Tuesday 19th August 2008

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For those who are counting, this is not the 29th Olympic games, as many TV stations would tell you. It's the games of the 29th Olympiad - a period of four years - but there were no summer games in 1916, 1940 or 1944, due to World Wars.

Stop the .HK Takeover
Webb-site.com issues an urgent appeal to members of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corp, to attend the EGM on Saturday morning and prevent the unjustified Government takeover of the dot-HK domain registry. If User members vote to slash their own board representation, they will be surrendering democracy and opening the registry to potential political interference. (19-Aug-07)

Healthcare reform in HK
We respond to the HK Government's healthcare reform proposals, focussing on financial aspects. We take you through the issues and our recommended solution, a restructuring of the subsidy to incentivise self-reliance but to cap everyone's annual fees, leaving the Government to cover individual catastrophe risk. With our structural budget surplus and trillion-dollar reserves, there is no need for mandatory insurance or more forced savings, which are just a favour to the banking and insurance sectors, as the MPF scheme was. (13-Jun-08)

Who is the Bauhinia Foundation?
We look into the Bauhinia Foundation, a tycoon-funded lobby group with an increasingly cosy relationship with Government, and the people behind it. BF refuses to disclose who funds it, or publish its accounts, claiming to be both private and a tax-exempt "trust of public character" at the same time. Who is making policy for HK - the Government, or a secretly-funded lobby group? (13-Jun-08)

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