Sunday 10th April 2016

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Ticket markets and Rugby Sevens finances
Put down your beer jug and take a look at two inter-related problems: the almost non-existent secondary market for event tickets in HK due to an anti-free-market law, and the finances of the Rugby Sevens, which is hoarding cash, underpaying for the HK Stadium, and expecting taxpayers to build another one for at least HK$33.5bn. (10-Apr-2016)

SFAT's red flag on Moody's chills negative research
We look at what the SFAT's ruling and the SFC's action says about the future of Hong Kong as a place in which freedom of debate and negative criticism is becoming increasingly difficult. (8-Apr-2016)

Duo charged with HK$3m school donations fraud and laundering crime proceeds
ICAC, 8-Apr-2016
What a harrowing experience for the donors!

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