堅信      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  15-Apr-2011
1268 Tam, Kit Man 譚傑文      RepRepresentative  17-Mar-2005  13-Jun-2007
1269 Tam, Kit Yan 譚潔茵      RepRepresentative  25-Apr-2006  24-Jul-2009
1270 Tam, Kuby Mei Wan 譚美雲      RepRepresentative  4-Nov-2004  16-Jul-2009
1271 Tam, Kwong Mei 譚光媚      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1272 Tam, Leun Alan 譚論      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Nov-2006
1273 Tam, Lily Yun Tung 譚閏桐     F RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
1274 Tam, Man Chi (SFC:AGO380) 譚文智      RepRepresentative    22-Oct-2003
RepRepresentative  14-Sep-2004  5-Aug-2009
1275 Tam, Mei Yin 譚美燕      RepRepresentative    14-Jan-2005
1276 Tam, Mirinda Yuk Ying 譚玉英      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1277 Tam, Ngan Ying 譚雁影      RepRepresentative    29-May-2003
RepRepresentative  10-May-2004  10-Jan-2011
1278 Tam, Pui Shan 談佩珊      RepRepresentative    9-Dec-2009
1279 Tam, Rebecca Wing Sze 譚穎思     F RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2003  7-Aug-2008
1280 Tam, Sze Ki 譚思棋      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1281 Tam, Trina Kwan Sinn 譚筠倩      RepRepresentative    11-Apr-2005
1282 Tam, Yuen Wah (SFC:AEM907) 譚婉華      RepRepresentative    4-Mar-2009
1283 Tan, Siew Kim       RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2007  15-Aug-2008
1284 Tang, Alan Wing Keung 鄧永強     M RepRepresentative  31-Jul-2006  8-Jun-2009
1285 Tang, Alice Lui 鄧蕾     F RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  20-Jul-2009
1286 Tang, Anthony Chi Wai 鄧志偉     M RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  16-Jul-2009
1287 Tang, Cho Shing 鄧祖盛      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
1288 Tang, Choe Mui 鄧賽梅      RepRepresentative  9-May-2006  12-Sep-2008
1289 Tang, Chu Shing 鄧柱盛      RepRepresentative    18-Jun-2004
1290 Tang, Emily Kam Ping 鄧錦屏     F RepRepresentative  22-Jun-2006  23-Jun-2008
1291 Tang, Hau Lun 鄧孝麟      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  24-Jul-2009
1292 Tang, Hing Wai 鄧慶維      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  2-Jul-2009
1293 Tang, Kit Ching 鄧潔貞      RepRepresentative  20-Jun-2006  12-Sep-2008
1294 Tang, Kit Man 鄧潔雯      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  31-Jul-2009
1295 Tang, Kit Mui 鄧潔梅      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1296 Tang, Lintje Ling Ling 鄧玲玲      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1297 Tang, Paulina Yuen Ling 鄧婉玲     F RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
1298 Tang, Siu Fai (SFC:AGO489) 鄧少輝      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1299 Tang, Theresa Ying Ki 鄧英祺     F RepRepresentative  24-Jan-2007  2-Jul-2008
1300 Tang, Victor Kwong On 鄧廣安     M RepRepresentative  30-Jul-2004  7-Dec-2006
1301 Tang, Wendy Ka-Tong 鄧嘉棠     F RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  1-Dec-2007
1302 Tang, Wing Chung (SFC:AFG775) 鄧榮宗      RepRepresentative  14-Nov-2005  13-Apr-2007
1303 Tang, Winky Sze Tai 鄧仕娣      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1304 Tang, Yin Ching 鄧燕清      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2005  10-Jul-2009
1305 The, Hung Lai 戴紅麗      RepRepresentative  24-Dec-2003  7-May-2004
1306 Thien, Kok Keung 鄧國強      RepRepresentative  26-Oct-2004  31-Jul-2009
1307 Tien, Kelvin Yi Kin 田詒堅     M RepRepresentative  18-Mar-2006  1-Jul-2006
1308 Tin, Chan Kuan 田燦鈞      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  26-Jun-2009
1309 Tin, Oi Ping 田愛平      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2004  5-Aug-2009
1310 Ting, Kwok Tung 丁國棟      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1311 Tjok, Cybel-Genevieve Chui Wan 卓超韻      RepRepresentative  13-Apr-2004  1-Jan-2006
1312 Tjondro, Canice 鍾靈      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  6-Sep-2010
1313 To, Ping Shun 杜炳順      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1314 To, See Wai 杜思慧      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2007  14-Oct-2010
1315 To, Yi Kwan 杜依君      RepRepresentative  3-May-2005  10-Jun-2009
1316 Tong, Ching Man 唐靜雯      RepRepresentative  31-May-2007  9-Jun-2009
1317 Tong, Ivy Po Po 湯寶寶      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1318 Tong, Kwan Lim 湯鈞廉      RepRepresentative  29-Aug-2006  10-Jul-2009
