Sunday 30th September 2018

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Don't you go showing disrespect for the anthem tomorrow - that's a crime, or soon will be. The democratic lyrics are here.

HKEX: shoot patients to prevent illness
HKEX's proposal to suspend and then delist companies with disclaimed audits works against investor interests in several ways while doing nothing to address the root causes of corporate illness. In a partial revival of the 2002 Penny Stocks proposals, the self-interest of HKEX in ditching unprofitable business cannot be ignored. We again call for the regulatory function to be transferred to the SFC and HKEX's monopoly to be abolished. Only when there is competition can they pick and choose their customers. HKEX fails to name the 43 firms that would have been suspended on their 2017 audits. Answers by Tuesday morning, please! (30-Sep-2018)

Concerns grow for endangered species at Fanling
The natural habitat of the lesser-spotted Hong Kong golfer is at risk. (26-Sep-2018)

Who showed up? A simple change to the Listing Rules
Announcements of AGM/EGM outcomes should include directors' attendance. We shouldn't have to wait for the next annual report to find out who showed up. VOTE NOW!

Stacey Alan Nowodzelski v Director of Immigration
HK Court of Appeal, 21-Sep-2018
A US citizen facing a bench warrant in Wisconsin has overstayed his HK visitor welcome by 8 years after the US Consulate confiscated his passport and told him to return.

SFC bans Ngo Wing Chun, ex-HSBC, for a year
SFC, 20-Sep-2018
For taking client data with him by sending himself an e-mail when he quit.

Ex-Peninsula Knitters senior manager charged with fraud
ICAC, 18-Sep-2018

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