Monday 5th October 2015

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Transcend This
If the new policy of "decolonisation" requires HK Post to vandalise its boxes, then what comes next? Perhaps the royal insignia on the Court of Final Appeal building will be "transcended". (5-Oct-2015)

Bubble warning: MPG (8147)
This stock closed at a record daily high of $12.40 on Wednesday, 91.8x its listing price for a US$1.67bn bubble, but even as a shell, in our view it is only worth about $0.25, for 98% downside. (1-Oct-2015)

Tung Chao Yung, born with the Republic of China (update 3-Oct-2015)
A historic document reveals the date of birth of shipping tycoon C Y Tung, father of HK's first Chief Executive. (27-Sep-2015)

Bubbles and troubles in Hong Kong
Pour yourself a coffee and digest this long article as we investigate several ongoing abusive "open offers" and placings as well as show you who's been making out in multi-billion-dollar bubbles. We call on regulators and rule-makers to take action. (24-Sep-2015)

Hao Wen, Capital VC and Unity
Webb-site finds questionable cash investments at extremely high valuations which link together 3 listed companies. We urge the SFC's corporate misconduct team to investigate. (24-Sep-2015)

China 33 Media (8087): director complains to SEHK
Company announcement, 2-Oct-2015
SEHK told the Company on 17-Sep-2015 that the Director had made the complaint, but it has taken 15 days to tell investors. If the company knows which director complained, they are not saying. By coincidence, the company was covered at length in our article of 24-Sep-2015.

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