1319 Tong, Miu Siu 唐妙笑      RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  31-Jul-2009
1320 Tong, Tai Yin 湯棣然      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  16-Jul-2009
1321 Tong, William Wai Kei 唐偉基     M RepRepresentative  14-Jan-2004  26-Jul-2008
1322 Tong, Yat Wah 湯日華      RepRepresentative  22-May-2006  31-Jul-2009
1323 Tong, Yin Ha 唐燕霞      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1324 Tsang, Ally Sau King 曾秀琼      RepRepresentative  16-Feb-2006  16-Jul-2008
1325 Tsang, Cheung Shing 曾祥誠      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1326 Tsang, Chi Ho (SFC:ALZ924) 曾志浩      RepRepresentative  22-Jul-2005  1-Oct-2006
1327 Tsang, Ching Chuen 曾清泉      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2004  10-Jul-2009
1328 Tsang, Chiu Chung 曾昭松      RepRepresentative    1-Mar-2006
1329 Tsang, Kar Yin 曾家賢      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
1330 Tsang, Kwok Wai (SFC:AFE697) 曾國偉      RepRepresentative  13-Jan-2006  14-Jan-2009
1331 Tsang, Lin Mei 曾蓮美      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1332 Tsang, Mei Ping 曾美萍      RepRepresentative  15-Jun-2004  27-Apr-2005
1333 Tsang, Patrick Tak Ming 曾德明     M RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2005  15-Jun-2009
1334 Tsang, Philip Ho Wai 曾浩為     M RepRepresentative  30-May-2006  1-Jun-2008
1335 Tsang, Pui Yee (SFC:ALF551) 曾佩兒      RepRepresentative  6-Oct-2004  9-Nov-2005
1336 Tsang, Robin Wai Sheung 曾維相      RepRepresentative  31-May-2005  26-Feb-2010
1337 Tsang, Shing Ying 曾成英      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1338 Tsang, Shuk Ping 曾淑萍      RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  1-Oct-2007
1339 Tsang, Stella Siu Ling 曾少玲     F RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1340 Tsang, Stephen Hing Wing 曾慶榮     M RepRepresentative    1-Feb-2008
1341 Tsang, Wai Kat 曾維吉      RepRepresentative  4-Mar-2006  6-Aug-2009
1342 Tsang, Wai Ping 曾慧萍      RepRepresentative  22-Aug-2005  15-Apr-2011
1343 Tsang, Wai Yin 曾慧燕      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2004  17-Nov-2010
1344 Tsang, Wing Sum 曾永森      RepRepresentative    31-Oct-2003
1345 Tsang, Yuk Lam 曾玉琳      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1346 Tsang, Yuk Lan 曾玉蘭      RepRepresentative    15-Sep-2008
1347 Tse, Bonnie Woon Han 謝媛嫻     F RepRepresentative    14-Oct-2003
1348 Tse, Cyrus Kin Man 謝健民     M RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2004  8-Jun-2009
1349 Tse, Daisy Mun Yee 謝敏儀     F RepRepresentative    22-Oct-2004
1350 Tse, Grace Siu Lan 謝小蘭     F RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1351 Tse, Irvin Tak Mong 謝德望      RepRepresentative  30-Nov-2005  9-Jun-2009
1352 Tse, Jessica Ching Man 謝靜雯     F RepRepresentative  27-Apr-2004  10-May-2005
1353 Tse, Jojo Pui Ching 謝佩清      RepRepresentative    1-Oct-2006
1354 Tse, Ka Lok (SFC:ANS076) 謝家樂      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  6-Aug-2009
1355 Tse, Luk Sun 謝錄新      RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  31-Jul-2009
1356 Tse, Martin Kwok Wing 謝國榮     M RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1357 Tse, Rajo So Lan 謝素蘭      RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  11-Apr-2005
1358 Tse, Siu Hung 謝少紅      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
RepRepresentative  3-Nov-2005  1-Apr-2008
1359 Tse, Stephen Wai Leung 謝偉良     M RepRepresentative  26-Oct-2004  28-Sep-2010
1360 Tse, Tammy Yan Wing 謝欣穎     F RepRepresentative  2-Dec-2005  1-Feb-2008
1361 Tsoi, Ching Pon 蔡靖邦      RepRepresentative  3-May-2005  5-Jun-2009
1362 Tsoi, Chun Chu 蔡真珠      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2003  31-Jul-2009
1363 Tsoi, Lit Man 蔡烈敏      RepRepresentative  22-May-2006  10-Jul-2009
1364 Tsui, Chi Keung 徐志強      RepRepresentative  2-Aug-2005  4-Aug-2009
1365 Tsui, Jennifer Siu Man 徐小敏     F RepRepresentative  19-May-2004  26-Jun-2009
1366 Tsui, Jennifer Tao Lei 徐道莉     F RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2007  1-May-2008
1367 Tsui, Joseph Yun Pui 徐潤培     M RepRepresentative  28-Mar-2006  8-Nov-2010
1368 Tsui, Kit Ling 徐潔玲      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  24-Jul-2009
1369 Tsun, Patrick Pong 秦邦     M RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  24-Jul-2009
