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Freedom and the future of China: Webb's talk at HKU on 30-Oct-2018 (video)Text of speech
YouTube, 29-Nov-2018
Freedom and the future of China
This is the text of a High Table dinner speech delivered by Webb-site founder David Webb to the students of Chi Sun College, University of Hong Kong, this evening. Hyperlinks have been added. (30-Oct-2018)
Challenges for China and implications for Hong Kong
Slides from a presentation by David Webb to the Oxford University Hong Kong Society annual dinner last night. (22-Aug-2015)
Webb keynote: Challenges for China - beyond minority listings of SOEsSlides
YouTube, 19-Sep-2014
At the Centre for Accounting Research & Education (CARE) Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic, 10-Jun-2014
Cecilia Lee Sau Wai appointed Chair of Joint Committee on Student Finance
HK Gazette, 13-May-2011
This extends her membership to at least 11 years - she was a member for 6 years from 2002, then Deputy Chairman for 3 years until 2011 - a good example of how the 6-year rule for statutory and advisory appointments can be rendered meaningless by changing titles.
Your ID number is not a password
There is a common misconception that HK identity card numbers are secrets, a misconception that Government is promoting by its policy actions, putting us on the road to increased abuse of the HKID and higher economic losses from fraud. To prevent this, the register of ID numbers and names should be published, after a transition to allow commercial abusers to stop abusing the ID for authentication. This article also looks at the unfulfilled potential of the Smart ID Card, including biometric authentication and electronic money. (8-Nov-2010)
Lo Ka Shui reappointed to Airport Authority, term extended to 8 years
HK Government, 13-May-2010
The Post Office Investment Fund
Following yesterday's Audit Commission report on Hongkong Post, we look at the potential closure of rural post offices, removal of its mail monopoly and universal service obligation, and its cash-rich balance sheet and prime property. We also discuss the Government's tendency to stash pots of money away in different bodies rather than pass recurrent spending through the budget and the Legislative Council and manage its liquid funds centrally. (22-Apr-2010)
Who's who in HK's elite today launches a new database feature, with past and present membership of the hundreds of statutory and advisory bodies appointed by the Government, as well as the Election Committee, Executive, Legislative and District Councils, adding to our database of listed company directors. If your organisation is important, but not a listed company or government body, then help us add it to the database. (12-Apr-2010)
What else can you call a US$3.2tn market which has gained 358% in 20 months and trades on a historic P/E of over 60, which is probably closer to 80-100 if you take out stock-market and real-estate revaluations from "E". We look at the bubble, the impact on HK, the thru-train, the calls in HK for an A-H arbitrage mechanism, and how the bursting may affect the socio-political system. The absence of a free media is itself contributing to the bubble. (16-Sep-2007)
Building a Value Proposition for HK
HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang recently convened an Economic Summit of 33 people, which spawned 4 focus groups, including one on financial services, which in turn produced 3 working groups, one of which, headed by HKEx government-appointed director and Chairman Ronald Arculli, has sought submissions on the markets. This is our submission. (4-Oct-2006)
Government Data Security - the IPCC Case editor David Webb blew the lid on a huge leak of data on complaints against the Police. More than two weeks on, the silence from the Government and IPCC offers no comfort to the victims, who could sue for injury to their feelings. We recount the discovery and call for an independent panel of inquiry into the bigger issue of data security across all HK Government organisations. (28-Mar-2006) to Float on GEM
In an exclusive report, has learned of a secret government plan to float itself on GEM. We look at the detailed implications of this, the ultimate step in Government privatisation. Investors are already queuing up to apply for shares in the new entity, to be known as (1-Apr-2000)

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