Wong, Chung Kwong (1952) 黃重光

Giles Wong v Simon Christopher Donowho & Walter Ng Man Fung
HK Court of First Instance, 16-Apr-2020
Mr Wong's claim for personal injury is dismissed. He appears to be the neighbour from hell. He mounted 14 speakers within inches of his ceiling in F4, Pearl Gardens, Conduit Rd and blasted the defendant neighbours in F5 and F6 with loud music 16 hours a day, Cross-examined, he admitted that he wanted to make life a misery for his neighbours. He claimed that one night when they switched off the power, he tripped and fell and fractured his spine. Even his own expert witness agreed that was an old injury.
MMT disqualifies former Water Oasis (1161) CEO Salina Yu Lai Si, orders disgorgement
SFC, 5-Feb-2015
After the insider dealing, her solicitor Peter Sit referred her to a former CUHK Professor of psychiatry who diagnosed that she was having a panic attack when she sold the shares on news of a franchise termination and that she suffered from OCD and Major Depressive Disorder. Justice Hartmann ruled that she knew what she was doing notwithstanding this.

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