Friday 28th June 2013

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K C Chan is satisfied - are you?
The Minister says they have achieved their goal, whatever that is. Apparently freezing up the market is a Good Thing. 15% Buyer's Stamp Duty and 8.5% Double Stamp Duty are still not law and will not be payable if the law is not passed. We urge readers to write to the LegCo bills committees to demand that they veto the proposals. (28-Jun-2013)

Second submission to LegCo on DSD
This morning's session with public delegations, in which a junior civil servant was fielded, leaves a number of fundamental policy questions to be answered by the principal officials. Here they are. (13-Jun-2013)

Avoiding double stamp duty
A HK$1.6bn deal announced yesterday neatly demonstrates how the proposed Double Stamp Duty will drive higher-end transactions into the corporate transfer market, while freezing up the low end with prohibitive taxation. We'll be speaking against DSD in LegCo tomorrow. (12-Jun-2013)

Listing Appeals Committee criticises Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) and directors
SEHK, 27-Jun-2013

Concentration warning in Pak Tak (2668)
SFC, 25-Jun-2013

New HK$4.5bn round of indiscriminate handouts to begin in July
HK Government, 23-Jun-2013

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