Saturday 7th June 2008

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Justice Flip-flop

In a bizarre case, a judge first issued a ruling against an appeal, and then retracted it and allowed the appeal hours later, after being reminded that his judgement did not tally with statements made in the hearing 9 months earlier. The first judgement does not appear online - until now, that is. is publishing it in the interests of transparency. (7-Jun-08)

ICEA deja vu

We look at the latest action by the SFC against ICEA, the second in three years, and also at the complicated structure of state-controlled banking giant ICBC in Hong Kong. (6-Jun-08)

Fixing the closing auction looks at the problems with the new closing auction mechanism at HKEx, and explains how these could have been avoided. (2-Jun-08)

Official: Richard Li doesn't control PCCW
The Government-appointed Broadcasting Authority says that Richard Li doesn't control PCCW - who knew? This exposes a huge loophole in the law on cross-media ownership, which can be avoided simply by passing your shareholdings into a trust. We call on the Government to either scrap the law, which is outdated in the internet age, or close the loophole by amending it. (2-Jun-08)

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