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Who showed up? A simple change to the Listing Rules
Announcements of AGM/EGM outcomes should include directors' attendance. We shouldn't have to wait for the next annual report to find out who showed up. (9-Sep-2018)
SGX proposes mandatory poll voting for Singapore-listed companies
Company media release, 2-Jun-2011
The proposed implementation date is 1-Jan-2013 for large companies (which report quarterly) and 1-Jan-2014 for small companies, which would be 4 and 5 years respectively after poll voting became mandatory in Hong Kong on 1-Jan-2009, following the efforts of Webb-site's Project Poll in 2003.
Poll Position
We need your help! SEHK has proposed requiring all votes to be conducted by poll (1-share-1-vote), ending the ancient show-of-hands system. We strongly support this move to greater transparency and accountability. Take our opinion poll and tell us what you think. Meanwhile, we urge custodians to tick the CCASS box to demand polls in all meetings. (3-Apr-2008)
Project Poll Update
Polls are a part of the future of Hong Kong, at least for listed companies, if not the Government. This year, a number of index members have announced that they will conduct a poll, possibly making a virtue out of the fact that could force them to anyway. It's the beginning of the end for the rigged show-of-hands system. We call on the Stock Exchange and its Listing Committee to make poll voting mandatory, as the OECD Asian round table recommended. (5-Apr-2004)
Webb profiled and interviewed on "New Territory", 2003
RTHK, 5-Jun-2003
We are not sure when this progamme was broadcast, but the interview was conducted on 5-Jun-2003 with Paul Gordon. It covers the "Project Poll" campaign for 1-share-1-vote in shareholder meetings, which we eventually won in 2006, abolishing the "show of hands" system, as well as "Project Vampire", the push for pre-emptive rights, still in progress as of 2020.
Webb-site launches Project Poll
Investor Relations magazine, 4-Mar-2003 launches Project Poll announces the launch of Project Poll, a campaign which will get all votes counted, one-share-one-vote, in every meeting of the 33 Hang Seng Index companies and HKEx. Currently, absentee votes are ignored, and the levels of support and opposition to management proposals remain unrecorded. We will also appoint up to 5 journalists to attend each meeting, in an effort to open the closed doors of Hong Kong's shareholder meetings. (3-Mar-2003)
DeVoted to Failure - HK's Share Voting System
We show you just how hard HKEx makes it for investors to vote their shares in listed companies. Brokers and banks have no obligation to seek voting instructions, HKEx's CCASS system leaves Investor Participants guessing, and even if you succeed in giving voting instructions to HKEx, it won't demand a poll, so your votes probably won't be counted. (9-Dec-2002)
Listing Rules Review Part 3: Count the Votes
In Part 3 of our review of the proposed Listing Rule changes, we look at shareholder democracy, Hong Kong style. Institutions we speak to are often surprised to hear that their votes are seldom counted. Companies persist in an easily-rigged show-of-hands system which hails from Victorian town halls. The Exchange fails to address this adequately. But we have a plan: if they don't fix it, then we will. (11-Mar-2002)

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