Tuesday 13th January 2015

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Occupy school suspension order was invalid
We have investigated the Government's actions during the "Occupy" protests and find that it lacked the legal powers to order district-wide class suspensions, and was therefore acting outside the rule of law. (13-Jan-2015)

The bubbles in CNN
We warn investors of 3 bubbles amounting to HK$20.0bn (US$2.58bn) in the "Chung Nam Network" of listed companies, Heritage (0412), Rising Dev (1004) and Mascotte (0136) and look at a blatantly bad decision by the board of Hao Tian (0474), and an undisclosed Very Substantial Acquisition by that company. One of the bubbles is even a Russian doll "double bubble" - one owns the other. (8-Jan-2015)

Imperial Pacific bubble
We look at the US$3.2bn bubble in Imperial Pacific (1076) surrounding a Macau junket operation and a casino project in Saipan. (8-Jan-2015)

Life ban for Jagjit Singh Dhillon, ex-Credit Suisse
SFC, 12-Jan-2015
For cooking his trading books.

Webb on "Newswrap" re CKH-HWL restructuring
RTHK, 9-Jan-2015

Raymond Ng Chun To convicted again over warrant-trading fraud
ICAC, 9-Jan-2015

Ageas Insurance Co (Asia) Ltd v Inneo Lam Hau Wah
HK Court of Appeal, 9-Jan-2015
Inneo Lam loses his appeal. He rose to fame in the PCCW privatisation vote-rigging case of 2009.

SFAT sets Moody's hearing for 10-12-Sep-2015
SFC, 8-Jan-2015

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