Monday 25th February 2013

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Over 1200 people have now participated in our opinion poll on HKIDs and Government. We will close it on Wednesday at 6pm HKT, so if you haven't yet voted, or want to change your vote, your e-mail and PIN are at the top of this newsletter.

Double stamp duty
We explain the fallacy in the proposed so-called "demand-side" measures announced on Friday. Higher transaction costs reduce volumes, not prices, and affect both buyers and sellers. We ask whether this is really worth trashing HK's reputation as a free and open economy and what this meddling is trying to achieve. (25-Feb-2013)

The alternative Budget Speech, 2013: Prosperity through Reform
Webb-site reveals the Hong Kong Budget Speech which should be delivered next Wednesday. (22-Feb-2013)

Response to HK's Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
Last week's very public intervention by the Government's Privacy Commissioner regarding the Webb-site Who's Who database raises important implications for the freedom in Hong Kong to compile, publish, and even access compilations of public domain data on individuals. Having raised these issues, the PCPD must now clarify where we all stand. (20-Feb-2013)

HKID index suspended: A special message from our Founder

Zhou Tianbao, wanted by China on suspicion of fraud
Interpol, 24-Feb-2013
Mr Zhou was the CEO of Norstar Founders (2339.HK) and Tempo Group. He is or was a director and General Manager of Beijing West, which is currently trying to restructure Norstar.

Webb on "The Pulse" (TV) re freedom of publication in HK (at 05:57)
RTHK, 22-Feb-2013

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