Friday, 7th April 2006

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Loh Joins Webb in Run for HKEx Elections (7-Apr-06) is pleased to announce that Christine Loh, Chief Executive of Civic Exchange, has accepted a nomination to run for election as a director of HKEx, increasing the representation of investor interests on the board of HKEx.

Government Data Security - the IPCC Case (28-Mar-06) editor David Webb blew the lid on a huge leak of data on complaints against the Police. More than two weeks on, the silence from the Government and IPCC offers no comfort to the victims, who could sue for injury to their feelings. We recount the discovery and call for an independent panel of inquiry into the bigger issue of data security across all HK Government organisations.

Blackout on Receivables (24-Mar-06)
If you saw the lights dim recently, it was because the Stock Exchange scrapped a requirement for listed companies to disclose large accounts receivable, which could have warned investors about impending disaster. Dressed up as a "minor and housekeeping" rule amendment without consultation, the change is illustrative of the urgent need to increase investor representation on the Listing Committee, to produce pro-investor policy reform. And that's where HK needs your help.

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