Monday 9th September 2013

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This newsletter awakes from its summer slumber - but apart from holidays in San Francisco, New York and Penang (not sponsored by any airline), we have been busy completing a 23-year database on listed companies, amongst other things. More on that in the next few days, but now for something close to our hearts - open data!

Webb-site opens airport slot data
HK needs a full debate about how we optimally allocate scarce resources, whether it is radio spectrum for mobile phones and broadcasting, or in this case, for takeoff and landing slots at HK's airport. To facilitate that debate, Webb-site is today decrypting the Civil Aviation Department's slot data and calling for it to be added to the Data.One government portal in a machine-readable format. (9-Sep-2013)

Unicom's premature release
The SFC should investigate how China Unicom (0762) let its results out early. Companies should not disclose their results or other price-sensitive information to third parties (whether governmental or newswires) under embargo, as the potential for mistakes and abuse is simply too great. (8-Aug-2013)

BDO's meaningless study
The GIGO principle is at work in an SCMP article on a BDO "study" today. (5-Aug-2013)

Webb on 'Backchat' re Jetstar Hong Kong and competition
RTHK, 9-Sep-2013
With two representatives of Cathay Pacific group (which includes Dragonair) and none from Jetstar Hong Kong or its 3 shareholders.

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