People born in  month

Age in 2022: 110

Name Date of birth Date of death
Absalom, Marjorie Julia May-1912
Adam, Virginia May-1912
Ainsworth, Marjorie Maud May-1912
Alder, Max May-1912
Alexander, Ivy May-1912
Alexander, Thomas W May-1912
Allardyce, John Steele May-1912
Allen, Mary Josephine May-1912
Alonze, Lucy Elvira May-1912
Andrews, Robert Glen-Maurice May-1912
Aston, Ernest May-1912
Back, Charles Aubrey May-1912
Baird, George (1912-05) May-1912
Bambury, Harold Frank May-1912
Banbury, Frederick Harold Frith May-1912
Barnes, Joyce (1912-05) May-1912
Barnsley, Christopher Beverley James May-1912
Barrett, Henry Marston Strange May-1912
Bassett, Edith Nora May-1912
Baxter, Nora Alice May-1912
Bayliss, Brian May-1912
Bayliss, William Edgar May-1912
Bennett, Frederick James (1912-05) May-1912
Berkson, Edna May-1912
Best, Alan (1912-05) May-1912
Bestwick, Marjorie May-1912
Black, Arthur (1912-05) May-1912
Bloom, Henry John May-1912
Boak, Andrew Stein May-1912
Bolter, Alice Queenie May-1912
Bonarjee, Stephen Wilson May-1912
Booth, William (1912-05) May-1912
Boughton, Amy Marjorie May-1912
Bowring, Albert Edward May-1912
Brack, Arthur Andrew May-1912
Brearley, Pat May-1912
Brightwell, Rita Inez May-1912
Brodie, Cynthia Eileen May-1912
Brown, Eric Stuart May-1912
Brown, Frank (1912-05) May-1912
Brown, Majorie Florence May-1912
Browning, Albert Victor May-1912
Bryant, Geoffrey Colston May-1912
Buchanan, Bridget Katherine May-1912
Buchanan, Richard (1912-05) May-1912
Burgin, Zena Kitty May-1912
Burns, Kitty May-1912
Cadogan, Beatrice Lilian Ethel 12-May-1912 1999
Carey, Frank Reginald May-1912
Chance, Florence May May-1912
Chapell, Arthur Ernest May-1912
Chapman, John Alan (1912-05) May-1912
Cheng, Pui 20-May-1912
Chilver, Stanley John May-1912
Chipperfield, Rose Florence May-1912
Clark, George Leslie (1912-05) May-1912
Clarke, Winifred Ethel May-1912
Clayden, Richard Arthur May-1912
Cohen, Abraham (1912-05) May-1912
Cohen, Rachel (1912-05) May-1912
Collis, May May-1912
Cooke, Leonard May-1912
Cotton, Leonard William May-1912
Cox, Madeleine Mary May-1912
Cresswell, Anne Kathleen May-1912
Cripps, John Stafford May-1912
Cristea, Liviu Nicolae May-1912
Crosby, Norman May-1912
Cross, John Turner May-1912
Davies, Brian (1912-05) May-1912
Dawson, Anne (1912-05) May-1912
Day, Joyce Ethel May-1912
de Pury, Madeleine Gabrielle 14-May-1912 Oct-1990
Deakin, Frederick James May-1912
Deutsch, Elizabeth Maud May-1912
Dickson, Constance Edith May-1912
Dofsky, Ada Gertrude May-1912
Dowson, Frederick Rodham May-1912
Duncan-Taylor, Kenneth May-1912
Dunham, Ena May-1912
Dunster, Raymonde May-1912
Eckersley-Hope, John Gerard May-1912
Edwards, Lillian May-1912
Elias, Kenneth Ronald May-1912
Evans, Frank William (1912-05) May-1912
Evershed, Ruby Ethel May-1912
Fairhurst, Elizabeth May-1912
Fawdry, Marguerite May-1912
Felts, Sidney William May-1912
Ferns, Arthur David May-1912
Fisher, Albert Andrew May-1912
Fisher, Ernest William May-1912
Fisher, Harry (1912-05) May-1912
Fisher, James John (1912-05) May-1912
Flavell, Reginald William Thomas May-1912
Flowers, Harry May-1912
Floyd, Cecil Mark May-1912
Forrester, John Alexander Leekie May-1912
Foster, Frances Rebecca May-1912
Fowler, Norman Harold May-1912
Fullagar, Mabel Hilary Isabel May-1912
