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Law, Japhet Sebastian 羅文鈺

Main board

Organisation Position From Until Total
1 * Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  12-Jun-2008   -12.76% -2.30%
2 * Binhai Investment Company Limited INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  23-Mar-2009   40.62% 7.13%
3 CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (THE) CouncillorCouncillor  1-Aug-1999  
4 * GLOBAL DIGITAL CREATIONS HOLDINGS LIMITED INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1-Sep-2008   102.78% 13.35%
5 HKICPA Disciplinary Panel A MemberMember  1-Feb-2009  1-Feb-2015
6 HKSAR Banking Review Tribunal MemberMember  1-Jan-2010  1-Jan-2016
8 * REGAL HOTELS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  18-Jun-2012   62.38% 29.99%
9 * SHOUGANG FUSHAN RESOURCES GROUP LIMITED INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1-Sep-2013   -8.49% -12.94%
10 * Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Corporation Limited INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  13-Aug-2012   56.11% 30.06%
11 * Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  8-Sep-2005   -37.34% -5.73%
Average 8.51%

* = is or was HK primary-listed

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