Monday 7th September 2009

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Yes, we know it's been 2 months since our last mail-out, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes - have you noticed the new who's who database on the top of our site? If you are an important person or organisation in HK, you'll soon be in it. You'll also find today's birthdays on the home page - and if you want to follow our updates via Twitter, we now have an automated feed to that. Our direct RSS feed is better though, for those of you whose attention span exceeds 140 characters.

Now, it's consultation time! Your voting PIN is at the top of this e-mail, and the poll form is in the article.

HKEx rights issue & open offer proposals
We need your help! HKEx proposes to change the rules on open offers and rights issues. Some of the changes are against investor interests. HKEx also fails to propose a limit on open offer discounts or to bring the treatment of unsubscribed entitlements up to international standards. Give us your opinions!

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