1370 Tung, Hiu Chung 童曉忠      RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2006  28-Feb-2008
1371 Tung, Tung Shing 董東勝      RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2006  22-Dec-2006
1372 Uy, Arlyne Belinda Co      F RepRepresentative  1-Aug-2005  1-Aug-2008
1373 Voon, Hing Wah 溫慶華      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  1-Nov-2008
1374 Wai, Mei Ling 韋美玲      RepRepresentative    28-May-2003
RepRepresentative  11-Mar-2004  24-Jul-2009
1375 Wai, Sophia Siu Chin 衛小芊     F RepRepresentative    11-Feb-2011
1376 Wan, Andy Wai Cheung 尹偉祥      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1377 Wan, Anton Chun Keung 溫俊強      RepRepresentative  24-Nov-2004  10-Jul-2009
1378 Wan, Ferrick Wing Fai 尹榮輝      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1379 Wan, Kenny 尹建銘     M RepRepresentative  20-May-2004  9-May-2006
1380 Wan, Lai Ha 溫麗霞      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1381 Wan, Mei Wa 溫美華      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  15-Apr-2011
1382 Wan, Mei Yuk 溫美玉      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1383 Wan, Raymond Siu Wa 溫少華     M RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  15-Nov-2007
1384 Wan, Vicky Siu Ling 尹小玲     F RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1385 Wan, Yan Kit 尹潤潔      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  16-Jul-2009
1386 Wan, Yiu Cho 尹耀祖      RepRepresentative  30-Nov-2005  10-Jul-2009
1387 Wang, Fang (SFC:ANR635) 王放      RepRepresentative  31-Aug-2006  5-Jun-2009
1388 Wang, Qiao Lin 王巧林      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2004  31-Jul-2009
1389 Wang, Yu Huan 王玉環      RepRepresentative    23-Oct-2007
1390 Watt, Charles Chi Kai 屈志楷     M RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1391 Wee, Yan Hann       RepRepresentative  12-Nov-2007  25-Mar-2008
1392 Whang, Chin Heng 黃千恒      RepRepresentative  17-Mar-2006  6-Aug-2009
1393 Wo, Chi Wing 胡志榮      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1394 Wong, Ada Pik Yiu 黃碧瑤     F RepRepresentative  25-May-2006  24-Jul-2009
1395 Wong, Ah Hung 黃亞紅      RepRepresentative    19-Oct-2010
1396 Wong, Alfred Hoi Fam 黃海帆     M RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1397 Wong, Amy Yuet Mui 黃月梅     F RepRepresentative  15-Jun-2006  20-Oct-2010
1398 Wong, Andrew Tai On 王泰安     M RepRepresentative  9-Jan-2008  1-May-2009
1399 Wong, Anthony Liong Bow 王良寶     M RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1400 Wong, Arnold Chun Lam 黃俊霖      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1401 Wong, Arthur Man Ho 王文灝     M RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  2-Jul-2009
1402 Wong, Carrie Lai Ching 黃麗貞      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1403 Wong, Chi Fai (SFC:AMW566) 黃志輝      RepRepresentative  25-Jan-2006  1-Feb-2008
1404 Wong, Chi Hong 黃智航      RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2006  26-Jul-2008
1405 Wong, Chi Leung (SFC:ALB208) 黃志良      RepRepresentative  30-Sep-2004  14-Jun-2007
1406 Wong, Chi Shing (SFC:AMS805) 黃智城      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2005  31-Jul-2009
1407 Wong, Chi Wah (SFC:AGN947) 黃志華      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1408 Wong, Ching Yu 王貞如      RepRepresentative  16-Jun-2005  26-Jun-2009
1409 Wong, Chun Bon 王振邦      RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2003
1410 Wong, Chun Kwai 黃進貴      RepRepresentative  3-Dec-2004  19-Jun-2006
1411 Wong, Chun Mui 黃珍梅      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1412 Wong, Chung Po 王中寶      RepRepresentative  25-May-2005  26-Jun-2009
1413 Wong, Daniel Ching Hong 黃正康     M RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  1-Jun-2006
1414 Wong, Dany Yin Tak 黃賢德      RepRepresentative  18-Jan-2005  1-Dec-2005
1415 Wong, Derrick Chiu Ming 黃釗明     M RepRepresentative  15-Oct-2004  28-Sep-2010
1416 Wong, Doris Poi Dor 黃蓓多      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  16-Jul-2009
1417 Wong, Dorothy Suet Ting 黃雪婷     F RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  8-Jun-2009
1418 Wong, Edward Tak Wa 王德華     M RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  9-Aug-2005
1419 Wong, Ellas Suk Yin 黃淑賢      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1420 Wong, Ellen Sin Ying 王善瑩     F RepRepresentative    23-Jun-2004
