Monday 20th October 2014

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Webb-site analysis: C Y Leung lying about 2017 candidacy plans
YouTube, 20-Oct-2014
In last night's TV interview, he claimed that he had never stated an intention to run for re-election in 2017. We prove that his claim is false. Has Beijing told him not to run again?

Ignore the argument, blame the foreigners
Is the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong really just a devious foreign plot to undermine the future prosperity of China? (14-Oct-2014)

HK protests: CY Leung 'foreign link' claim denied
BBC, 20-Oct-2014
Conversely, there is no doubt that C Y Leung was funded by foreign interests while in office - £4m from Australia's UGL Limited.

Foreign forces behind protest movement, says C Y Leung
RTHK, 20-Oct-2014
Comment: he is insulting the intelligence and feelings of the protesters by implying that they don't actually want democracy themselves. He should stop parroting the mainland Government and start representing the people of HK.

Newsline interview with C Y Leung
Asia Television, 19-Oct-2014
Unfortunately the interviewer does not ask about the obvious step of returning the nomination threshold to 1/8 from 1/2, within the Basic Law, and allows the CE to suggest that the protesters insist on civic nomination, which the BL does not allow. A fair nomination threshold would resolve the issue.

Man arrested over web messages to join protests
RTHK, 19-Oct-2014

Ex-PCCW executive jailed 16 months for accepting HK$1.7m bribes
ICAC, 17-Oct-2014

Hong Kong Government is using delay tactics: Webb (video)
Bloomberg, 17-Oct-2014

Webb on "Backchat" re Occupy, economy and democracy
RTHK, 17-Oct-2014

PM ordered Lord Freud to apologise for remarks on disabled people’s pay
Guardian, 16-Oct-2014
David Freud is right - employers will not offer jobs to less productive people if they can get a non-disabled person for the same minimum wage. That is why places including Australia and Hong Kong allow productivity assessments so that mentally or physically disabled people can still work, with social welfare to top-up their incomes. The Tory and Labour parties, in a contest of political correctness, are ignoring economics and reducing the employment chances of disabled people.

C Y Leung sought an extra £3m from UGL
Sydney Morning Herald, 16-Oct-2014
It just keeps getting worse, doesn't it?

C Y Leung: we're spending HK$20bn and a vast chunk of land on sports instead of housing
HK Government, 15-Oct-2014
Displaying the Government's economic illiteracy, in a prepared speech he says: "if you divide 7 million into 20 billion, even I can come up with a figure of at least three to four thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in Hong Kong". Um no C Y, that's at least $2857, not $4000. Still a waste though. He says they "did consider using the site instead for housing units". But why do that when you can buy election committee votes from the sports sector as well as the construction sector? It's a win-win proposition.

LCQ: Legal proceedings related to CITIC (0267)
HK Government, 15-Oct-2014
Govt says police investigations into CITIC are ongoing. Legal battle over whether documents and disks seized by police are subject to legal professional privilege won't be heard in Court of Appeal until May-2015. Thanks to legislator James To Kun Sun for raising this again.

David Webb: Hong Kong people will win democracy fight (ultimately)
HK Economic Journal, 15-Oct-2014

Luk Fook (0590): same-store sales +3% in Golden Week, during Occupy Central
Company announcement, 15-Oct-2014
The gold and jewellery co says:"Although the “Occupy Central” movement in Hong Kong caused a disruption of normal operations in some shops at certain districts, the adverse impact was mitigated by a substantial growth of sales of shops at other districts because of the switch of customers’ shopping locations."

CE postpones LegCo Q&A on security grounds
HK Government, 15-Oct-2014
Has this man never heard of video-conferencing? He could do it via Skype from his fallout shelter/ Führerbunker. Government business should continue.

Cronies are killing HK
Bloomberg, 15-Oct-2014

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