Galloway, Wilfred Bonham May-1912
Gardner, Edward (1912-05) May-1912
Geddes, Anthony Reay Mackay 7-May-1912 19-Feb-1998
Gill, Clifford (1912-05) May-1912
Gilruth, Edward Nelson May-1912
Goldstone, Lily May-1912
Goodden, Mark Culliford May-1912
Gordon, Kennedy May-1912
Granby, George May-1912
Grant, John Mclaren May-1912
Gray, Christine Mary (1912-05) May-1912
Greatwich, Frances Elizabeth May-1912
Greenway, Bernard Arthur May-1912
Greenwood, William Alfred Jeynes May-1912
Grenfell, Katherine Florita 29-May-1912 29-Jan-2008
Guinness, Arthur Onslow Edward 8-May-1912 8-Feb-1945
Haas, Wilem May-1912
Haigh, Joseph (1912-05) May-1912
Harris, Ethel Maud May-1912
Harvey, Colin Desmond May-1912
Harvey, Daisy Jane May-1912
Haw, Robert Henry May-1912
Hedderly, Vernon Walker Worsfold May-1912
Hellin, Joseph Wynn May-1912
Hewetson, James Preaud May-1912
Heys, Jack May-1912
Hickman, Kenneth Piers May-1912
Higgs, Michael Clifford May-1912
Higham, Gladys Grice May-1912
Highnam, William John May-1912
Holt, May May-1912
Hooper, Winifred Maud May-1912
Hotchkin, Frank Leonard May-1912
House, Cyril Ernest May-1912
Howard, Helen Barbara May-1912
Hurley, William (1912-05) May-1912
Jackson, William Henry May-1912
James, Mary (1912-05) May-1912
Jenkinson, Isabella May-1912
Johns, Horace George May-1912
Johnson, Edward Cuthbert May-1912
Johnson, Eric Welton May-1912
Johnson, Robert White May-1912
Jones, Violet (1912-05) May-1912
Jones, Vivian Royston May-1912
Jordan, Ronald (1912-05) May-1912
Josephs, Mae Matilda May-1912
Keeling, Anthony Sheriff May-1912
Kelly, Alfred (1912-05) May-1912
Kendrew, Thomas William May-1912
Kendrick, Ida Mary May-1912
Kilby, William Cecil May-1912
Knight, Evelyn May-1912
Krolle, Geoffrey Albert May-1912
Lacey, Doris Frances May-1912
Lake, Peter Buchanan May-1912
Lamb, Henry John Hey May-1912
Langman, Pamela Lady May-1912
Lasker, Edward 15-May-1912 11-Jul-1997
Lawrence, Arthur Edward May-1912
Lawrence, Edith (1912-05) May-1912
Lawrenson, Kathleen (1912-05) May-1912
Lea, May Florence May-1912
Lee, Mabel (1912-05) May-1912
Leigh, David William (1912-05) May-1912
Lemon, Richard Dawnay May-1912
Lewin, Laurence May-1912
Lewis, William Frederick (1912-05) May-1912
Li, Fook Shu 30-May-1912 21-May-1995
Linsky, Minnie May-1912
Longman, Ayril May-1912
Lucia, Edna Mary May-1912
Lynn, George Oliver May-1912
Macdonald, Malcolm (1912-05) May-1912
Mackenzie, Isla May-1912
Mackenzie, Margaret (1912-05) May-1912
MacLeod Trump, Mary Anne 10-May-1912 7-Aug-2000
Mann, James Austin May-1912
Marchant, Emily Gertrude May-1912
Markham, Edwin Hugh May-1912
Marshall, Cyril Edward May-1912
Mason, Leonard Maurice May-1912
Matthews, Norman (1912-05) May-1912
Maund, Ellen Meinwen May-1912
Mawdsley, Denis May-1912
Maxwell, Edith Phrena May-1912
McCormack, Muriel Jean Elizabeth May-1912
McKenzie, Dorothy (1912-05) May-1912
Meese, Alfred Hubert May-1912
Miller, Mabel Reda May-1912
Mitchell, Mary (1912-05) May-1912
Monro, Katrina Wilhelmina May-1912
Morgan, Piers Anthony May-1912
Morley, William Fenton May-1912
Murphy, John Alphonso (1912-05) May-1912
Murray, Hilda May (1912-05) May-1912
Nellthorp, Norah May-1912
Nicholls, George Herbert May-1912
Noble, Kenneth Albert May-1912
Norwood, Cyril May-1912
Oshea, Nora May-1912
