Wednesday 4th November 2015

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You may wish to download our latest creative work before we are ordered to redact it. We're not kidding - information in the 2007 introduction to candidates has already been deleted, and 2011 will surely be next. Those of us who kept copies are alright though. We know, you don't.

The Webb-site 2015 HK District Council elections guide
YouTube, 3-Nov-2015
All you need to know about 935 candidates in under 3 minutes. Equal time is given to each candidate, about 0.2 seconds, which is more than most media give them.

AAB rejects Webb-site appeal of redaction order
In a chilling decision for media freedom in HK, the AAB has rejected our appeal of the Privacy Commissioner's order to remove from Webb-site Reports information obtained from published judgments, ruling that "reporting and publication for general use" is not an allowed purpose. Constitutional aspects, such as the necessity of a restriction on free speech that does not apply to overseas online publishers, were barely covered. We look at the consequences and options. (30-Oct-2015)

Lerado's umbrellas and open offer
At last, Lerado (1225) admits that it holds 2% of the China Jicheng (1027) umbrella bubble, still worth HK$561m, which is more than it proposes to raise in an abusive, deep-discount open offer. The circular fails to say why they don't just sell the CJ shares instead. We call on shareholders to save themselves and vote against. (27-Oct-2015)

Insurance agent admits breach of POBO by disclosing ICAC probe
ICAC, 3-Nov-2015

MMT dismisses application by Andrew Left of Citron Research
SFC, 2-Nov-2015
This battle will be fought on the public information of Evergrande, and whether no reasonable analyst could reach the opinion that Evergrande was insolvent as Mr Left did, the publication of which the SFC alleges was false and misleading information. The question is, if his opinions were so inconsistent with the facts, then why would anyone take them seriously? Analysts are allowed to be wrong. The fact that their opinions move prices does not mean the opinion is always right.

SFC fines Okasan International (Asia) Ltd HK$4m
SFC, 2-Nov-2015

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