Saturday 26th April, 2008

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One of the values that holds dear is freedom of speech. So when we heard that the Law Society of Hong Kong's official journal had U-turned on publishing an article they had commissioned, we felt obliged to step in and bring it to you directly, with the author's consent. Self-censorship is a slippery slope down which Hong Kong must not slide.

Is Tibet entitled to self-determination?

This is the article by Senior Counsel Paul Harris originally commissioned by Hong Kong Lawyer, the journal of the Law Society, the Editorial Board of which approved, but then U-turned and decided not to publish. In the interests of freedom of speech and debate that are cornerstones of HK's success, is publishing it instead. (26-Apr-08)

The insider blackout period supports the Listing Committee's proposal to rebase the blackout period on directors' dealings from the end of the financial period until results are published. Tell us what you think in our opinion poll. (24-Apr-08)

Fact check: Cathay v Oasis
True or false? Cathay Pacific Airways denies it ever opposed licensing applications by Oasis Hong Kong Airlines. (24-Apr-08)

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