Tuesday 15th April 2014 (evening edition)

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Give public access to ALPs
We need your help! The SFC is proposing to ban retail investors from accessing Alternative Liquidity Providers, which could provide faster and better execution than just placing the order with SEHK. Webb-site urges the SFC to give the public the same options that institutional investors enjoy. They almost did with HSBC's ill-fated Stockmax. We also urge the Government to abolish SEHK's statutory monopoly and allow competition to drive down fees and innovate. (15-Apr-2014)

Jump for joy - MPF is taking more
A careful analysis of a poster we received in the mail leads us to only one conclusion... (15-Apr-2014)

Quat's degrees don't equate
Legislator "Dr" Elizabeth Quat has not one but three "degrees", including her doctorate, from a defunct degree mill once run out of a bungalow in Hilo, Hawaii. We also look into the characters behind it. (11-Apr-2014)

Wrong turn for REITs
Webb-site urges the SFC not to pollute the Real Estate Investment Trust market by allowing them to speculate in securities with unitholders' money. Surplus cash should be paid out to investors so that they can invest it themselves. That's what investors do. (2-Apr-2014)

SFC seeks court orders against chairman, current and former directors of Minth (0425)
SFC, 15-Apr-2014

Duo charged with HK$2.6m hotel operation fraud
ICAC, 15-Apr-2014

HK Court of Appeal, 14-Apr-2014
Florence Tsang Chiu Wing succeeds in getting interest at the judgment rate (8%) on the balance of her lump sum settlement from Samathur Li Kin Kan.

DoJ no longer has sufficient evidence to prosecute Ma Sik Chun
HK Government, 14-Apr-2014
This would appear to clear the way for Ma to return to HK, get arrested, appear in court and then have the charges against him formally dropped - assuming that there is also insufficient evidence to support any new charges.

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