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Webb on "Backchat" re tax and education
RTHK, 8-Feb-2017
Government freezes out kindy, primary classes
They can only do this if there is an "immediate danger or immediate risk of danger to persons in any school premises". There is no evidence that schools will be any colder than homes. This is not New York, and the Government has panicked and gone beyond its statutory powers. (24-Jan-2016)
King Arthur's midnight coronation as Chairman of HKU Council
HK Government, 31-Dec-2015
The Government announcement was posted at 00:32 (or 00:30 in Chinese). In a world-class city, councils of universities would elect their own chair.
Occupy school suspension order was invalid
We have investigated the Government's actions during the "Occupy" protests and find that it lacked the legal powers to order district-wide class suspensions, and was therefore acting outside the rule of law. (13-Jan-2015)
Government allows secondary but not primary school classes to resume
HK Government, 5-Oct-2014
Comment: this was never really a safety issue for most schools - but perhaps Government has belatedly realised that commanding secondary schools to suspend classes actually facilitated older pupils attending the protests. Incidentally, the Government never actually issued a closure order under Section 83 of the Education Ordinance, so its official line is that schools were open all along, but classes were suspended.
Lights out as weeping parents voice kindy fears
HK Standard, 9-Apr-2014
Or alternatively: "Investors weep with joy as Fortune REIT boosts rental income in free market".
ESF shocker hits hopefuls
HK Standard, 4-Sep-2013
The shocker is that ESF wasn't charging what the market will bear in the first place. German Swiss International School charges HK$2800, by the way.
The alternative Budget Speech, 2013: Prosperity through Reform
Webb-site reveals the Hong Kong Budget Speech which should be delivered next Wednesday. (22-Feb-2013)
LCQ: residency status of students at Private Independent Schools and capital grants for buildings
HK Government, 1-Jun-2011
International school enrolment in HK, latest data
HK Government, 16-Mar-2011

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