Thursday 19th June 2014

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Citibank's response on vote-stuffing
Citibank has responded in a most disappointing way to yesterday's article, in essence shrugging its corporate shoulders and claiming to be just following instructions. That is not an excuse in the money-laundering arena, and it won't wash in the corporate governance arena either. (19-Jun-2014)

Citibank vote-stuffing in HK AGMs
Webb-site has discovered that Citibank has been tilting the outcome of shareholder meetings in HK by giving blank proxies to management-nominated voters on behalf of Taiwan Depositary Receipts for which it has no voting instructions. We call on Citibank to stop this outrageous practice and on the HKMA and SFC to ensure that the HK branch does so. (18-Jun-2014)

Company director extradited from US to face bribery and money laundering trial
ICAC, 19-Jun-2014
That would be Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwealth of the US.

SFC bans Mr Li Tak Wa, ex-Kaiser, for 15 months
SFC, 18-Jun-2014

5 in court for allegedly forging roadworthiness certificates
ICAC, 18-Jun-2014
The offences are alleged to have occurred over more than 11 years at Sime Darby Motor Services Ltd. This follows an earlier set of charges in 2013 against 7 other approved car testers at the same firm over a similar period.

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