Tuesday 3rd February 2015

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Beijing's 2020 vision for LegCo
In the past few days, it has become clear how Beijing plans to rig the 2020 LegCo elections to claim "universal suffrage" without losing control. This gives even less reason for legislators to approve Beijing's proposal for the 2017 Chief Executive election. (3-Feb-2015)

The architect and surveyor cartels
Webb-site finds written evidence of price-fixing and other anti-competitive practices at the HK Institute of Architects, HK Institute of Landscape Architects and HK Institute of Surveyors. But they do have 1 legislator and 30 seats in the CE's Election Committee, so when will C Y Leung activate the Competition Ordinance? (25-Jan-2015)

"Dr" Elizabeth Quat amends Charles Mok's motion on Crimes Ordinance
HK Legislative Council, 3-Feb-2015
Marvellous - the legislator whose website claims a PhD (from a defunct Hawaiian diploma mill) complains about an increase in online fraud, by mutilating Mok's important motion calling for amendment of Section 161 to prevent its abuse as a catch-all for activity which would not otherwise be illegal if it didn't involve a computer, usually the offender's own computer.

Minsheng Bank (1988): resignation of the President
Company announcement, 1-Feb-2015
No, not Xi Jinping. You wish. Minsheng Bank claims that "to the best of knowledge of the company" its President Mao Xiaofeng has resigned for "personal reasons".

PECS Register monthly update
HK Government, 30-Jan-2015

Raymond Ng Chun To jailed 4.5 years for warrant-trading fraud
ICAC, 30-Jan-2015

Webb on Saipan's KSPN2 TV re Imperial Pacific (1076) bubble
KSPN2, 28-Jan-2015

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