Ho, Barrie Chow Lai 何周禮

Former Chief Executive jailed for misconduct in public office
ICAC, 22-Feb-2017
Ex-CE Donald Tsang faces additional bribery charge
ICAC, 11-Oct-2016
It will be interesting to see whether the alleged briber, Bill Wong Cho Bau, is prosecuted or testifies under immunity.
Donald Tsang faces new bribery charge
RTHK, 11-Oct-2016
Ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam Kuen bailed
ICAC, 5-Oct-2015
Ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam Kuen charged with misconduct
ICAC, 5-Oct-2015
Note: the architect involved, Barrie Ho Chow Lai, was also appointed by Donald Tsang as a member of the HK Housing Authority on 1-Apr-2012. We wonder whether Mr Tsang made any disclosure at that time.
DoJ statement re Donald Tsang Yam Kuen
HK Government, 5-Oct-2015

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