1421 Wong, Erica Sing 黃星     F RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
1422 Wong, Francis Wai Ping 王偉平     M RepRepresentative  15-Aug-2005  10-Jan-2011
1423 Wong, Frazer Hing Hing 王慶馨      RepRepresentative    12-Sep-2008
1424 Wong, Gillian Sau Ping 黃秀冰     F RepRepresentative  17-Nov-2004  1-Oct-2006
1425 Wong, Hang Yi 黃倖兒      RepRepresentative  25-May-2005  1-Jul-2006
1426 Wong, Hau Yin 黃巧賢      RepRepresentative  9-Dec-2006  16-Jul-2009
1427 Wong, Henry Sei Yan 黃思恩     M RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1428 Wong, Hin Ning 黃顯寧      RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  10-Jan-2011
1429 Wong, Hin Tseung 黃顯翔      RepRepresentative  27-Apr-2004  1-Oct-2006
1430 Wong, Hiu Wan 王曉雲      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  31-Jul-2009
1431 Wong, Ho Yee 黃可宜      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  16-Jul-2009
1432 Wong, Hobart 黃仲豪      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  5-Aug-2009
1433 Wong, Hoi Man (SFC:AGO016) 黃海民      RepRepresentative    20-Nov-2003
1434 Wong, Hok Ting 王鶴庭      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1435 Wong, Hon Kuen 黃漢權      RepRepresentative  26-Oct-2004  31-Jul-2009
1436 Wong, Hon Man (SFC:ALR856) 王漢文      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  12-Aug-2008
1437 Wong, Jenny Meyers Ching Man 黃清敏     F RepRepresentative    7-Feb-2009
1438 Wong, Judy Lai Kwan 黃麗群     F RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1439 Wong, Julia Pui King 黃佩琼      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1440 Wong, Julisa Lai Yee 黃麗兒      RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
1441 Wong, Ka Man (SFC:AOG858) 黃嘉敏      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  15-Apr-2011
1442 Wong, Ka Yee (SFC:AFP344) 王嘉儀      RepRepresentative  7-Jul-2005  26-Jun-2009
1443 Wong, Kai Kin 黃啟堅      RepRepresentative  23-Jul-2004  24-Jul-2009
1444 Wong, Kam Fan 黃錦芬      RepRepresentative    6-Jun-2004
1445 Wong, Kam Hung (SFC:ALG023) 黃金雄      RepRepresentative  14-Oct-2004  25-Jan-2009
1446 Wong, Kam Shim 黃金嬋      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1447 Wong, Kam Wan 王錦雲      RepRepresentative  25-May-2005  2-Jul-2009
1448 Wong, Kenneth Bing Him 黃秉謙     M RepRepresentative  24-Aug-2005  6-Aug-2009
1449 Wong, Kenneth Ming Kin 黃明健     M RepRepresentative    1-Dec-2005
1450 Wong, Kin Man (SFC:AGQ153) 黃健文      RepRepresentative  26-Jan-2005  25-Jun-2006
1451 Wong, Kin Sang 汪建生      RepRepresentative    10-May-2005
1452 Wong, Kit Mei (SFC:AGO596) 黃潔美      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  24-Jul-2009
1453 Wong, Kiu Yau 黃嬌有      RepRepresentative  15-Jun-2004  11-Jun-2009
1454 Wong, Kwai Lan 黃桂蘭      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2004  24-Jul-2009
1455 Wong, Kwing Fai 黃烱輝      RepRepresentative  25-Nov-2004  5-Aug-2009
1456 Wong, Kwok Chu (SFC:AGM951) 黃國柱      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2003
1457 Wong, Kwok Hung (SFC:AEY470) 黃國雄      RepRepresentative    15-Jun-2009
1458 Wong, Kwok Ming (SFC:AGK295) 黃國明      RepRepresentative    24-Apr-2003
RepRepresentative  28-May-2004  8-Jun-2009
1459 Wong, Kwok Wan 黃國魂      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1460 Wong, Lai Ching (SFC:AMT882) 黃黎清      RepRepresentative  11-Jan-2006  27-Jan-2009
1461 Wong, Lai Shan 黃麗珊      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1462 Wong, Louis Shun Hung 黃順鴻     M RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1463 Wong, Man Ching (SFC:ALS370) 黃文貞      RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2005  8-Jun-2009
1464 Wong, Man Chun (SFC:AFZ149) 黃曼珍      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1465 Wong, Man Ho (SFC:AMB220) 黃文浩      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  8-Jun-2009
1466 Wong, Man Yee (SFC:AMQ485) 黃敏兒      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2005  8-Jun-2009
1467 Wong, Mandy Yuk Ling 黃玉玲     F RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
1468 Wong, Maranda Sau King 王秀琼      RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2003
RepRepresentative  25-Apr-2006  9-Jun-2009
1469 Wong, Margaret Ka Po 黃家寶     F RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2006  8-Jun-2009
1470 Wong, Margaret Siu Man 黃小敏     F RepRepresentative  1-Sep-2004  15-Apr-2011
