Articles: National Security Law

HK Financial Secretary's letter to SFC on National Security Law
SFC, 17-Jul-2020
This "Dear Ashley" letter was circulated to intermediaries by the SFC on Friday night but doesn't appear on its website, so now it appears on ours. Good to know that we remain free to opine that the mainland's centrally-planned, authoritarian, state-owned economy is unsustainable and will eventually change to a democratic, open, free-market economy and society to deliver the growth that its citizens expect.
David Webb, Emily Lau on "Saturday AM" radio re National Security Law
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 4-Jul-2020
Webb on "Backchat" re National Security Law
RTHK, 23-Jun-2020
HK investor says city is facing brain drain
Bloomberg, 2-Jun-2020

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