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The Hall of Shame

The Webb-site.com Hall of Shame is not for just any corporate governance miscreant. You really have to excel at bad governance at a senior level to gain entry to this exclusive group. In the Hall of Shame you will find the rolls of dishonour of those directors who served jail time as well as those who were found guilty of criminal offences but did not serve time.

To enter the Hall of Shame, a person must have been a director of a past or present listed company and been convicted for crimes related to the company or its shares, or crimes which in our view cast doubt on his or her suitability to be a director of a listed company.


To enter the exclusive Webb-site.com jailbird list, a person must meet the Hall of Shame entry criteria and have been jailed. To find details, click on the company name below. As companies frequently change names, the names used here are the names at the time of the offences or prosecution.

Company name
Jailbird director
Agricultural Bank of China Limited

Yang Kun
Allied Group Limited
Lee Ming Tee
Baker Group International Holdings Limited Mak Kwun Yiu
Chan Kai Yiu

Bank of China Ltd Wang Xuebing
Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited
Li Peiying
BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited
Liu Jinbao
C Y Foundation Group Limited

Theodore Cheng Chee Tock
Changchun Da Xing Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Feng Zhen Wen
Li Xiu Jie
China Conservational Power Holdings Limited
Abba Chan Tat Chee
Hon Ming Kong

China Environmental Resources Group Limited Lawrence Lo King Fat

China Everbright Limited Ch'ng Poh
Zhu Xiaohua
China Metal International Holdings Inc.

Ho Ming Shiann
China Mining Resources Group Limited
Peter Joseph Luk Kin

China Mobile Limited

Zhang Chunjiang
Lu Xiangdong
China Motion Telecom International Limited
Hau Tung Ying
Li Bin

China Netcom Group Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited

Zhang Chunjiang
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Chen Tonghai

China Rich Holdings Limited

Kelly Cheng Kit Yin
China Sciences Conservational Power Limited
Abba Chan Tat Chee
Anthony Chow Ho Tung
Hon Ming Kong

Chinese Estates Holdings Limited

Joseph Lau Luen Hung (sentenced in absentia)
Chintex Oil and Gas Company Limited
James Coe
CITIC Ka Wah Bank Limited
Jin Deqin
Climax International Company Limited
Kenneth Fung Kin Yuen
Chan Hoi Lam
Eco-Tek Holdings Limited
Lily Chiang Lai Lei
Tahir Hussain Shah
Pau Kwok Ping

Euro-Asia Agricultural (Holdings) Company Limited
Yang Bin
Extrawell Pharmatceutical Holdings Limited
Ho Chin Hou

Firstone International Holdings Limited
Wan Sitt Kam
Lee Sau Tong
Chan Chuen Wing
Fu Cheong International Holdings Limited
Ho Wing Cheong
Kwok Shuk Wah
Gay Giano International Group Limited
Cheung Sing Chi
GKC Holdings Limited
Eric Tang Yiu Hong
Eugene Tang Yiu Chuen
Global Tech (Holdings) Limited
Johnny Sze Tsang Fai (aka Shi Zhenghui)


Global Trend Intelligent Technologies Limited
Xu Peixin
Cai Yajuan
Gold Wo International Holdings Limited
Fu Chu Kan
Fu Yin Ling
Gold-Face Holdings Limited
Derrick Tai Chi Wah
Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited Wong Kwong Yiu (fka Wong Chun Kit, aka Huang Gaungyu)
Du Juan

Grand Field Group Holdings Limited
Wayland Tsang Wai Lun
Nancy Kwok Wai Man

Guangnan (Holdings) Limited
Cen Ting Biao
Huang Xiao Jiang
Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Company Limited
Gu Chu Jun
Hung Fung Group Holdings Limited
Chan Chun Hung
Kwong Hing International Holdings (Bermuda) Limited
Li Man Tak
Mandarin Resources Corporation Limited
Chim Pui Chung
Mansion Holdings Limited Jason Yip Chi Fun
Allan Yiu Chun Pong
Moulin Global Eyecare Holdings Limited Ma Bo Kee
Ma Cary Kit Lin

Ocean Grand Holdings Limited
Ocean Grand Chemicals Holdings Limited

Michael Yip Kim Po
Christie Yip Wan Fung
Pacific Challenge Holdings Limited
Lily Chiang Lai Lei
Tahir Hussain Shah

Pacific Ports Company Limited
John Chan Boon Ning
Plus Holdings Limited
Zou Yishang
RNA Holdings Limited
Raymond Chan Fat Chu
Alexander Chan Fat Leung
Tsui Muk Ming
Semtech International Holdings Limited
Derek Wong Chong Kwong (aka Derek Kanjanapas)
Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited
Han Guozhang
Li Songjian
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited
Lu Da Yong

Shanghai Land Holdings Limited
Chau Ching Ngai (aka Zhou Zhengyi)
Gong Beiying
Shanghai Merchants Holdings Limited
Mo Yuk Ping
Gong Beiying
Tsoi Hon Chung
Shenyin Wanguo (H.K.) Limited
Guan Jin Sheng
Shun Cheong Holdings Limited
George Kwok Shun On
Ou Ka Chi
Skyworth Digital Holdings Limited
Stephen Wong Wang Sang
Wong Pui Sing
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited
Thomas Kwok Ping Kwong
Thomas Chan Kui Yuen

Sun Man Tai Holdings Company Limited Qian Yong Wei
Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Limited Tse Sui Luen
Tommy Tse Tat Fung
Oscar Chung Yuen Ling
Peter Gerardus van Weerdenburg

Tungda Innovative Lighting Holdings Limited
Chu Chien Tung
Chu Chick Kei

Upbest Group Limited
Charles Cheng Kai Ming
George Li Kwok Cheung
David Wong Wai Kwong

VST Holdings Limited

Li Jialin
Wealthmark International (Holdings) Limited
Wong Chor Wo
Wumart Stores Inc Zhang Wen Zhong

Yeebo International Holdings Limited

Makie Hui Po Yuen
Yue Fung International Group Holding Limited Lee Wing Kan
Zhejiang Glass Company, Limited

Feng Guangcheng

Criminals who did not go to jail

In this section, we include criminal directors who were convicted but did not serve jail time. Some received suspended jail sentences, others community service orders or financial penalties. Others were sentenced to jail and freed pending appeal.

Company name
Criminal director
Allied Group Limited
Ronald Tse Chu Fai
Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited

Ho Chin Hou
Lai Sun Garment (International) Limited
Lim Por Yen

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