Wednesday 19th November 2008

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We will close our opinion poll on the way forward for Retail Financial Products at 6pm on Friday, HK time. We are pleased to see that the Secretary for Financial Services last week said the SFC would consider a mandatory cooling-off period for sales of such products, as we have proposed, and the HK Monetary Authority chief has called for discussion on whether to create a unified regulator. Your voting PIN is above. If you haven't voted, please Vote now.

Free plug: if you like a bit of Civic Debate, there is a debate on the proposed statutory minimum wage at the Civic Party headquarters on Monday 24-Nov-08, details here.

NEW ARTICLE launches CCASS Analysis
Following the commendable step by HKEx in April to start disclosing the shareholdings of participants in Hong Kong's securities clearing system, now launches an analysis system which helps you to interpret the data. (19-Nov-2008)

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