Monday 28th November, 2005

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If you care about the right to elect your Government, and if you believe that in any market, including the markets for policymakers and lawmakers, competition tends to produce a more efficient outcome, then get your black T-shirt ready, and march for your rights on Sunday.

Corporate Voting in HK Elections (28-Nov-05)
In our first article leading up to the march for universal suffrage on Sunday, we look at the failure of HK's Government to abolish the small-circle corporate voting system which secures business dominance of the Functional Constituencies and a veto in LegCo. We illustrate it with an investigation of the Transport constituency electorate.

Nam Tai's Bids and Bounty (19-Nov-05)
We look at the attempt by Nam Tai Electronics (NYSE:NTE) to privatise its HK-listed subsidiaries NTEEP (2633) at a 54% discount to the price at which it floated it last year, and J.I.C. Technology (0987). We also look at NTE's offer of a 1% "commission" to brokers who solicit their clients to accept the offer, conditional on the offer succeeding. By permitting this bounty, the SFC has at a stroke removed the possibility of brokers giving untainted independent advice to clients. That is not in the best interests of the market.


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