Q P Group Holdings Limited 雋思集團控股有限公司

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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Nicholas Hiu Fung 陳曉峰 M 47 INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director 2019-12-20
2 Chan, Thomas Wang Tao 陳宏道 M 58 EDExecutive Director 2018-04-19
3 Cheng, Daniel Man Chung 鄭文聰 M 64 INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director 2019-12-20
4 Cheng, Wan Wai 鄭穩偉 M 63 Ch, CEO, Co-FdrChairman, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder 2018-04-19
5 Hui, Li Kwan 許莉君 F 60 EDExecutive Director 2018-04-19
6 Liu, Sanny Shuk Yu 廖淑如 F 59 EDExecutive Director 2018-04-19
7 Mak, Chin Pang 麥展鵬 M 49 EDExecutive Director 2018-04-19
8 Ng, Shung 吳嵩 M 58 INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director 2019-12-20
9 Yeung, Kenneth Keng Wu 楊鏡湖 M 63 ED, Co-FdrExecutive Director, Co-Founder 2018-04-19


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Wong, Hung Pan 黃鴻斌 M 36 FC, CoSecFinancial Controller, Company Secretary 2018-07-20

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