1471 Wong, Masie Mei Kwan 黃美群      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  6-Aug-2009
1472 Wong, Mavis Miu Sheung 黃妙常     F RepRepresentative    20-Oct-2010
1473 Wong, May Man Chong 王文莊     F RepRepresentative  3-Dec-2004  4-Aug-2009
1474 Wong, May Sau Yu 王秀如     F RepRepresentative  13-Nov-2003  1-Dec-2007
1475 Wong, Mei Kuen 黃美娟      RepRepresentative  24-May-2006  6-Aug-2009
1476 Wong, Metina Pik Shan 黃碧珊      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1477 Wong, Michell Oi Yee 黃靄兒      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1478 Wong, Ming Shum 黃明深      RepRepresentative  3-May-2005  22-Jul-2006
1479 Wong, Mo Chi 黃慕姿      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  31-Jul-2009
1480 Wong, Mun Wa 黃滿華      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1481 Wong, Neville Chi Leung 王志良     M RepRepresentative  12-Aug-2004  11-Apr-2005
1482 Wong, Otta Kim Fan 黃劍芬      RepRepresentative    22-Sep-2003
1483 Wong, Pauline Po Ling (SFC:ALU955) 黃寶玲     F RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  31-Jul-2009
1484 Wong, Pecky So Ping 王素萍      RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
1485 Wong, Po Wa 黃保華      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1486 Wong, Pollyanna Lai Shan 黃麗珊      RepRepresentative    5-Dec-2003
1487 Wong, Pui Han 黃佩嫻      RepRepresentative  10-Feb-2006  1-Mar-2009
1488 Wong, Raymond King Kwok 黃經國   67  M RepRepresentative    19-Oct-2010
1489 Wong, Raymond Sai On 黃世安     M RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  16-Jul-2009
1490 Wong, Rebecca Lai Ming 黃麗銘     F RepRepresentative  11-May-2004  26-Jun-2009
1491 Wong, Red Wai Sum 黃偉森      RepRepresentative    30-Sep-2010
1492 Wong, Renee Lai Ming 黃麗明     F RepRepresentative  19-Dec-2005  1-Apr-2009
1493 Wong, Rita (SFC:AFY991) 黃菊芬      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1494 Wong, Sai Man 黃細文      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1495 Wong, Sander King Sing 王景星      RepRepresentative    30-Jun-2003
1496 Wong, Sau King 黃秀琼      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  1-Feb-2008
1497 Wong, Sau Man (SFC:ALY638) 黃秀文      RepRepresentative  28-Jun-2006  1-Mar-2008
1498 Wong, Sau Ting 黃秀婷      RepRepresentative  29-Dec-2004  8-Jun-2009
1499 Wong, Shirley Shing Kit 黃成潔     F RepRepresentative  22-Aug-2007  22-Aug-2008
1500 Wong, Shirley Shiu Wah 王韶華     F RepRepresentative  25-Jan-2006  1-May-2009
1501 Wong, Shiu Yee 黃少儀      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1502 Wong, Shu Ngar 黃舒雅      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1503 Wong, Simon Mei Keung 王美強     M RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2005  5-Aug-2009
1504 Wong, Simon Siu Ming 黃兆明     M RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1505 Wong, Siu Lan 王小蘭      RepRepresentative  6-May-2006  16-Jul-2009
1506 Wong, Siu Lin 黃筱蓮      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1507 Wong, Siu Man (SFC:AFM909) 黃紹文      RepRepresentative    22-Sep-2003
1508 Wong, Siu Mei (SFC:AFZ147) 黃笑薇      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1509 Wong, Siu Yung (SFC:AGN990) 黃少容      RepRepresentative    18-Jul-2003
1510 Wong, So Lin 黃素蓮      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  20-Oct-2010
1511 Wong, Soo Kuk 王素菊      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1512 Wong, Sui Man 黃瑞文      RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2005  1-Mar-2006
1513 Wong, Suk Fan 王淑芬      RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
1514 Wong, Suk Yee (SFC:AFY573) 黃淑儀      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1515 Wong, Tak Sing 王德星      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  1-Feb-2007
1516 Wong, Tsui Fa 黃翠花      RepRepresentative  29-Aug-2006  1-Sep-2007
1517 Wong, Tung Ling 黃冬寧      RepRepresentative  25-Nov-2004  31-Jul-2009
1518 Wong, Twiggy Tsui Chi 黃翠芝      RepRepresentative  15-May-2006  18-Oct-2007
1519 Wong, Wai Ching (SFC:AFQ267) 黃慧貞      RepRepresentative    11-Jun-2009
1520 Wong, Wai Choy 黃偉財      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1521 Wong, Wai Chu (SFC:AGO597) 黃慧珠      RepRepresentative    1-Aug-2008
1522 Wong, Wai Kwong (SFC:AGG024) 黃偉光      RepRepresentative  23-Nov-2004  8-Jan-2009
1523 Wong, Wai Kwong (SFC:AGM952) 黃偉光      RepRepresentative    17-Nov-2010
