Sunday 1st April 2018

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A bit of a scoop to go with your Easter Egg this morning!

Exclusive: HK Government to launch "Christian Bonds"
Webb-site has learned of secret plans to turn Hong Kong into a Christian Finance hub, and of course, they are launching it on Easter Sunday. (1-Apr-2018)

Solving the MPF-LSP offset problem, again
The HK Government fails to identify the obvious solution and instead pursues a doomed approach of perpetuating MPF plus LSP. That will either result in taxpayers fully funding a windfall to existing employees or the Government losing a judicial review for overriding the implied terms of existing employment contracts and violating employers' legitimate expectation of not having to pay twice. (30-Mar-2018)

Respect, the national anthem and the Basic Law
By imposing the National Anthem Law on HK, the CPG seeks to command rather than earn respect. It will trigger another constitutional test of the freedoms promised in the Basic Law as soon as the first international HK soccer match after the law is passed kicks off. We also find a 1941 recording, 8 years before the song became an anthem, including a translation that Beijing would not regard as politically correct today. March on! (25-Mar-2018)

HKSARG "shocked" over Benny Tai's remarks in TaiwanGrant Report
HK Government, 30-Mar-2018
They are so easily trolled. We are "shocked" that HKSARG interferes in Prof Tai's academic independence and that it has failed to implement the Grant Report's recommendations on HKU's governance to give it…greater independence. OK we are not shocked by that. Unsurprised and disappointed.

Raymond (0229) to begin quarterly reporting
Company announcement, 28-Mar-2018
Kudos to Raymond for improving disclosure by quarterly reporting starting 2018 Q1. This will keep investors better informed of trends in the business, and we hope that others will follow the lead. Webb-site founder David Webb owns over 6% of this company.

Tight laws urged as touts corner Dayo Wong tickets
RTHK, 28-Mar-2018
What next - a ban on reselling shares for a profit after an IPO? The existing law against profiting from reselling tickets for events at private venues should be scrapped. Event organisers can personalise tickets if they want, preventing transfer and reducing value by removing that option. Otherwise, let the free market work.

Webb-site Who's Who has data on all the latest moves in the partnerships of HK Law firms. And you thought we just did listed company directors!

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