Friday 19 February 2016

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E. Bon bonus beggars belief
A proposal to halve the price and double the board lot will also double the minimum bid-offer spread to 1.55%. No competent board could believe that this is in shareholder interests and will enhance liquidity. We call on the SFC and Stock Exchange to act. (19-Feb-2016)

Home Shan't Be China
HSBC's decision to stay put is unsurprising, not just because of the reduced UK bank levy, but because of the risks of moving to what is increasingly seen as one country rather than two systems. (15-Feb-2016)

HKSAR v Rafael Hui, Thomas Kwok, Thomas Chan & Francis Kwan
HK Court of Appeal, 16-Feb-2016
The appeal is dismissed. Case number is CACC 444/2014 - not a particularly lucky number in Cantonese!

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