Padden, Margaret Catherine May-1912
Padfield, Richard Norton May-1912
Palmer, Felix Harvey Spencer May-1912
Palmer, William Matthew 27-May-1912 2-Oct-1942
Parker, Freda Charlotte May-1912
Parker, Joan Constance May-1912
Partner, Aubrey Robert May-1912
Pascoe, Guy Charles May-1912
Paully, Ella May May-1912
Pearce, Graham (1912-05) May-1912
Peck, Frank Archibald May-1912
Pegler, Eva Elizabeth May-1912
Pendlebury, Mary Elizabeth May-1912
Pickering, Edward (1912-05) May-1912
Piggott, Thomas Meyrick May-1912
Pindar, Kathleen Mary May-1912
Plummer, William Richard May-1912
Post, Anthony (1912-05) May-1912
Potts, John Denis May-1912
Powell, Edith May-1912
Punter, George Alexander May-1912
Ratcliffe, John William (1912-05) May-1912
Reed, George Bertram May-1912
Reeve, John (1912-05) May-1912
Reynolds, John Launcelot May-1912
Richardson, Betty Joan May-1912
Richardson, Dorothy May May-1912
Roberts, Bernard Ernest May-1912
Rockefeller, Winthrop A 1-May-1912 22-Feb-1973
Rodway, Ruby Edna May-1912
Roff, Gilbert May-1912
Rolfe, George (1912-05) May-1912
Rosen, Gary (1912-05) May-1912
Royston, Alan May-1912
Rubinstein, Renee May-1912
Sakurauchi, Yoshio May-1912
Salmon, Howard Peter May-1912
Salter, Charles William (1912-05) May-1912
Sandon, Eric Charles Rothwell May-1912
Scadgell, George Harry May-1912
Scale, Thyra Joyce May-1912
Schwabacher, Kurt Frederick May-1912
Senior, Ernest Stabler May-1912
Sewell, Leonard Charles Jack May-1912
Sharman, Florence Eileen May-1912
Sharpe, John Lionel May-1912
Shepherdson, Nancy Bruce May-1912
Sherwin, Doris May-1912
Slattery, Stanley Alfred Henry May-1912
Smith, Alexandrina May-1912
Smith, Betty Lee May-1912
Smith, Daniel Herbert May-1912
Smith, Elaine Florence May-1912
Sochall, Jack May-1912
Spiro, Ludwig Siegmund May-1912
Stackhouse, Bernard Foster May-1912
Stephenson, Winifred Erfa Emily May-1912
Stillitz, Abraham Louis May-1912
Stough, Harold Edward May-1912
Sturrock, Margaret Kathleen May-1912
Summers, Irene Elizabeth May-1912
Taylor, Francis Langham May-1912
Taylor, John Edwin (1912-05) May-1912
Taylor, Norman (1912-05) May-1912
Taylor, Philip (1912-05) May-1912
Thomas, John Herbert May-1912
Tillett, Phyllis Eillen May-1912
Trevatt, Evelyn Pansy May-1912
Trow, Herbert Smith May-1912
Tunnard, Nellie Elizabeth May-1912
Van Der Kemp, Gerald May-1912
Varty, Gladys Mary May-1912
Veal, Frederick Ullathorne May-1912
Vincent, Kathleen Mary May-1912
Walker, Anthony Hugh (1912-05) May-1912
Waller, Ida May May-1912
Walters, Harold May-1912
Webb, Ernest George (1912-05) May-1912
Webber, Eva May May-1912
Welby, Rosetta May-1912
Wellesley, Pamela 14-May-1912 31-Mar-1987
Wells, Arthur James (1912-05) May-1912
Wells, Mavis Gertrude May-1912
West, Jessie Emily May-1912
Wheelwright, John May-1912
Wild, Edith May-1912
Williams, John Lewis (1912-05) May-1912
Williams, Mary Nora Ella May-1912
Wilson, Kathleen Marjorie May-1912
Windsor, Stanley Henry May-1912
Winzer, Rosina May-1912
Wong, Pik Wah 1-May-1912
Wood, Nellie May-1912
Woodcock, Laura (1912-05) May-1912
Woods, Charles Henry Robert May-1912
Wright, John Reginald Victor May-1912
Yule, Margaret Elizabeth (1912-05) May-1912

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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