Thursday 17th May 2007

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Government digs MTRC hole (17-May-07)
The Government has just given MTRC independent shareholders another reason to veto the KCR deal by proposing an extension of the fare freeze which would permanently wipe about 3% off future profit margins and HK$4.5bn off the value of MTRC.

CNOOC voting recommendation (16-May-07)
We urge shareholders to cast their votes against the re-election of INEDs who have not served them well, and to vote against the general mandate, as usual. We note that one of the candidates appears to have discovered time travel.

Complaint to the Ombudsman (8-May-07) editor David Webb has filed this complaint with the Ombudsman regarding the black-out of addresses of individual election donors, which makes it impossible to identify many of them by their incomplete or non-unique names alone.

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