Monday 27th October 2014

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Petition for HK democracy
Some readers have had difficulty accessing the petition using the link on Friday, so here is a direct link to the petition. Please sign it if you agree. So far, over 1,300 people have. Alternatively, if you are happy with the NPCSC's decision to require a 50% pre-election of CE candidates by the Beijing-friendly nominating committee, then don't sign it.

We make no apologies for focussing on democracy recently. This is the top governance problem in HK. A government elected or nominated by tycoons is less likely to table and amend laws and regulations to benefit investor and consumer interests in HK.

Broadly representative of wealth
C Y Leung tells 3 media from democratic countries that the Nominating Committee should be "broadly representative" of wealthy people, not the general public, who would otherwise wreck the economy, and explains how he has to pander to vested interests in the committee to get elected. Yet the lack of a popular electoral mandate has resulted in populist handouts anyway, as well as wasteful infrastructure spending to favour vested interests. Could a democratically nominated and elected CE really be any worse? We also look ahead to what the students should realistically be asking for tonight. (21-Oct-2014)

Webb-site analysis: C Y Leung lying about 2017 candidacy plans
YouTube, 20-Oct-2014
In last night's TV interview, he claimed that he had never stated an intention to run for re-election in 2017. We prove that his claim is false. Has Beijing told him not to run again?

Ignore the argument, blame the foreigners
Is the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong really just a devious foreign plot to undermine the future prosperity of China? (14-Oct-2014)

U.N. Human Rights Committee calls for open elections in HK
Reuters, 24-Oct-2014

SFC bans convict Yan Chee Yung, ex-Chong Hing Bank, for life
SFC, 23-Oct-2014

Mimi Wong Kar Gee v Raymond Hung Kin Sang
HK Court of Final Appeal, 23-Oct-2014
Leave to appeal on one issue is granted by the Court of Final Appeal, in the long-running divorce battle surrounding Applied Development (0519).

Centa-City Index v HK Economic Journal
HK Court of First Instance, 22-Oct-2014
Centa-City is awarded HK$300k for libel by HKEJ about its property index.

3 months' jail for financial analyst with false ICAC warrant card
ICAC, 21-Oct-2014

Ex-senior quantity surveyor jailed for soliciting and accepting illegal rebates
ICAC, 20-Oct-2014

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