People born in  month

Age in 2021: 118

Name Date of birth Date of death
Bacon, Edmund Castell 18-Mar-1903 30-Sep-1982
Balme, Joseph Mar-1903
Bell, Margaret Ann (1903-03) Mar-1903
Bienenfeld, Morris M 28-Mar-1903 29-Aug-1948
Bright, Grace Lilian Mar-1903
Burr, Violet Annie Mar-1903
Cadogan, Edward George John Humphrey 20-Mar-1903 2-Jun-1910
Calderwood, Alice Margaret Mar-1903
Chhambers, Ann Mar-1903
Clark, Leonard Charles Mar-1903
Cook, Violet Mary Mar-1903
Davies, Margaret Anne (1903-03) Mar-1903
Dolman, Florence Mary Mar-1903
Feather, Eric Mar-1903
Fielden-Hughes, Edna Frances Mar-1903
Gates, Sydney Mar-1903
Harris, Nora Alfreda Mar-1903
Hausammann, Emil 19-Mar-1903
Hellewell, Sybil Florence Mar-1903
Holmes, Percival Lawrence Mar-1903
Joly de Lotbiniere, Edmund Mar-1903
Kearey, Edward Charles Mar-1903
Keil, Violet Marion Mar-1903
Lewis, Violet Freda Mar-1903
Light, Horace Payton Mar-1903
Lukey, Percy Douglas Mar-1903
Mace, Mabel Lily Mar-1903
Maggs, Norman Frederick Mar-1903
Mann, Harry (1903-03) Mar-1903
Pannell, Norman (1903-03) Mar-1903
Peel, Edith Mar-1903
Peel, Janet Meldrum Mar-1903
Pope, Millicent Mar-1903
Smith, James (1903-03) Mar-1903
Soper, Donald Oliver Mar-1903
Spacie, Albert Mar-1903
Stewart, Edith Anne Jane (1903-03) Mar-1903
Stone, Mary Dorothy Vera Mar-1903
Swain, Annice Mar-1903
Thurn, Anna 16-Mar-1903
Townsend, Henry William Mar-1903
Vickers, Vera Mar-1903
Ward, Helen Norah Susanna Mar-1903
Yudowitz, Louis Mar-1903

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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