Statement on Next Digital Limited

Statement on Next Digital Limited

Issue date: 2021-07-28 19:40:13

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) notes the appointment by the Financial Secretary under the Companies Ordinance of an inspector to investigate the affairs of Next Digital Limited.

The SFC has been making a series of formal enquiries into Next Digital Limited in so far they may concern matters falling within the SFC’s remit under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.  These enquires are continuing.

The inspector appointed by the Financial Secretary will carry out his work under specific powers set out in the Companies Ordinance.  The SFC will coordinate closely with the inspector as it continues to carry out its own enquires under the powers exercisable by it under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.



  1. Please also see the SFC’s statements dated 11 September 2020 and 11 August 2020.
News captured as of:2021-07-28 19:40:13

Source: SFC


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