1524 Wong, Wai Man (SFC:AJJ168) 黃偉文      RepRepresentative  12-Mar-2004  1-Feb-2007
1525 Wong, Wai Suen 黃偉旋      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1526 Wong, Wai Tak 黃維德      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2005
1527 Wong, Wai Yee (SFC:AGQ426) 黃慧兒      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  15-Apr-2011
1528 Wong, Wai Yin (SFC:ALQ670) 黃偉賢      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  1-Jun-2008
1529 Wong, Wang Ho 王弘灝      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2003
RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  1-Feb-2008
1530 Wong, Wilson Wai Shuen 王瑋璇     M RepRepresentative    22-Oct-2003
1531 Wong, Wing Hong (SFC:AMR706) 黃永康      RepRepresentative  16-Dec-2005  3-Apr-2007
1532 Wong, Wing Keung 黃永強      RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  31-Jul-2009
1533 Wong, Wing Lam (SFC:AGO103) 黃詠霖      RepRepresentative    29-Nov-2010
1534 Wong, Wing Man (SFC:AGO438) 黃詠敏      RepRepresentative    9-Oct-2004
1535 Wong, Wing Man (SFC:AQM304) 黃永雯      RepRepresentative  11-Feb-2008  30-Apr-2008
1536 Wong, Winnie Kim Man 黃劍文     F RepRepresentative    13-Oct-2010
1537 Wong, Yat Choy 黃溢財      RepRepresentative    1-May-2003
1538 Wong, Yau Foon 黃有歡      RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  31-Jul-2009
1539 Wong, Yau Tin 黃有天      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1540 Wong, Yee Po 王義寶      RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2005  24-Jul-2009
1541 Wong, Ying On 黃瑩安      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  16-Jul-2009
1542 Wong, Ying Wai (SFC:AGO718) 黃英蕙      RepRepresentative    1-May-2006
1543 Wong, Yirk Mui 黃若梅      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  20-Jul-2006
1544 Wong, Yiu Fai (SFC:AGA816) 黃耀輝      RepRepresentative    10-Mar-2005
1545 Wong, Yiu Man (SFC:APJ684) 黃耀文      RepRepresentative  8-Aug-2007  8-Aug-2008
1546 Wong, Yuen Ching (SFC:AML319) 黃婉貞      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  17-Jan-2009
1547 Wong, Yuen Yee (SFC:AFY095) 黃婉兒      RepRepresentative    25-Dec-2003
RepRepresentative  3-Aug-2004  8-Jun-2009
1548 Wong, Yuet Ching 黃乙晴      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
1549 Wong, Yuk Fong (SFC:AFT633) 黃玉芳      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1550 Wong, Yuk Lee 黃沃禮      RepRepresentative  4-Nov-2005  31-Jul-2009
1551 Wong, Yuk Wan 王玉雲      RepRepresentative    17-Oct-2003
1552 Woo, Jacky King Tin 胡景天      RepRepresentative  24-Jul-2006  15-Apr-2011
1553 Woo, Kam Hung 胡錦雄      RepRepresentative  17-Jul-2006  27-Oct-2010
1554 Wu, Chung Fai 鄔仲輝      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  14-Jan-2009
1555 Wu, Danny Chung Wai 胡仲偉      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
1556 Wu, Helen Shu Suan 吳姝璇     F RepRepresentative    1-May-2006
1557 Wu, Oi Kei 胡靄淇      RepRepresentative    17-Jan-2008
1558 Wu, Oi Ngan 胡藹顏      RepRepresentative    1-Aug-2006
RepRepresentative  4-Dec-2006  16-Jul-2009
1559 Wu, Sai Hung 胡世雄      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1560 Wu, Sheila Lai Fong 胡麗芳     F RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1561 Wu, Sui Wa 胡瑞華      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1562 Wu, Wai Ming 胡惠明      RepRepresentative  8-Jun-2006  16-Jul-2009
1563 Wu, Wan Yu 吳婉瑜      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  15-Apr-2011
1564 Wu, Yim Ling 胡艷玲      RepRepresentative  17-Jun-2005  16-Jul-2009
1565 Wu, Yuet Wah 胡月華      RepRepresentative  30-May-2006  6-Aug-2009
1566 Wu, Yun Man 胡潤文      RepRepresentative  5-Oct-2004  16-Jul-2009
1567 Wu, Yun Tai 胡潤泰      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1568 Wun, Timothy Kai Hong 尹啟康     M RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2005  6-Aug-2009
1569 Xie, Cuin Ling 謝翠玲      RepRepresentative    27-Oct-2010
1570 Yan, Conrad Wai Kit 甄偉傑     M RepRepresentative    29-Aug-2005
1571 Yan, Hoi Hung 殷海虹      RepRepresentative  23-Sep-2004  5-Aug-2009
1572 Yan, Johnny Tsz Tsung 甄子聰      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  16-Jul-2009
1573 Yan, Ka Ling 甄嘉玲      RepRepresentative    1-Feb-2006
1574 Yan, Peggy Sze Tung 甄偲同      RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  15-May-2010
1575 Yan, Sunny Yu Sing 甄宇成      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  14-Apr-2009
