Monday 18th April 2016

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HKEx cuts hit corporate governance of whole market
A circular slipped out by an HKEx subsidiary, HKSCC, will slash the effective voting window for general meetings, reducing the participation of institutional investors in important decisions such as acquisitions, connected transactions and dilutive share issues. We urge HKEx to rethink this deeply damaging move. (18-Apr-2016)

Ticket markets and Rugby Sevens finances
Put down your beer jug and take a look at two inter-related problems: the almost non-existent secondary market for event tickets in HK due to an anti-free-market law, and the finances of the Rugby Sevens, which is hoarding cash, underpaying for the HK Stadium, and expecting taxpayers to build another one for at least HK$33.5bn. (10-Apr-2016)

SFAT's red flag on Moody's chills negative research
We look at what the SFAT's ruling and the SFC's action says about the future of Hong Kong as a place in which freedom of debate and negative criticism is becoming increasingly difficult. (8-Apr-2016)

Imagi (0585) removes Ms Zhang Peng & Mr Wen Di as directors
Company announcement, 15-Apr-2016

GT Group (0263) lends HK$80m to Mr Cheung Che Kin
Company announcement, 14-Apr-2016

HKICPA fines Kenneth Tong Kwong Lit HK$20k
HKICPA, 13-Apr-2016

HKICPA fines PwC HK$35k for defective audit on listed company
HKICPA, 13-Apr-2016
The company involved is not named, but you can be certain that the audit fee was many times this amount.

Expert Systems (8319) allotments and concentration warningCCASS allocations
Company announcement, 11-Apr-2016

Luen Wong (8217) allotments and concentration warningCCASS allocations
Company announcement, 11-Apr-2016

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