People born in  month

Age in 2021: 120

Name Date of birth Date of death
Arnett, Alfred Edward Mar-1901
Barron, Rosemary Herbert Mar-1901
Batstone, Josephine Mary Mar-1901
Bennett, Gladys Mar-1901
Boddington, Olive Amy Mar-1901
Bonham-Carter, Katharine Hilary Margaret 13-Mar-1901 12-May-1989
Brown, Kathleen Amelia Mar-1901
Carr, Horace Utley Mar-1901
Constable-Maxwell, Joan 22-Mar-1901 1991
Firth, Raymond William Mar-1901
Grey, Robert Kitchener Mar-1901
Hancock, Doris Mar-1901
Hodgson, Edith Frieda Mar-1901
Howgate, Cyril Knight Mar-1901
Lomas, Lucy Ellen Clotilde Mar-1901
Lumley, Serena Mary Barbara 30-Mar-1901 Oct-2000
Mallory, Janet Edwards Mar-1901
Mgeown, Christine Mar-1901
Newman, Ethel Mar-1901
Osborne, John Francis Godolphin 12-Mar-1901 26-Jul-1963
Potter, Fred John Mar-1901
Proctor, Julia Mar-1901
Puzyna, Evelyn Marie Mar-1901
Reeves, Caroline (1901-03) Mar-1901
Savage, Dorothy Violet Mar-1901
Sharpe, Edith Mary Mar-1901
Silvert, Samuel Joseph Mar-1901
Southcombe, Charles Frederick Mar-1901
Taylor, Cecilia (1901-03) Mar-1901
Thompson, Julia Frances Mar-1901
Tutte, Harold Edward Mar-1901
Wedgwood, Camilla Hildegarde 25-Mar-1901 17-May-1955
Williams, Ivy Rose Mar-1901
Wolton, Aubrey Talbot Victor Mar-1901

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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