Thursday 16th December 2010

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Veto China Resources loans
Six HK-listed subsidiaries of China Resources group want to lend money to each other, to their parent, and to their parent's unlisted children. Webb-site urges independent shareholders to vote this down. VOTE NOW - time is short. China deserves better than a repeat of the Japanese Keiretsu system. (16-Dec-2010)

Government criticises Stamp Duty proposal
In a case of policy schizophrenia, the Government said a special stamp duty would be unfair, cause additional hardship to those in financial difficulties, and amount to double taxation. Then they proposed it anyway, based on a bunch of selective, deceptive and alarmist statistics, which we dissect. Legislators should kill this proposal or at least insert a sunset clause so that it expires with Donald Tsang's office. Exceptional times do not call for irrational measures. (26-Nov-2010)

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