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Koo Ming Kown v SFC
HK Court of First Instance, 21-Jul-2017
The SFC succeeds in its application to strike out Mr Koo's claim.
Koo Ming Kown v Pacific Online Ltd (0543)
HK Court of First Instance, 16-May-2017
Koo Ming Kown v Pacific Online Ltd (0543)
HK Court of First Instance, 24-Feb-2017
Mr Koo's claim is struck out because he has no locus standi. He is not a shareholder.
Burkes University's South African alumnus
A blogger in South Africa picks up the baton on Burkes University, finding a local Chairman/CEO with a degree of embarrassment. Meanwhile HK regulators seem totally relaxed about Leslie Cheng's "doctorate". (26-Feb-2016)
Leslie Cheng, Burkes and Turks
It appears that the FRC and HKICPA, in its recent action against Leslie Cheng & Co, missed the elephant in the accounts of Luxey (8041). 6 listed companies are keeping him on board, 3 as chairman of their audit committees. And then there's his doctorate... (16-Jan-2016)
E. Quat's degrees don't equate
Legislator "Dr" Elizabeth Quat has not one but three "degrees", including her doctorate, from a defunct degree mill once run out of a bungalow in Hilo, Hawaii. We also look into the characters behind it. (11-Apr-2014)
Ajisen (0538) has a new COO with a criminal record for corruption. But on the plus side, he is a graduate of prestigous US university CalTech - or is he? That's not what the court was told. (24-Sep-2013)
G.A. Holdings (8126) appoints ED "Dr" Tan Cheng Kim with "solid educational qualification" from bogus universityOur article of 24-May-2010.
Company announcement, 16-May-2012
Lincoln University, Inc was covered in our article of 24-May-2010, as was Asian Knowledge Management Association and its "college", ACKM.
You can call me Dr Sir
We announce the winner of the inaugural Webb-site Award for Ridiculous Titles (WART), and follow a trail which leads to bogus honorary degrees for the dictators of Equatorial Guinea and Gambia. The latter has a special relationship with Hong Kong, one which may surprise you. (23-Mar-2012)
Far East Holdings (0036) appoints ED "Dr" Ip Ngai Sang with honorary doctorate from bogus universityOur article of 24-May-2010.
Company announcement, 2-Nov-2011
Lincoln University, Inc. is a shell in Louisiana covered in our article of 24-May-2010, along with the Asian Knowledge Management Association and its "college" and the CCIBA.
Guangdong Investment's unaccredited MBAs
The Guangdong window company is being run by a board with not one but two MBAs from the same diploma mill. We'll tell you who else among HK-listed companies claims a degree from International East-West University. (18-Jan-2011)
Lincoln University, CCIBA and AKMA
Time to lift the lid on another diploma mill, the people behind it, and the distinguished citizens upon whom it has conferred its prestigious awards. (24-May-2010)
MTR Director's Dodgy Degree (updated)
Choo-choo! From yesterday's story on Barrington University, we move down the track to unaccredited Kensington University, expelled from California and shut down by Hawaii, from which the MTR Operations Director has a degree in engineering. He is also an adjunct professor at a HK university! (27-Apr-2010)
Mengniu Dairy CEO's unaccredited MBA
Moo! Who's got a dodgy MBA then? The CEO of China Mengniu Dairy has, along with several other listed company directors we identify. (26-Apr-2010)
Tiangong INED's bogus degrees
The Audit Committee Chairman of high-speed steel maker Tiangong (0826), claims a hat-trick of bogus degrees, including one which listing sponsor BNP Paribas should have spotted in due diligence. (14-Sep-2009)
Neo-Neon CEO's bogus degree
LED-lighting maker Neo-Neon (1868) appoints a new CEO with a bogus doctorate from a non-existent UK University. (14-Sep-2009)
Legal war looms in college's battle for approval
Independent, Ireland, 15-Sep-2008
College charges €18,000 fees for 'useless' degrees
Independent, Ireland, 15-Feb-2008
A question of degrees for Choi
HK Standard, 22-Nov-2007
Choi's choice of degrees
We examine the academic qualifications of Francis Choi Chee Ming, founder of private toy company Early Light and Vice Chairman of Regal Hotels (0078) and Town Health (8138). (21-Nov-2007)
Legislator escapes probe
HK Standard, 20-Apr-2005
Lawmaker's degrees from 'diploma mills'
HK Standard, 15-Oct-2004
The Undergraduate
So the truth is out, and Richard Li has admitted that he did not graduate from Stanford, contrary to claims previously made in PCCW biographies and the group web site. In admitting this, the company took pains to emphasise that the claim was not made "in public disclosures filed by the Company in accordance with applicable legal requirements". That's true, as far as it goes... but can reveal that the degree claim has been made in both the US and Singapore in legal filings of documents for which Richard Li was responsible - read on. (23-Mar-2001)

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