1576 Yang Yue, Gigi Nin Yen 楊俞年茵      RepRepresentative    20-Sep-2004
1577 Yang, Gary Tin Ki 楊天驥     M RepRepresentative  17-May-2005  10-Jul-2009
1578 Yang, Kenneth Patrick Yiu Leung 楊耀樑     M RepRepresentative  24-Sep-2004  15-Apr-2011
1579 Yau, Chun Fai (SFC:AFZ524) 邱振輝      RepRepresentative  21-Dec-2004  2-Jul-2009
1580 Yau, Cindy Ching Yee 邱靜儀     F RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1581 Yau, Kwai Hung 丘桂紅      RepRepresentative  4-Oct-2005  5-Aug-2009
1582 Yau, Lai Ngor 邱麗娥      RepRepresentative  20-Jan-2006  31-Jul-2009
1583 Yau, Man (SFC:AGL643) 邱敏      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
1584 Yau, Shi Kam 邱仕琴      RepRepresentative  26-Oct-2004  5-Aug-2009
1585 Yau, Wai Hoi 尤偉海      RepRepresentative  9-Aug-2005  1-Feb-2008
1586 Yau, Yuk Yan 邱育欣      RepRepresentative  20-Apr-2004  26-Jun-2009
1587 Yee, Darius Shing Kee 余承基     M RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1588 Yee, Pui Yuk 余佩玉      RepRepresentative    10-Jul-2009
1589 Yen, Chang-Hsien 顏章賢      RepRepresentative  8-Mar-2006  25-Apr-2007
1590 Yen, Teresa Yuk Yip 閻玉葉     F RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1591 Yeung, Abby Lai Fong 楊麗芳      RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2006  16-Jul-2009
1592 Yeung, Anita Yik Yin 楊易然     F RepRepresentative    16-Dec-2003
1593 Yeung, Chung Yin 楊仲賢      RepRepresentative  21-Apr-2006  16-Jul-2009
1594 Yeung, Daisy Wai Lam 楊惠琳     F RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  8-Jun-2009
1595 Yeung, Daphne Tin Yan 楊天恩      RepRepresentative  5-Aug-2005  27-Apr-2007
1596 Yeung, Desmond Lung Pong 楊能幫     M RepRepresentative  13-Jun-2006  8-Jun-2009
1597 Yeung, Frankie Wai Chung (aka Wai Shing) 楊偉忠 (aka 楊偉誠)     M RepRepresentative  12-Sep-2006  10-Jan-2011
1598 Yeung, Gary Wai Kie 楊偉基     M RepRepresentative  15-May-2006  1-Jun-2008
1599 Yeung, Hon Sang 楊漢生      RepRepresentative  9-Sep-2005  26-Jun-2009
1600 Yeung, Jenny Siu Au 楊小歐     F RepRepresentative  27-Jan-2006  11-Jun-2009
1601 Yeung, Ka Wai 楊家慧      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  5-Mar-2010
1602 Yeung, Ka Yan 楊加茵      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2003
1603 Yeung, Keung 楊強      RepRepresentative    5-Nov-2003
1604 Yeung, Kit Ying 楊潔瑩      RepRepresentative  18-Oct-2005  29-Jan-2009
1605 Yeung, Lai Ching 楊麗貞      RepRepresentative  15-Dec-2005  2-Jul-2009
1606 Yeung, Lee Kam 楊利錦      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1607 Yeung, Michelle Miu Chee 楊妙慈     F RepRepresentative    16-Jun-2009
1608 Yeung, Pak Lap 楊伯納      RepRepresentative  16-Dec-2005  16-Jul-2009
1609 Yeung, Ping Sau 楊萍秀      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1610 Yeung, Ricky Man Tat 楊文達     M RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2005  16-Jul-2009
1611 Yeung, Sally Ching 楊靜     F RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2004  19-Jan-2009
1612 Yeung, Tai Hung 楊棣洪      RepRepresentative    10-May-2005
1613 Yeung, Wai Ling (SFC:ACK091) 楊惠玲      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1614 Yeung, Wai Yan 楊慧欣      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  12-May-2006
1615 Yeung, Wai Yin (SFC:ANL985) 楊慧賢      RepRepresentative  26-Jun-2006  5-Aug-2009
1616 Yeung, Wing Tong 楊永棠      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  5-Aug-2009
1617 Yeung, Yu Fai 楊宇飛      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
1618 Yick, Ping Chi 易炳池      RepRepresentative    20-Aug-2003
RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  5-Aug-2009
1619 Yim, Elane Kwai Han 嚴桂嫻      RepRepresentative  23-May-2006  6-Aug-2009
1620 Yim, Kai Ching 嚴啟政      RepRepresentative    3-Dec-2004
1621 Ying, Fuk Yeuk 邢福若      RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2006  6-Aug-2009
1622 Ying, Wai Ling 應慧齡      RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2006  6-Aug-2009
1623 Yip, Aaron Chi Keung 葉志強     M RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
1624 Yip, Po Ping 葉波萍      RepRepresentative    30-Aug-2008
1625 Yip, Sui Fan 葉瑞芬      RepRepresentative    6-Aug-2009
1626 Yip, Vicky King Lun 葉經綸     F RepRepresentative  17-Jul-2007  18-Sep-2007
1627 Yip, Wai Fai 葉偉輝      RepRepresentative    26-Jun-2009
1628 Yiu, Bonnie Yuk Yee 姚玉儀     F RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1629 Yiu, Ching Lan 姚靜蘭      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2005  27-Oct-2010
