Thursday 8th November 2012

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Woo/Wheelock's dealings
Using a tool on Webb-site, we find that Wheelock group (0020) or its controlling family have built a holding over 2% of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd (0016) worth HK$6bn, as well as a $1bn position in fashion chain Prada (1913) and trading positions in Cheung Kong (0001) and its associate Hutchison Whampoa (0013). (8-Nov-2012)

Some-Buyer's Stamp Duty
We examine HK's proposed discriminatory stamp duty on companies and non-permanent residents who buy residential property, its questionable constitutionality, its negative impacts on social harmony and the redevelopment market, and the proposed SSD 2.0. (30-Oct-2012)

Parker Randall's HK track record
We reveal the censored names in yesterday's HKICPA announcement, and look at the awful losses experienced by investors in the HK-listed audit clients of Parker Randall CF (H.K.) CPA Ltd. (27-Oct-2012)

ICAC and DoJ to LegCo: please can we have some money to prosecute Rafael Hui & the Kwoks?
HK Legislative Council, 7-Nov-2012
So what happens if LegCo says no? Would this amount to perverting the course of justice?

Twenty-one arrested for alleged graft over supply of ice to restaurants
ICAC, 7-Nov-2012
A spokesperson said that this was a cold case until officers spotted the suspects and shouted "freeze".

Get Nice (0064) gets bad: undisclosed margin loans to a director. The Group of International Professional Bodies
Company announcement, 2-Nov-2012
We note that according to the annual report, Mr Lung Hon Lui, runs the Grand Waldo Complex in Macau and is a "Life Fellow Member of both The Institute of Management Specialists and Professional Business and Technical Management of United Kingdom". Hit the link for more on these certificate mills.

Solicitor and housewife face money laundering charges involving HK$230m
ICAC, 2-Nov-2012
The charge against Ye Fang has increased from HK$68m since yesterday.

John Terence Hung, Wu Wing Kai and Ringo Chiang Sai Cheong stripped of honours
HK Gazette, 2-Nov-2012
This is the first time awards have been removed since the Handover. Mr Hung held a Silver Bauhinia Star; the other two had the lesser Medal of Honour. All were convicted of corruption offences. Mr Hung's appointment as a Justice of the Peace has also been revoked.

VST (0856) Chairman Li Jialin jailed for rigging his stock price. Hall of Shame
SFC, 31-Oct-2012
He is thereby inducted to the Webb-site Hall of Shame. That's the second new member this week!

Duo jailed for fraud over HK$53m property transaction. Hall of Shame
ICAC, 30-Oct-2012
Theodore Cheng Chee-tock, former Chairman of C Y Foundation (1182) is thereby inducted into the Webb-site Hall of Shame.

Webb on "Backchat" re BSD and SSD 2.0
RTHK, 30-Oct-2012

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