Sunday 16th October 2016

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LegCo - who's got religion?
There were 19 oath-taking Christians in last week's LegCo swearing in, 7 non-religious oaths, and 44 affirmations. So who believes in a higher power than Beijing? (16-Oct-2016)

Alleged hacked BOCI account explains Pa Shun Pharma (0574) surge
A Cyberport-based investment company alleges that an unauthorised person logged into its BOCI account and bought up 4.92% of PSP at an average 36% above the previous day's close, draining its account of about HK$37.7m. The SFC has today commenced a general cybersecurity review on brokers' systems after 16 incidents in the last 12 months involving over HK$100m. (13-Oct-2016)

SFC warns market on CIFG (0412)
Following Webb-site's bubble warning on 26-Sep-2016, the SFC has conducted an ownership investigation. (13-Oct-2016)

Pass the cyclotrons
Starting in the basement of St Teresa's Hospital, visiting the Science Park and analysing 12 years of transactions with some lucky disclosure on BVI owners, we follow the movements of 2 cyclotrons in and out of listed companies and show you where the money was made and lost. (11-Oct-2016)

Housewife gets 33 months for HK$3.8m property loan fraud
ICAC, 14-Oct-2016

SFC directs suspension of China Fiber Optic (3777)
Company announcement, 13-Oct-2016

Re Mr Quang Xin Lee
HK Court of First Instance, 13-Oct-2016
The court declines to suspend the bankruptcy order against Mr Quang pending his appeal in the case which relates to the debts to the petitioners.

China Shanshui Cement (0691) v Li Cheung Hung & others
HK Court of First Instance, 13-Oct-2016
Former Executive Director Li Cheung Hung is ordered to attend before a judge for cross-examination on the whereabouts of company documents.

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