People born in  month

Age in 2021: 138

Name Date of birth Date of death
Berry, James Gomer 7-May-1883 6-Feb-1968
Bonham, Lilian Frances 23-May-1883 9-May-1953
Cholmondeley, George Horatio Charles 19-May-1883 16-Sep-1968
Crofton, Francis Lowther 23-May-1883 1971
Fane, Henry Nevile 24-May-1883 2-Aug-1947
Gordon, Dudley Gladstone 6-May-1883 16-Apr-1972
Grosvenor, Mary Cavendish 12-May-1883 14-Jan-1959
Jardine Paterson, James (1883) 10-May-1883 1-Apr-1934
Strutt, Algernon Henry 6-May-1883 20-May-1956
Swire, George Warren 27-May-1883 18-Nov-1949

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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