Tuesday 14th June 2011

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Nine Dragons spotlights SFC regulation of CRAs
Today's plunge in Nine Dragons (2689), sparked by a withdrawal of a credit rating, raises questions about the new SFC regulations of Credit Rating Agencies. CRAs have privileged access to inside information and a contractual relationship with issuers. The SFC should prohibit them from publishing price-sensitive news during market hours. (14-Jun-2011)

CNH spread
In a 4-bank survey, Webb-site looks at the wide spreads and differing prices offered by HK banks to residents for exchange between HKD and CNH, the offshore proxy for the mainland CNY. (13-Jun-2011)

HIV error
SCMP provides a classic example of the dangers of reprinting syndicated news feeds without thinking. (5-Jun-2011)

Current issues in HK-listed corporate governance
A presentation by David Webb at a conference in HK. (27-May-2011)

Reforming HK Markets - the Political Realities
A presentation by David Webb to the FIX Protocol conference. (25-May-2011)

Guilty Chiang 'mastermind' of HK$3.7m scam
HK Standard, 10-Jun-2011
Ann Chiang Lai-wan reportedly said: "She did not expect such a verdict. No clothing and skin-care products were prepared." - which begs the question, what kind of skin-care products does one need for jail? Sunscreen, perhaps? Are black-and-white stripes still fashionable attire or is an orange jumpsuit more suitable? What would Martha Stewart advise?

Charles Peter Mok v Samson Tam Wai Ho
HK Court of Appeal, 9-Jun-2011
Mr Mok loses his appeal in a 2:1 majority verdict.

Hard Rock Cafe opens in HK (again). Hard times claim the Hard Rock
HK Government, 7-Jun-2011
You have to admire their timing. The last time the HRC shut down in HK (see the second link above) on 23-Nov-2008, the Hang Seng Index was at 12,659.

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