Sunday 2nd June 2019

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Before today's article, let me just say that the Extradition Bill is the gravest threat to HK's autonomy since the proposed Article 23 national security legislation of 2003. Please sign the petition, and march to defend HK's System next Sunday 9th June, 3pm from Causeway Bay. See you there. Only a huge turn-out will shame the pro-government majority of legislators into withdrawing support for the bill, which they will otherwise pass the following week.

The Trump Dump: war-gaming the next move against China
The US Administration has so far focused entirely on the trade account, but when the potential for tariffs is exhausted, if not sooner, Trump may start to wonder why US funds have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in stocks and bonds of Chinese state-backed companies, and use OFAC powers to order them to divest. (2-Jun-2019)

UK-Canada joint statement on Extradition Bill
UK Government, 30-May-2019

SFC fines China Merchants Securities HK$27m for sponsor failures
SFC, 27-May-2019
As we predicted in March when UBS was fined but one of its clients was not named, this relates to the IPO of China Metal Recycling, listed in 2009 and ordered in 2015 to be wound up. The IPO was jointly sponsored by UBS and China Merchants Securities.

HKEX (0388) v Frank Shi Huaifang
HK Court of First Instance, 27-May-2019

Ex-CSRC head under investigationCCDI notice
RTHK, 20-May-2019
He was formerly head of Agricultural Bank of China Ltd (1288).

Hong Kong sees first 'Enigma' stock fraud charge of many to come, 17-May-2019

Censure of Weiqiao Textile (2698) and certain Executive Directors
SEHK, 17-May-2019
For failing to disclose loans by the company to its unlisted parent and seek independent shareholders' approval. When approval was eventually sought, it was rejected and the loans were repaid.

Catherine Leung Kar Cheung, ex-J.P. Morgan MD, charged with bribing chairman of logistics company for IPO
ICAC, 16-May-2019
The first HK charge in the famous "Sons & Daughters" program of J,P. Morgan. Ms Leung is now MD of hedge fund manager Serica Partners Asia Ltd, of which her husband Ivan Lee Chin Leung is founder and CIO.

SFC bans Wang Can, ex-China Galaxy, for 30 months, fines him HK$7,800
SFC, 16-May-2019
He was privy to information on a transaction by Linmark (now Daohe, 0915) and bought 40,000 shares, on which he made a profit of $7,800 ($0.195 per share) when he sold them on 5-Dec-2014, 2 days after the transaction was announced. The stock price ranged from $0.68-0.76 that day. It is unclear why he was not charged with Insider Dealing.

Gransing Securities chair Rowena Oei Hong Eng suspended for 8 months
SFC, 16-May-2019
Gransing is one of the brokerages in what we call the "Enigma Network", having acted as placing agent for many of its listed companies. The firm was co-founded by Ms Oei and her husband Gerald Que Bon Tan. It is 17.52% owned by China New Economy Fund (0080), a network company. The CNEF accounts state that Gransing Financial Group Ltd (including the brokerage) had an unaudited loss of HK$20.7m in 2018. Ms Oei admitted that she dishonestly crossed orders with an unnamed friend at another firm in 2 stocks (not in the network).

Roy Cho Kwai Chee charged with conspiracy to defraud Convoy (1019)SFC announcement
ICAC, 16-May-2019
2 years and 1 day after we published the "Enigma Network" report, the first charge is brought, relating to a relatively small and previously-unannounced acquisition by Convoy. 55% of the target was owned by Mr Cho. The ICAC alleges that he owned "50% shareholdings" in Convoy. He was not a disclosed shareholder, so to prove this, they will need to show that he was pulling the strings of numerous listed companies in the network which held the stock. Two co-conspirators are unnamed. We wait to see the rest of the iceberg.

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