1630 Yiu, Ka On 姚家安      RepRepresentative    18-Jul-2003
1631 Yiu, Louisia Fung Hing 姚鳳卿      RepRepresentative    10-Jan-2011
1632 Yiu, Wilson Wai Shun 姚偉舜     M RepRepresentative  17-Nov-2005  1-Mar-2006
1633 Yiu, Wun Chu 姚煥珠      RepRepresentative  2-Nov-2005  10-Jul-2009
1634 Yoong, Po Wing 楊寶榮      RepRepresentative    24-Jul-2009
1635 Young, Lester Chi Hung 楊志雄      RepRepresentative    5-Aug-2009
1636 Young, Samuel Yiu Tak 楊耀德     M RepRepresentative    22-Feb-2009
1637 Yu, Chung Man 余頌文      RepRepresentative  16-Nov-2005  6-Aug-2009
1638 Yu, Doris Hoi Kwan 余開群      RepRepresentative  17-Jul-2006  1-Sep-2008
1639 Yu, Jun Pong 余鎮鵬      RepRepresentative    31-Jul-2009
1640 Yu, Kin Fai 虞建輝      RepRepresentative    27-Jul-2005
1641 Yu, Kin Man 余健民      RepRepresentative  3-Mar-2006  6-Aug-2009
1642 Yu, Kwai Yiu 余桂姚      RepRepresentative  25-Jun-2005  1-Nov-2008
1643 Yu, Lai Chun 余麗珍      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1644 Yu, Lai Wah 余麗華      RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2003
RepRepresentative  23-Feb-2006  5-Jun-2009
1645 Yu, Mia Suk Lin 余淑蓮      RepRepresentative  11-Aug-2004  8-Jul-2007
1646 Yu, Priscilla Chu Yin 余珠燕     F RepRepresentative  25-Aug-2004  26-Jun-2009
1647 Yu, Sau Fong 余秀芳      RepRepresentative  7-Nov-2005  15-Apr-2011
1648 Yu, Shu Hung 余樹雄      RepRepresentative    1-Apr-2006
1649 Yu, Soo Fan 余素芬      RepRepresentative  21-Mar-2005  27-Jan-2011
1650 Yu, Tat Chi 余達知      RepRepresentative  19-Apr-2005  1-Mar-2006
1651 Yu, Tinny Pui Sheung 余佩嫦      RepRepresentative  16-Sep-2004  28-Oct-2010
1652 Yu, Toda Chun Wai 余俊偉      RepRepresentative  27-Jun-2005  26-Nov-2006
1653 Yu, Wing Hong 余永康      RepRepresentative  14-Oct-2004  2-Jul-2009
1654 Yu, Wing Kwan 余永均      RepRepresentative  10-Mar-2004  6-Aug-2009
1655 Yu, Yau Man 余友文      RepRepresentative    9-Jun-2009
1656 Yu, Yim Bing 余艷冰      RepRepresentative    28-Sep-2010
1657 Yu, Yin Chun 余彥蓁      RepRepresentative  2-Jun-2004  10-Jan-2011
1658 Yue, Elijah Kee Lap 余基立      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1659 Yue, Wai Fong 余惠芳      RepRepresentative    8-Jun-2009
1660 Yuen, Begonia Suk Yee 袁淑儀      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  31-Jan-2008
1661 Yuen, Cheuk Chung 袁卓中      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2003  15-Mar-2004
1662 Yuen, Chi Kin 袁志堅      RepRepresentative  4-Jul-2007  15-Apr-2011
1663 Yuen, Chi Kong (SFC:AGO098) 袁志江      RepRepresentative    28-Oct-2010
1664 Yuen, Hoi Wan 袁海韵      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2003  31-Jul-2009
1665 Yuen, Hung On 袁鴻安      RepRepresentative  8-Dec-2004  5-Aug-2009
1666 Yuen, Janis Lai Kwan 阮麗群      RepRepresentative    15-Apr-2011
1667 Yuen, Man Huen 阮文煊      RepRepresentative    1-Sep-2003
1668 Yuen, Mico Chi Kui 阮子駒      RepRepresentative    4-Aug-2009
1669 Yuen, Patrick Wai Ming 袁偉明     M RepRepresentative  7-Aug-2006  6-Aug-2009
1670 Yuen, Pui Lam 袁沛霖      RepRepresentative  3-Feb-2005  1-Mar-2006
1671 Yuen, Roger Kwong Ming 袁光銘   61  M RepRepresentative  8-Aug-2003  30-Nov-2006
1672 Yuen, Yuen Ho 阮元浩      RepRepresentative  10-Sep-2005  1-Apr-2006
1673 Yuen, Yuen Yau (SFC:AGA742) 袁遠有      RepRepresentative    2-Jul-2009
1674 Yuen, Yuet Har 袁月霞      RepRepresentative    26-Feb-2010
1675 Yuen, Yuk Lun 袁玉麟      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1676 Yum, Marine Yuen Fun 任婉芬      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  24-Jul-2009
1677 Yung, Alex Yip Cheong 翁業昌      RepRepresentative    16-Jul-2009
1678 Yung, For Yan 翁科恩      RepRepresentative  7-Apr-2005  31-Jul-2009
1679 Yung, Leung Wai 容良偉      RepRepresentative  30-Apr-2007  9-Dec-2008
1680 Yung, Richard Sin Fung 翁善豐     M RepRepresentative  3-Jun-2004  16-Jul-2009
1681 Yung, Sally So Chu 翁素珠     F RepRepresentative    5-Jun-2009
1682 Yung, Samuel Wing Ki 容永祺   57  M RepRepresentative    4-Oct-2010
1683 Yung, Sing Ka 翁盛家      RepRepresentative  30-Aug-2004  16-Jul-2009
1684 Yung, Timothy Yiu Ming 翁耀明     M RepRepresentative  18-May-2005  23-Oct-2007
1685 Yung, Yuk Mai 容玉媚      RepRepresentative  13-Sep-2006  5-Aug-2009
1686 Zhao, Yue 趙越      RepRepresentative    18-Jan-2006
1687 Zhu, Xuejun 朱雪軍      RepRepresentative  4-Aug-2006  1-Jul-2007

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