Wednesday 16th October 2019

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ERO: one judicial review, two judges
Webb-site has learned that in a very rare move, the Chief Justice has directed that 2 judges sit together in the Court of First Instance to hear the judicial review of the Chief Executive's use of the Emergency Regulations Ordinance. (16-Oct-2019)

A closer look at Maxim's
Recent filings reveal the true profits of Hongkong Caterers Ltd, the 50% owner of Maxim's run by the Wu family, and how they take out a substantial management fee from Maxim's on top of the 50% of profits. We also estimate that about 1 in 7 dollars of HK restaurant receipts go to the Maxim's group. Annie Wu has only a 0.33% stake of HC, although her parents and siblings control an estimated 18.6%. (11-Oct-2019)

Carrie Lam and the separation of powers
After trying to breach the firewall between the 2 Systems with the Extradition Bill, she's at it again, invoking the ERO to enact law by regulation. The PFCR, which she says is subsidiary legislation, sets penalties higher than permitted by Ordinance. Subsidiary legislation cannot override existing Ordinances, so she had better not try. Meanwhile, basic maths and weekend events suggest the anti-mask law fails the rational connection test and is unconstitutional. (8-Oct-2019)

Govt proposes to scrap home address disclosure for DC candidatesThe 2015 nominations
South China Morning Post, 12-Oct-2019
There's no need to know the exact address, but voters have a right to know whether the candidate lives in their constituency or District or neither, as many DC's don't. So at least disclose that. We should also know exactly who is running. Without an address, that becomes harder, so instead publish HKIDs so we can check their directorships and other info without guessing which Chan Chi-Keung or John Doe is running. In the meantime, since it is public anyway, we include a link to the 2015 nominations in the Gazette.

Caterers need help in lean times: Tommy Cheung
RTHK, 12-Oct-2019
The Catering Legislator and ExCo member supported proceeding with the Extradition Bill after the 9-Jun-2019 mass rally, triggering 4 months of chaos and now wants his sector compensated for loss of business. He has disserved them and should resign. Scrap corporate voting and democratise his constituency with one worker, one vote.

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