Friday 8th February 2019

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Kung Hei Fat Choy and welcome to the Year of the Swine.

Chairman pledges controlling stake in IBO Tech (2708) to China Fortune (0290)
Webb-site can reveal that Mr Lai Tse Ming has pledged his 55.8% stake for a HK$155m loan from a money-lender, something that neither he nor IBO Tech has disclosed. (8-Feb-2019)

A simpler, fairer tax system
There are calls for a rental deduction for HK salaries tax, to compensate for the mortgage interest deduction. Both miss the point. Governments should not use tax breaks to distort consumer choice. Give people unconditional higher personal allowances instead, and introduce a flat rate of tax above that. Also, abolish the tiered rate of profits tax and the R&D deduction, 2 gimmicks introduced by Carrie Lam. (30-Jan-2019)

Why stock-plunges happen so often in HK
We explain the 20-year history to a statutory loophole which keeps investors in the dark on share pledges. (24-Jan-2019)

'Excellent Wife' cooking class offered by Hong Kong gas supplier
Bloomberg, 4-Feb-2019
As first reported by We're looking forward to the "Excellent Husband" how-to-repair-a-gas-stove course.

ONC Lawyers v John Yiu Wing Ching
HK District Court, 1-Feb-2019

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